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Racing games have an influence in the market that hits very differently. The craze towards automobiles and REV's are the major important reasons for people to like Real-time racing and virtual racing. Now, as crypto has upgraded every one of the industries’ supremacy, the Gaming industry isn’t left out. The evolution is big in the virtual space, and we, the pioneer developers of the Crypto industry, took part in the convergence and desired to offer one of such very rare kinds of Play-to-Earn gaming platforms like F1 Delta Time.


Very access to the virtual world, the internet, or a metaverses bringing in many new advancements. Play-To-Earn is one important among them. Establishing a platform where the users of the platform can earn real-time digital currencies by just playing the game is the further upgrade in the industry where the Finance is taken through by tech. There are plenty of platforms that emerged in recent times with the theme of play to earn, to create the hype in the market.

Gaming Platform like F1 delta Time

Our F1 delta time like a gaming platform is built to mitigate the odds faced by the market in making a better racing-based play-to-earn ecosystem. The platform we built has every exciting feature to keep the users engaged and earn while they are interacting with the platform. The platform is comprised of certain main components, which include,


A garage is a place where the user’s attributes and components like brakes, engines which they own in the platforms are stored. The cars can be equipped with accessories at any time in the garage. This also the space where the car ,users own, is also stored. Any slight modifications or car switches can be done here on this platform.This place will equip your car effectively to sustain and lead the race battles to set your crown.


It is the global space for buying assets with the native token the user has. The one who owns the platform will decide the token type and the characteristics of the token. The user can buy the accessories like an engine, brakes and also can upgrade their windshields using the tokens. We include wide range of accessories to attract the users of the platform. Buying here and upgrading in the garage will power up the car to battle the race.

Race Battles

Our team has worked on drafting various battle race tracks to give the users a real-time experience while engaging the game. Our visual graphic team has brought various different themes from a variety of cities to make it a globally unbiased platform. Race battles share a major role in the play to earn commercial space, and they are the nuclei of the entire model. So we let only the experienced experts handle the process.

Gearing Up the Rig - Ecosystem with Fungible & Non-Fungible

The Platform we built utilizes both the fungible tokens and the non-fungible tokens here.

Fungible token

The fungible token will be used to keep in the supply of the native tokens and for giving users various rewards such as cryptocurrency, native token generations etc.

Non Fungible token

We have exclusive NFT incorporations where the cars, accessories, and other assets can be minted as NFTs. These Minted NFTs can be taken into native and secondary marketplaces for trading.

Development phase

The development phase deeply involves ideations, constructions, testing, and deployment. And more than the components &API integrations, the development phase also includes major infrastructural architecture such as,

User Interface

Building the UI of the platform is more important than adding exciting features and ideations. The attraction and impression towards the platform are made possible only if the UI looks great.

Security protocol

Our platform is secured with various protocols such as Anti-DDoS, Anti-Phishing, and Anti- SSL Scripting. We built a platform to withstand any vulnerabilities and adversaries snooping.

API integrations

Our Gaming platform, like F1 Delta time, is developed with a perspective of updating them and upscaling them in the future with various contributed APIs.

Extended major Breakthrough

More than the above mentioned, the platform also has the Staking options to let the users to stake their fungible tokens, where they get rewards, and the platform will never suffer from lack of liquidity. And we have an exclusive portal in the platform for early access tothe people who invested and contributed to the platform. The platform is completely professionally established and sculptured to encourage the positive way of earning through NFTs and Fungible tokens;

Blockchain App factory - Carving Ecosystem of Play to earn

We are into building an ecosystem of Play-to-earn gaming communities, where the one who wants to own a platform has multiple options and opportunities to establish & carry forward the legacy. The platform has various dependencies, and we suffice & mitigate everything with a perfectly linear to the endpoint we tend to reach. Our Gaming platform, like F1 Delta Time, has all the ability to establish itself as its own potent platform with structured guidance.


F1 Delta Time is like NFT game development, where the entire structure of the game along with the platform is developed with the best professional developers.
To create an NFT game like F1 Delta time, you need a series of technical and technological support & team or you can go for the best development team like Blockchain App Factory to finish it.
The race based NFT gaming platform has an exclusive community that longs to access the content, the play to earn model the platform will be an additional advantage for the one who owns schuh platforms. These platforms will definitely speak fortunes in the future .
The cost is completely based on the blockchain technology utilized, the front stacks and the developers used in the process, and many other important factors. The cost can’t be perecisly conveyed as the requirement plays an important role in determining the cost.
The platform independently has its own NFT wallets, NFT Marketplace, Admin panels and Growth hacking tools to identify the growth of ratio of the platform . There are many other exciting offers that are not listed but can be added if required.
The F1 Delta time like NFT Gaming platform runs on blockchain networks to handle the decentralized characteristics and to have a continuous log on the play to earn surface,

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