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Blockchain App Factory is an end-to-end Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange solution provider with over 7 years of experience. Our team of over 150 developers strives hard to build and test software you can launch quickly. Our Whitelabel exchange solutions come with customizable core trading engines, order-matching systems, and intuitive user interfaces. Entrepreneurs can modify the platform to fit their specific needs and launch it for use within a few days. Additional features like KYC/AML portals and payment processing gateways can be included to enhance the platform’s trust among users. If you think the Whitelabel crypto exchange is not for you, think again! Using these solutions can save businesses a lot of resources incurred for development. Having experienced developers who excel in the domain to do the work for you improves your venture’s success. Utilizing such ready-made solutions can aid businesses to concentrate on other aspects to make themselves trusted entities in the crypto market.

Top White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Models

Our wide range of services includes custom Crypto exchange software development, creation of P2P exchanges, and assistance in carrying out marketing campaigns across various channels. Moreover,We strive to ensure a quick and efficient launch of your platform in the market and boost your credibility among prospective investors. To make you and your career a prominent one in the field.

Exchange Development

Use our proven Dex Exchange solutions to escape from the risks of centralization.

Hybrid Cryptocurrency
Exchange Development

Our Hybrid Exchange development combines aspects of centralization and decentralization.

Exchange Software

Get a highly-secure, peer-to-peer exchange platform and make global trade directly .

Process Of Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Understanding Requirements

Our expert consultant team sketches a draft for your crypto exchange based on comprehensive discussions where you convey your business idea.

Assessment And Integration

We modify the scale, performance, and security of our existing Whitelabel crypto exchange solution and integrate features per your needs.

Listing Cryptocurrencies

Our seasoned crypto exchange developers will list various cryptocurrencies on your new platform built from our Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange.


We rigorously test your crypto exchange application using various use cases to check for errors and resolve them using effective practices.

Deploy For Business

Finally, we launch your new cryptocurrency exchange platform on your desired network(s) for public use. We also offer assistance with upgrades.

Features of our White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Our White label bitcoin exchange platform has rich features to give you a competitive edge over the intense competition in the market.We have a powerful matching engine, spot KYC verification mechanism, a robust admin panel, integrated wallets, and Ethereum compatible tokens. We also possess a dedicated customer management system. Our additional features include a multi-point architecture, firewall implementation, and effective integration with other exchanges in the industry.

Smart Contract Trading

Our exchange comes with powerful, self-executing smart contract trading that performs credible transactions and verifies them at reduced costs.


The exchange is integrated with automated KYC/AML verification, which allows only authentic users into the exchange and avoids any disputes.

Multicurrency Wallet

We integrate crypto wallet with multi-currency support that stores and secures the funds encrypted with multi-layered security protocols and defense scripts

API & SDK Integration

Our Cryptocurrency exchange has integrated API and SDK, which manages functionalities and ensures a seamless business experience.

Multi-language support

Our Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange has furnished the ability to interact with users with efficient multi-language support.

Admin Backend Panel

Our professional developers build a robust admin backend panel with which users can manage the platform and their funds efficiently.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our Crypto exchange software solutions supports multiple payment modes, including fiat money, which makes it convenient for users with instant transactions.

Cost-Effective Trading

Our exchange enables the most cost-effective transactions allowing direct peer-to-peer exchanges without any intermediary and eliminates risks.

High TPS

The exchange platform built by our experts is integrated with high-volume TPS, which allows 50,000 transactions per second without any hassle.

Mobile Trading Application

We provide support for mobile trading applications that are integrated with best features and functionalities for a smooth business.

Matching Engine

Our exchange consists of a powerful matching engine that automatically matches orders and enables instant buying and selling for the users.

Referral Program

We integrate referral programs into our exchange, which will help our users bring in new users into the exchange and expand their scope.

Firebase, Firewall implementation

Our firebase, firewall implementation helps avoid internet traffics and enables users to perform trades without any glitches.

Pending transactions handling

You can perform and handle any pending transactions also with our exchange platform, if any, seamlessly without any hassle.

Crypto Liquidity

Our exchange is integrated with high-volume liquidity, which enables efficient exchange processes without being affected by price fluctuations.

History of Transactions

With our cutting-edge blockchain technology and technical integrations, you can store your transaction histories and view them, to avoid any future muddles.

Whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Controlled Exchange

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Password: Demo@123

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User: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Centrilized Exchange

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Login ID : [email protected]
Password: 9f274281


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User Demo

Email : [email protected]
Password: 12345678

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Admin Demo

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Benefits Of Choosing Our White Label Crypto Exchange Platform

Our Whitelabel Bitcoin exchange software complies with all necessary legal frameworks under all operating jurisdictions.

  • The technical expertise of our development team will help your business to be equipped with highly-performing Whitelabel bitcoin exchange software.
  • Our cryptocurrency exchange software is highly scalable and is compatible with any device and operating system.
  • Our software architecture is structured in a flexible way to enable customization and scaling options.
  • It has an advanced, user-friendly interface that provides improved user interaction and experiences easing their in-app time.
  • We have the best Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange software development experts who will carefully analyze and offer optimal solutions.
  • The platform offers investors the scope to earn profitable returns from investments in a short span.
  • Our Whitelabel crypto exchange offers you the assurance of fast deployment for your business operations.
  • Our solution is friendly for amateur users as there is no need for advanced knowledge to use it.
  • The crypto exchange solution provides a reduction in overhead costs due to its completely automated nature.
  • Our ready-made crypto exchange solution works based on a market-oriented approach for targeting high growth.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Products Demo

Customised Binance Competitor

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

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Why Choose our White label bitcoin exchange platform?


Highly cost-effective

Our solution comes at an affordable price ensuring that it is worth acquiring our platform rather than proceeding to build from scratch. Which will save you a lot of time and money.

Privacy & Security

Highly customizable

We create high-quality products embedded with 100% customization tailored for your business requirements. It can be adjusted according to your operational aspects.


Quick scalability

We help you to witness great growth with our scalable solution. Not just in words more on numbers and It will suit the expansive nature of your career and the business.

Highly Skilled Players

Saves time

We help you to launch in the market quickly. Every minute in the crypto-market is experiencing a huge change. This is the best way to utilize the time left very effectively.

White Label Crypto Trading Platform Solution

Voices of Satisfaction




We have worked with Blockchain App Factory for the last four months. We’re happy with the product they have given us. Nice team, and young guys, they have real potential! I like it very much and I strongly recommend you to give it a try if you need any token-based development or apps.

Layth Samarah

Layth Samarah


I had the pleasure of working with Blockchain App Factory and these individuals have brought me through the entire process as smoothly as possible. Working with them has been a tremendous experience. I would recommend it.




I had worked with Blockchain App Factory for token development, wallets and ICO dashboards. I am very happy with the product and I can absolutely recommend them for any blockchain(-based) developments.

Why Choose Blockchain App Factory for your White label crypto trading platform solutions?

  • Tried and tested methodologies for ensuring success.
  • An experienced team of developers.
  • Result-oriented marketing strategies across a variety of channels.
  • SEO-optimization services to increase your visibility in the internet world.
  • Post-launch maintenance and support services rendered round the clock.
  • Dedicated management of tasks by a project manager.
  • Strict adherence to the confidential Non-disclosure agreement.
  • Customized solutions according to the scope and nature of your project.
Whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
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It is a ready-made solution with customized features according to your business requirements. It is more beneficial than developing software from scratch.
You can promote your Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange to a wider audience using a strategic marketing campaign. Our marketing professionals can help you in this regard as they are experienced in using various crypto marketing strategies to reach target audiences.
They have plenty of revenue sources through commission imposed on trading, listing fees, fund collection, and display of advertisements on the platform.
It depends on various factors such as the requirements of the client, time spent on development, skillsets of the team, features demanded, and much more. Get in touch with our team to know an accurate estimate of your budget.
Blockchain App Factory is undoubtedly the best white label cryptocurrency developers in India. We have served a variety of industries and satisfied a huge number of customers with our impeccable services. There is simply no firm better than us currently when it comes to cryptocurrency development.
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