Our Latest Expertise: AI Video Surveillance Technology

The presence of artificial intelligence (AI) is evident today, as we see many applications integrating elements of this technology. AI video analytics software development is one such advancement that has redefined how security measures and responses are performed. Now, gain increased insights from video surveillance resulting in faster and more accurate responses!

As a company exploring emerging Web3 technologies, we are proud to bring AI video surveillance solutions to the world. In a world where surveillance need has heightened, AI video surveillance solutions can be the perfect deal everyone needs. Get to know how our AI video analytics software can be used!

Industrial Use Cases of Our AI Video Surveillance Software

AI video surveillance software is increasingly finding its way into many real-world industries. Our technology empowers businesses to have increased security and control of the situation anytime.

  • Healthcare

    An AI video surveillance system can be used in applications like imaging analysis, remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, fall detection, and assistance in surgical and rehabilitation measures.

  • Retail

    In the retail industry, AI video analytics software can be used for inventory management, shelf monitoring, customer behavior analysis, personalized advertising, customer sentiment analysis, and queue management.

  • Manufacturing

    AI video surveillance solutions for the manufacturing industry can help businesses in quality control, worker safety, predictive maintenance, robotic process monitoring, and supply chain monitoring.

  • Transportation

    Tools based on AI video surveillance technology can aid in traffic monitoring, cargo monitoring, driver assistance, facial recognition, driver behavior analysis, and sorting and tracking packages.

Fundamental Features of Our AI Video Surveillance Solutions

Our AI video surveillance solutions come with many vital features that make them the best. These features enable people to manage their ventures efficiently while ensuring increased safety.

Object Detection & Recognition

Our AI video surveillance solutions can detect and classify objects in real-time video streams and video files for diverse applications.

Image Classification

Our AI video surveillance software can classify and label images into relevant groups for better analysis for businesses in different industries.

Logo Detection & Recognition

AI-based video analytics will enable brands to find their logos’ presence across the internet and take action to ensure a positive reputation is represented.

Facial Detection & Recognition

AI video analytics software development for facial detection can come in handy for suspect recognition for law agencies and attendance records for companies.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optical character recognition in our AI video analytics software can help identify text in videos that can be used in various industrial applications.

Our AI Video Analytics Software Development is Powered By These Processes

Any AI video analytics software we build is powered by numerous processes that incorporate all aspects of artificial intelligence. By doing so, we ensure to create a product that provides seamless experiences for businesses.

Data Collection

  • Our AI video surveillance software collects and stores large volumes of data on cloud storage, enabling you to access historical data over a long time.

Encryption & Decryption

  • Files on our AI-based video analytics tool are encrypted, meaning no external actor can access videos from their end without your authorization to decrypt them.

Entity Extraction & Redaction

  • Businesses and authorities can find and take action to redact sensitive activities in video streams through our special tools to preserve harmony.

Sentiment Analysis

  • Our AI video surveillance system can help ventures monitor people’s sentiments over time to make better decisions and address consumer needs.

Rich Media Analysis

  • AI-based video analytics solutions we create can analyse videos extensively, powering businesses and authorities to ensure general legal compliance.

Conceptual Classification

  • An AI video analytics tool can classify objects into generalized groups, allowing people to distinguish between important and unimportant information.

Cross-Video Analytics

  • Our AI solutions can perform analysis across different videos to find trends and object matches that can especially help surveillance authorities.

Virtual Assistant

  • The in-built virtual assistant can aid people in identifying critical issues arising in real-time by monitoring videos, powering them to take action.

Benefits Our AI Video Analytics Software Offers

Our AI video analytics software development provides a multitude of benefits to businesses and authorities. Our provisions greatly empower surveillance, leading to improved safety and general integrity.

More Accurate Alerts

AI video surveillance solutions we build categorize activities that will be used to alert suspicious activities, allowing people to take necessary actions.

Better Object Recognition

Our AI video analytics software can recognize and distinguish objects better, aiding people to find and avoid unsavory events much earlier.

Improved Crowd Dynamics

Video analysis tools our AI developers create can monitor and identify abnormal crowd activities and movements, helping them to take preventive action.

Enhanced Authentication

AI-based video analytics tools we build can provide enhanced authentication of human facial features, helping greatly in attendance records in companies.

Improved Consumer Experiences

Monitoring systems using AI can be used to improve consumer experiences through exclusive measures, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us to Build Your AI Video Analytics Software?

As a company striving to bring the best out of all Web3 elements, we have now begun providing AI-powered solutions for businesses. Our AI video surveillance system is the best example that exhibits how far we go for our clients. The solution is loaded with advanced features that enable clients to gain insights that can be used in security measures, business development, and more. Artificial intelligence’s presence is imminent, and it is going nowhere, making it necessary for businesses to adopt relevant solutions. Contact our professionals today to discuss the prospects of incorporating AI video analytics software into your operations.


Our AI video analytics software aids in monitoring various locations (open and closed) for detecting suspicious behavior and taking necessary action. Our solution uses machine learning techniques to identify sequences of “normal” events based on which observations are performed.
Our AI surveillance solutions offer multiple important features that include object detection and recognition, image classification, logo detection and recognition, facial detection and recognition, and optical character recognition (OCR) that allow efficient monitoring.
Our AI video surveillance system can be used by businesses across industries such as healthcare, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and retail. Even essential services like law enforcement can tap into our solutions to carry out better surveillance of environments.
Our AI-based video analytics tool comes with numerous advantages that include more accurate alerts, better object recognition, improved crowd control, enhanced authentication, and improved customer experience that can allow people to offer the perfect services and responses.
As a pioneer in the Web3 space, Blockchain App Factory has launched over 100 NFT marketplaces and emphasizes working with advanced technologies. Our AI video analytics software development allows us to offer unparalleled automated monitoring solutions suiting your needs.
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