Challenges the Client Wished to Address

  • Although the food industry has seen extensive digitization, the culture around it has been mostly offline, which tends to reduce its value.

  • Business stakeholders in the food industry, such as restaurants and hospitality partners, often find it hard to appeal to customers in the digital age.

  • The value food-related communities bring to the industry has been underrated over time owing to the evolution of social media and individual content creators.

Project Requirements

We came up with the plan to build an NFT marketplace for the food and restaurant industry, allowing people to create and sell digital collectibles related to food.

The platform allows NFTs of various forms like digital culinary artworks, metaverse assets, merchandise, restaurant memberships, and memorabilia related to foods and restaurants.

It serves as a pathway to connect food enthusiasts, digital creators, restaurants, and culinary communities via NFTs under a single umbrella.

What Did We Do?

Once assigned the project, our professional developer team got into action by researching how to place the application’s theme relevant to its novel niche. We built the platform on Ethereum owing to a vast community with different interests and the network’s inherent safety and robustness. Our developers also built the platform compatible with both web browsers and mobile devices to make the NFT marketplace accessible to anyone at any time. Additionally, we enabled provisions for users to create NFTs from various asset forms to enhance the appeal of the platform.

Technological Stacks Employed

Token Standard


Blockchain Network





Mobile Application

Kotlin (Android)

Swift (iOS)


Ruby on Rails

Wallet Integration

Wallet Connect

Storage Platform


The Outcome

The resultant Carrot Factory NFT marketplace has been a commercial success as it received praise from target audiences. The platform now functions as a connection to various stakeholders involved in the food and restaurant industry through digital tokens representing many valuable assets. We continue supporting the marketplace with periodic upgrades to keep it up to trends and user traffic.

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