Challenges the Client Wished to Address

  • As the client operates numerous stores across a jurisdiction, it had been hard for them to manage their supply chain elements effectively.

  • Combining this with the possibility of counterfeit items entering their warehouses meant they wanted to ensure the safety of their operations to gain confidence among consumers.

  • Also, whatever solution they tried using earlier was not scalable enough to incorporate all aspects of their large-scale operations.

Project Requirements

We developed a comprehensive supply chain management application with scalable provisions with four major players involved during an order – delivery executive, dispatcher, receiver, and administrator.

We also created the admin panel in such a way that it offers end-to-end information about shipments, orders, order specifications, and tracking status in real-time.

The application allows a delivery executive to look for their orders and perform their duties accordingly, supplemented by a verifiable QR code or barcode that should be scanned at both the dispatching and receiving ends.

It also includes a communication channel powered by a chatting service or VoIP if anything unprecedented happens during an order delivery.

Working Model Ecosystem

Through a scalable platform, N-number of the participants can be added to the supply chain. The process works as shown in the above picture:

There are four major players in the ecosystem of the supply chain :

  • Delivery Executive who picks up a package from A and Delivers at B.
  • Dispatcher from A
  • Receiver at B
  • The Admin Panel

Delivery Executive Application

Step 1

  • The Delivery Executive can register with his/her details such as name, telephone number and so on. A cryptographic key would be generated for a particular delivery executive and all the details would be stored on the DB.

Step 2

  • The delivery executive can go online at the start of the shift and can see the list of deliveries available to him.

Step 3

  • At the pickup point, the executive will scan the QR code or Barcode and receive the payment if the payment is due to at the dispatcher’s end. He will collect the cash/cheque. In case of the cheque, all the details about the cheque will be entered on the app. These details are stored on a secure database.

Step 4

  • The Dispatcher will sign his or her name only after verification of bank account and amount given to the delivery executive.

Step 5

  • The receiver can the QR Code/Barcode on the package received. Only when these two are matched will the package be handed over to them. Since initial QR Code/Barcode from the dispatcher on stored in the DB. In case of critical packages, other data can also be shown to the receiver.

Notification Option

The dispatcher as well as the receiver can get instant notification on any issues with regards to any delays in the delivery of a package.

Status checks

The Dispatcher and receiver can register and look at the status of the package delivery at any point of time. The application ensures the operational is scalable with the fastest transaction times usually within seconds with secure data.

Admin Panel

The admin panel contains all the real time data of the no. of shipments, orders and can check the tracking status ensuring all the data is on the real-time.The admin can check the shipment details along with volume, weight and shipment type with the status.The Admin can check the status of each driver and be alerted about any driver who is off-route from the delivery/pick-up route. Any issues can be resolved through a in-app chatting service or VOIP. These details are also recorded to understand better the reasons for delay of a package. Since the is in real-time, decisions can be taken faster.Also, the admin can check details of all the receivers and dispatchers. If needed, there is the possibility of showing only the cryptographic key to enhance security and the details can only be seen by authorized persons.

Benefits of the Platform

  • Giving greater access to raw, unadulterated and real-time material data
  • Reduced or sometimes eliminate counterfeit and gray market trading
  • Provide a record of such information as price, date, location, quality, certification, the temperature for highly critical packages like perishables
  • Reduced paperwork and thereby, reducing administrative expenses through automated solutions
  • Providing the parties in the ecosystem with a clear picture of procedures involved in the supply chain journey, thus increasing confidence and trust in the data.

What Did We Do?

With our experience in blockchain technology and impeccable knowledge of supply chain aspects, we built an application that accurately caters to the client’s efficiency needs. We ensure to make it scalable to support unprecedented spikes in operational demands. Our professionals also created separate app fronts for different players so they could only access the information they needed, enhancing data security by greater heights. The application was also integrated with instant notification services to keep all players updated on an order’s progress.

The Outcome

What was earlier a hierarchical and tough-to-do process for the client became perfectly synced even with multiple players involved with our automated supply chain software. The platform is being extensively used by the client for their supply chain procedures, and they are delighted with the results. It has drastically improved the company’s overall performance in the region and confidence among consumers. Even with multiple API integrations for payments and geo-routing, we have made sure the platform works as intended under all conditions.

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