Optimistic Layer 2 Scaling Solutions from Blockchain App Factory

Optimistic rollups have started gaining prominence in today’s Web3 industry due to their advanced scaling and security capabilities. These solutions make the Ethereum blockchain highly efficient by providing high throughput and low latency for transactions, sealing the deal for businesses. Their community-driven approach makes them the perfect option for projects embracing complete decentralization.

With optimistic Layer 2 scaling solutions from Blockchain App Factory, you can enjoy high-octane benefits you could hardly imagine anywhere else. Our expertise can lead you to the most sophisticated yet simple-to-handle L2 blockchains that tap into Ethereum’s robustness and global presence. Realizing your own Layer 2 blockchain or optimistic rollups-based appchain will be a seamless process with us!

Optimistic Rollup Solutions: The Answer the Ethereum Community Loves

Ever since Ethereum became a widespread blockchain loved by millions worldwide, problems began surfacing. While the network had impeccable security and robustness, scalability wasn’t simply enough to cope with the increasing number of pending transactions at any moment. Such concerns had hampered the growth of numerous promising dApps on Ethereum, and even conventional scaling solutions like plasma and shards were complex to execute and not enough to cater to the growing demand.

With the arrival of optimistic rollup solutions, hope was renewed for Ethereum dApps. A simplified infrastructure alongside extensive scalability and community-based validation, optimistic rollups offer just what any business wants. They tap into off-chain processing, batching, and fraud proofs to instantly ensure adequate authenticity, security, and finalty of transactions.

Curious about How an Optimistic Rollup Blockchain Could Benefit Your Venture?

Positive Benefits of Choosing Our Optimistic Rollups Development Services

Gain optimistic returns with your business built on an optimistic rollups network. As a seasoned optimistic rollups development services provider, we can provide solutions that benefit every user without compromising.

Heightened ThroughputIncrease transaction throughput for your venture by up to 200 times than the Ethereum mainnet with powerful optimistic rollups.

Lowered Gas FeesEnjoy lower gas costs for sealing your venture’s transactions on-chain powered by off-chain processing and batching mechanisms.

Enhanced User ExperienceLet your users have a great experience inside your app, enhanced by lower waiting times and faster transaction confirmations.

Powerful SecurityInherit the extensive security possessed by Ethereum's main network in the app to provide ultra-safe experiences for customers.

Ramped ScalabilityRamp up Ethereum’s scalability manifolds with an optimistic rollups blockchain solution custom-built for your business needs.

Wider Market ReachReach the biggest strata of the Web3 space by tapping into the market presence of Ethereum and other EVM-compatible networks.

Showcasing: Types of Optimistic Rollup-based Layer 2 Blockchains

Create an optimistic rollup-based Layer 2 blockchain based on various approaches per your business requirements. Our professionals can assist you throughout the process using various protocols that work similarly.

Foundational Elements That Make Up Optimistic Rollup Solutions

Optimistic rollup solutions we unleash comprise several elements that enhance the outlook of businesses by offering faster and cheaper transactions. Maximize the potential of this groundbreaking technology to catapult your venture to new levels.

Smart Contract

An Ethereum-native smart contract is used as a trust anchor to facilitate off-chain transaction processing.


The smart contract bundles multiple transactions submitted to it into a single batch before processing them.

Off-chain Processing

Transactions are executed by the smart contract using an off-chain protocol to update the system’s state.

State Root Generation

A State Root proof is created after off-chain execution, which is a hash showing the system’s current state.

On-chain Verification

The state root is sent to be verified and included on the Ethereum network, which occurs instantaneously.

Fraud Proofs

Fraud proofs let anyone question the state root’s authenticity by providing relevant information on the issue.

Prime Optimistic Rollups Development Services We Offer

Leverage our premier optimistic rollups development services that cater to your requirements. Ensure your Web3 project is enhanced by uninterrupted processing capabilities to work efficiently at all times.

  • Optimistic Rollups Consulting Services

    Gain insights into developing your own optimistic rollups solution with our experts by framing a full-fledged development plan.

  • Smart Contract Development

    Develop smart contracts compatible with the Ethereum network that dictate the optimistic rollup environment with our developers.

  • Off-chain Mechanism Creation

    Create off-chain processing solutions that execute bundled transactions seamlessly while ensuring top-grade security provisions.

  • Fraud Proof Creation

    Build comprehensive fraud proofs backed by resolution mechanisms to ensure the authenticity of transactions processed off-chain.

  • Optimistic Rollups Integration

    Integrate optimistic rollups seamlessly into your existing Web3 business application to achieve better operational efficiency.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Utilize our expert team to maintain your optimistic rollups network and upgrade it to meet constantly evolving business needs.

Execution Process Followed by Optimistic Rollup Layer 2 Networks

Optimistic rollup Layer 2 networks utilize a simple yet powerful process to execute and register transactions on the Ethereum mainnet. Understand the operational intricacies of these L2 solutions to break through the market in better ways.


The optimistic rollup should be initiated by depositing an amount into the smart contract to unlock an equivalent amount. These rollups control L1-L2 communications.


Transactions should be signed on the rollup and sent to the sequencer, which batches and executes them into blocks, which are sent to Ethereum as a single transaction.


The transaction data should be posted on the Ethereum network to exit the rollup. The process incurs lower costs than doing the same on the main network or the EVM.

Hire Optimistic Rollups Developers from Blockchain App Factory!

Hire optimistic rollups developers with ample experience from Blockchain App Factory to make your business idea efficient by manifolds. Our professionals can aid you in all stages of development to bring high-quality solutions customized to your requirements.

Why Opt Us as Your Optimistics Rollups Development Company?

At Blockchain App Factory, we strive to provide services with the highest quality possible. As a leading optimistic rollups development company, we are committed to offering solutions that cater to individual business needs without compromising. We understand the potential that the Ethereum network offers for businesses, making us work hard to provide the best L2 solutions based on optimistic rollups. If you want to launch a optimistic Layer 2 scaling solution, talk with one of our professionals to start planning your blockchain venture!


An optimistic rollups development solution is a Layer 2 protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain that executes block confirmations by processing individual transactions into batches using an off-chain mechanism.
Some types of optimistic Layer 2 scaling solutions include execution model, data availability solution, and fraud proof mechanism. Each of them use a different pathway to finalize transactions on the Ethereum mainnet.
Some elements involved in optimistic rollups development include smart contracts, bundling, off-chain processing, state root creation, on-chain verification, and fraud proofs. Contact us to know how you can use these.
Key benefits offered by optimistic rollup blockchains include heightened throughput, lowered gas fees, enhanced user experience, powerful security, ramped scalability, and wider market reach which can aid businesses.
Blockchain App Factory is the best optimistic rollups development company as we have ample industry experience, access to sophisticated technology, and market insights. Talk to us to get a customized quote for your project.
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