Earn Bitcoin Rewards By Playing Elixir Marketplace Based Games

Elixir Marketplace

Non-Fungible Token-based games are popular for their usage of Ethereum based cryptocurrency. Satoshi’s Games have introduced a new marketplace called the Elixir Marketplace, where the in-game transactions are done in bitcoin.

What are Satoshi’s Games?

Satoshi’s games introduced Elixir Marketplace, an NFT marketplace based games where the players are rewarded with bitcoins. These bitcoins can be withdrawn from their wallets or used as in-game currencies on other platforms. This type of method enables players to earn while playing games.

Workflow of Elixir Marketplace

In an elixir marketplace, NFTs use a transparent and secure digital ledger-based blockchain to identify digital items and digital assets in the game. Many of the game companies are focusing on NFTs as the latest way to make money while enabling players the opportunity to own items and initiate transactions.

This scenario is the perfect example of players getting paid to play games. Light Nite, is a type of elixir marketplace based game that originated from Satoshi’s games. This game adds a new level of interaction called Bitcoin Microtransactions, which means players can instantly earn bitcoins when they complete tasks and shoot their opponents. Every in-game asset possesses a real value that players can trade or gift, giving them the feeling of having control of their gaming world.

This marketplace uses a technology called Liquid Sidechain, which is also known as a settlement network for exchanges and traders, producing faster and confidential bitcoin transactions and issuing digital assets. This marketplace platform also makes use of Lightning Network, which is a Layer-2 protocol that can function faster and execute bidirectional transactions, thus, it allows players to bring money in and out of the network. This gaming platform also uses the IPFS ( InterPlanetary File System) for storing images in a P2P network and it also uses the LSATs ( Lightning Service Authentication Tokens), this protocol allows tracking of a verified ownership record from an asset, along with co-ownership and other verified authenticated events.

This marketplace is said to be the direct replication of the behaviour of NFT standards because that can provide authenticated co-ownership, traceability and verified swapping mechanism features and the functionality of securing visual media content connected to the liquid issuance contract. The combination of all these services is the key factor for making it fast, easy and inexpensive to trade assets via bitcoin.

Future Of Elixir Marketplace

In the near future, Elixir Marketplace is planning to become part of Satoshi’s games. This will allow developers to develop and publish games with many features such as asset tokenization and bitcoin micro-rewards. These features are already being initiated in the game called Light Nite, thus, the fans of the game would have insight and assurance over these types of bitcoin-based games.

As time moves further, many developers will instantly understand the benefits of a new economic model which was built on the futuristic digital currency, which enables a high level of mobility and freedom for the users.

In order to achieve a mass market for blockchain-based games in the future, the Elixir marketplace is enabling game studios to offer more freedom and open rewards to the players with high profitability. Thus, make it more transparent for the users.

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