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Real Estate Tokenization: Unshackle The Potential Of Your Real Estate Property

The real estate industry is a cornerstone of value and potential with boundless opportunities. Rendering the traditional concepts of property ownership, real estate tokenization transcends the norms, ushering in an era of unprecedented transformation. The allure of tokenized real estate captivates potential investors, presenting them with a paradigm shift defined by efficiency, liquidity, and global accessibility.

Our real estate tokenization platform propels your real estate property into the digital age and transforms the inherent value of your property into digital tokens. You can tokenize real estate property to access a broader spectrum of potential investors and harness the perks of fractional ownership.

At Blockchain App Factory, our experts execute a strategic approach to the tokenization of real estate. Unlock your gateway to a realm where the boundaries of property ownership dissolve and reshape your real estate investment perspective.

Security Token Offering for Real Estate Asset

Since a securitized token is being offered to the prospective investors,
the process is referred to as a security token offering (STO) or a tokenized asset offering (TAO).

By buying a token, an investor gets a stake of ownership in the property. They will earn greater returns from future appreciation in the price of the asset. Asset owners have complete freedom in deciding how to market their STO in multiple ways. Transactions will also be streamlined and illiquidity discounts will be significantly reduced through tokenization.

An end-to-end asset-backed token for the Real Estate Industry. We help the industry in technology, legal, and auditing processes to raise capital via property-backed tokens. Our tokens are compliant with numerous jurisdictions with the regulations embedded in a smart contract.

At Blockchain App Factory, we provide services which include due diligence, auditing, and legal services to reduce illiquidity discounts by at least 25%, based on the technology that disrupted the decentralized industries.

Real Estate tokenization

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Real Estate Tokenization Platform

Step into the future of real estate investment with a cutting-edge real estate tokenization platform designed exclusively for the industry. We offer you the chance to become a trailblazing "Tokenization as a Service" provider, all within a fully customizable and all-inclusive platform. Establish tokens on popular blockchain networks like Ethereum, Hyperledger, or Stellar, ensuring security, transparency, and accessibility.

  • Quick peer to peer transactions
  • Efficient property management
  • Elimination of third parties
  • KYC/AML Compliance with authorities
  • OTC facility for token exchange
  • Integration with payment service providers (PSP’s)
  • An integrated voting system
  • Presence of digital stock certificates
  • Non-fungible tokens representing land ownership
  • Dividend payments to investors
  • Recovery mechanism for lost tokens
  • Investor forums for discussions
Real Estate Tokenization Platform

Elevating Real Estate Tokenization with Our Strategic Approach

We simplify the complexities in the tokenization of real estate through the synergy of our legal, financial, and blockchain consultants, guaranteeing innovation and regulatory compliance. By bringing together a dynamic team of professionals well-versed in blockchain technology, legal regulations, and financial landscapes, we ensure the tokenization process is smooth and compliant.

Our developers closely consult with our subject matter experts in crowdfunding, securities regulations, tax accounting, and real estate. This collaborative environment enhances our understanding of the intricate details, enabling us to formulate result-driven strategies for your tokenized real estate. Through meticulous collaboration with our team of SMEs, we develop a strategy that not only leverages the potential of tokenization for raising funds but also ensures that every step is within the legal and regulatory boundaries.

Real Estate Tokenization Checklist


Smart Contracts

Type of Interest

Legal Entity

Securities Regulations

Corporate Code

Asset Type

Location of the Asset

Ratio of Tokenization

Mortgages on the Asset

Investor Traceability

Automated KYC/AML

Accredited Investor Verification

International Fundraising

Legal & Regulatory Frameworks

Numerous Jurisdictions

Benefits of Tokenizing Real estate

Both property owners and prospective investors will benefit immensely from Digitizing an Asset.

High-volume Liquidity

Tokenizing your real estate assets will bring in high-volume liquidity that will help you with efficient buying and selling of properties and also with a quick conversion of property values into cash.

Fractional Ownership

Tokenization allows fractional ownership where you can split the value of shares and also their ownership. This helps reduce your distress of being a sole owner and bear all challenges by yourself.


Tokenization removes geographical barriers, and you can trade with anyone around the globe, which widely expands your business opportunities, spinning profits in huge numbers.

No intermediaries

By tokenizing real estate assets, users are enabled direct peer-peer transactions with no involvement from intermediaries. This helps with a risk-free business, and also reduces extra costs.

Blockchain Immutability

The integration of blockchain into the tokenization platform provides immutability where the transactions, once recorded, cannot be interchanged. Also, blockchain completely protects the user and their asset information.

Instant, Efficient transactions

Tokenization eliminates the long, tedious real estate process and helps with quick, efficient peer-peer transactions, from/to anywhere around the world.

Reduced entry cost

The tokens can easily be subdivided into many parts and this enables its sale at lower prices due to the presence of fractionalization. Hence, small investors can participate greatly in the process while the wealthier investors can efficiently diversify their portfolio.

Highly secure

No individual or organization controls the entire system, and the power is equally distributed between the different users. Advanced cryptographic techniques like private keys are utilized by users to get access to their digital assets.

Simplified management

Investors’ rights can be managed easily. Secondary transactions executed can be tracked on a real-time basis by partnering with the leading third-party exchanges. Investors get their returns promptly and also participate in the governance of the platform through voting rights and decision making.

Significant Real Estate Tokenization Types

We understand that the future of investment lies in inclusivity, liquidity, and innovation. Our array of tokenization of real estate types embodies these principles, enabling investors to engage in diverse properties, from commercial spaces to residential havens. With blockchain technology's security, transparency, and efficiency, we're charting a course toward a more accessible, flexible, and exciting investment landscape.

Commercial Real Estate Tokenization

We create fractional ownership tokens that represent a share of commercial properties. This approach enables a broader spectrum of investors to participate and enhances liquidity.

Residential Real Estate Tokenization

Imagine a world where many investors collectively come together to own residential properties across diverse regions. Investors can pool their resources and benefit seamlessly.

Residential/Commercial Trophy Real Estate Tokenization

By tokenizing your high-value residential or commercial properties, you can amplify liquidity. Investors gain access to exclusive properties once reserved for a select few.

Factors to Consider While Digitizing an Asset

A host of issues need to be dealt with while offering a token in the market. They are classified into the following aspects mentioned below.

  • The type of interest which an investor gets by buying the tokens will have to be precise.
  • The various security laws need to be complied with properly which varies according to the geographical location.
  • A Corporate code needs to be set up regarding the formation of an entity.
  • Mortgage issues concerning different properties will have to be taken care of.
  • The guidelines will be different for domestic and international sales of tokens.
Digitize Real Estate Asset
How to Digitize Real Estate Asset

Starting Real Estate Tokenization, there are a lot of practical and legal issues that must be addressed

The law must be followed diligently in Tokenization. If not, it will lead to various operational obstacles affecting the token sale process.

  • Government regulations will have to be followed seriously especially regarding KYC/AML verification of the investors.
  • There is a complete lack of uniform regulations regarding cryptocurrencies and tokens in all the countries. Hence, investors will find it tough to prove their ownership legally.
  • The tokens should either be recognized as shares in the SPV or a right to get cash flows from the property.
  • Self-regulation is not possible in Real estate tokenization as it brings back some form of centralization. They have to align with a set of well-defined laws.

The Scope of Real Estate Tokenization Investment

The biggest asset we have for you is the legally compliant token structure which can be built on numerous blockchain. Our team of 400+ members are highly driven to help you raise funds within the legal framework.

  • Ethereum, Hyperledger or Stellar Token Structure
  • Blockchain & Smart Contract Development Experts
  • Understand the requirements of the Market
  • End to End Securitized Real Estate Token Solution
  • Experienced Team of Technology, Legal & Financial Advisors
The scope of Real Estate Investment Tokens

Real Estate NFT Marketplace: Redefining The Real Estate Investments

An NFT marketplace for real estate leverages blockchain technology to tokenize unique real estate assets as NFTs. Each NFT represents ownership of a specific property, and its value is securely stored on the blockchain. This innovative approach revolutionizes the way real estate is bought, sold, and traded by enabling fractional ownership and seamless transactions of properties. This real estate tokenization platform offers a digital ecosystem where buyers and sellers can interact, trade, and invest in real estate NFTs with ease, efficiency, and transparency.

  • Investors can buy fractions of high-value properties, reducing entry barriers and enabling diversified portfolios.
  • NFTs enable faster and easier property trading, enhancing liquidity in the real estate market.
  • Investors worldwide can engage in cross-border property transactions, expanding market reach.
  • Real estate NFTs offer new avenues for investment and exposure to a growing digital asset class.
  • Elimination of traditional intermediaries leads to lower transaction fees and reduced administrative complexities


Real estate tokenization represents the process of tokenizing real estate property assets and effectively transforms the real property into digital shares, allowing fractional ownership and investment opportunities. These tokens are then recorded on a blockchain, a transparent and tamper-proof digital ledger. The blockchain's distributed nature ensures that all information related to these tokens is verified and shared across the network of participants in near real time. This concept opens up new avenues for investment, promotes liquidity, and enhances transparency in the realm of real estate transactions.
Assume that you own a 200,000 sq foot property that costs around $60 million. If you have decided to tokenize the property, each square foot can be easily divided into tradable shares. There will be 200,000 shares in total with each valued at around $3000. Hence, property ownership is fragmented through fractionalization and ensures that small investors can effortlessly enter the market without facing any restrictions. Multiple investors can own each square foot of the property simultaneously.
Blockchain technology helps in decentralizing the entire process of crowdfunding and tokenization. It eliminates intermediaries like brokers, banks, and lawyers from the system. It takes care of different aspects like the listing of properties, receiving the payments, and legal documentation. It ensures transparency while sharing data via an immutable distributed ledger. This prevents the chances of fraud. It makes property investing more secure and equitable.
The cost of tokenizing your real estate wholly depends on the features, integrations, and how you choose to customize your tokens. However, to save ample time and cost, the best option is to hire an existing real estate tokenization company and attain ready-made solutions from them.
Real estate is one of the most wise investments and tokenizing the real estate asset is an excellent decision. To tokenize your real estate asset you need to integrate the blockchain in the tokenization process.
A real estate asset which is tokenized into a token with the blockchain support is called Tokenized Real Estate Asset. This tokenization process involves making the asset tamper-proof and the ownership authenticity will be stored securely. Presently, Tokenized Real estate assets are the best form of investment.
Tokenization of real estate is the process of converting real-world assets, such as real estate properties, into digital tokens stored on a blockchain. These tokens represent ownership rights and value in a fractionalized manner, enabling investors to purchase and trade fractions of high-value assets, essentially democratizing access to real estate investment.
Our commitment to innovation enables us to execute real estate tokenization solutions for a wide range of real estate assets, including:
  • Residential Properties: Single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, etc.
  • Commercial Properties: Office spaces, retail centers, warehouses, hotels, etc.
  • Real Estate Development Projects: From funding construction to sharing development profits.
  • Luxury Properties: Fractional ownership of prestigious estates and vacation homes.
Our real estate tokenization services unlock a plethora of benefits for both investors and property owners:
  • Accessibility: Lower investment thresholds allow a broader range of investors to participate.
  • Liquidity: Tokenization enables easier buying and selling of property fractions, enhancing liquidity.
  • Diversification: Investors can diversify their portfolios across multiple properties and locations.
  • Transparency: The blockchain's immutability ensures transparency and reduces fraudulent activities.
  • Efficiency: Automated processes reduce administrative overhead and streamline transactions.
  • Global Reach: Investors worldwide can engage in cross-border real estate investment seamlessly.
Blockchain technology offers unparalleled transparency, efficiency, and accessibility, empowering investors and property owners alike. This technology amplifies the advantages of real estate tokenization.
  • Security: The blockchain's cryptographic security safeguards against unauthorized changes or tampering.
  • Immutability: Once recorded, transactions cannot be altered, establishing trust among stakeholders.
  • Decentralization: Blockchains eliminate the need for any central authorities or intermediaries.
  • Smart Contracts: Self-executing smart contracts automate processes, reducing friction and costs.
  • Accessibility: Investors can monitor and trade their tokens at any time, transcending geographical limitations.
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