What is an Appchain?

An appchain or application specific blockchain is a unique solution that lets businesses run on their own blockchain layer. Appchain development utilizes layer-1 blockchain networks that allow ventures to serve the larger market. These networks are improvised solutions for businesses having novel functional requirements that cannot be achieved by traditional layer-1 blockchains.

The need for application specific blockchain development has intensified following wider adoption from enterprises and brands. These solutions intend to preserve unique brand goals while staying true to the Web3 ethos. With Blockchain App Factory, you get high-quality Web3 appchain development powered by a technically proficient team.

Web3 Appchain Development Company

As an esteemed appchain development company, Blockchain App Factory has launched numerous projects with immense long-term potential. From the layer-1 network you want your business network to be built on to post-launch maintenance procedures, we take care of all technical processes, ensuring you have smooth sailing as a Web3 business.

Launch On-the-Go Develop and launch your business-grade appchain with all the customizations you require in a short time with the best experts in the industry.

Exclusive AppchainWe offer all the elements you need to make your application specific blockchain reflect your brand nature, powered by 24 x 7 x 365 support services.

Scalable and SafeHave a highly scalable and safe appchain infrastructure catered for your business with Blockchain App Factory’s unique development approach.

dApp Chain Development: The New-Gen Blockchain Model

With blockchain technology undergoing a tremendous transformation, dApp chains have evolved to attain an important position in the space. dApp chain development lets you create customized layer-2 blockchains upon existing networks for decentralized businesses. These blockchains empower you to gain a foothold in the competitive Web3 market in no time.

Creating a dApp chain is similar to building a layer-2 network, with the only difference being the limited ecosystem the dApp chain development solution will serve. Our talented team of dApp chain developers allow you to build unique blockchains that lets you access the wider market without a fuss.

DApp Chain Development Business Models We Excel in

As a renowned dApp chain development company, we build special networks for various business models using advanced technologies. We emphasize hardcore decentralization throughout the process, leading to quality enterprise-grade blockchains for different business models.

NFT Applications

Our dApp chain experts create custom networks for NFT applications like marketplaces and launchpads on popular layer-1 blockchains to bring a secure and seamless environment for users.

Crypto Financial Platforms

Decentralized finance platforms like exchanges, insurance, and loaning platforms can be bolstered by our dApp chain development experts, who can conduct transactions with utmost safety.

DAO Platforms

Governance protocols powered by decentralized autonomous organizations based on specialized dApp chains can execute seamless decision-making activities to ensure community participation.

Crowdfunding Solutions

Crypto crowdfunding platforms like ICOs and IEOs can tap into our dApp chain development services to facilitate an easy environment for Web3 projects to raise funds without difficulties.

Gaming Apps

Gaming dApps with high-level graphics and a vast gamer base can use special dApp chains to enable quick in-game transactions at low costs, easing Web3 gaming experiences to new levels.

Metaverse Solutions

Metaverse platforms with graphical environments can benefit immensely from unique decentralized appchains built by our team that can refine and ease virtual world experiences for people.

Social Media Networks

Decentralized social media networks with high user traffic can benefit greatly from our dApp chain development services that provide exclusive infrastructure for these applications.

Tokenization Platforms

Platforms offering tokenization facilities can tap into dApp blockchains to provide quick and economical experiences for people wishing to tokenize and trade real-world assets (RWA).

Appchains Vs. Layer 1 Blockchains Vs. Layer 2 Blockchains Vs. Sidechains Vs. Subgraphs

Characteristic Appchains Layer-1 Blockchains Layer-2 Blockchains Sidechains Subgraphs
Purpose Exclusive networks supporting specific use cases for businesses. General-purpose networks supporting a range of utilities for all. Solutions operating upon layer-1 networks improvising performance. Separate blockchains linked to a mainnet providing exclusivity. Decentralized databases storing data indexed from a blockchain.
Scalability Appchains are highly scalable as they run upon existing networks. Their scalability level is between appchains and Layer-2 networks. Their scalability level is between Layer-1 networks and appchains. The scalability of sidechains depends on the Layer-1 network they use. The scalability of subgraphs depends on the underlying technology.
Security They inherit the security of the Layer-1 blockchain they use. They tap into their own security provided during development. They utilize the security of the underlying Layer-1 blockchain. The security of sidechains depends on the sidechain technology used. They use the security of their underlying Layer-1 blockchain.
Utility Can be used to launch and operate a variety of Web3 business applications. Can host Web3 apps but are less efficient and scalable than L2 solutions. Can be used for platforms requiring high transaction throughput, like DEXs. Can be used to create private and hybrid chains and consensus mechanisms. Can be used to build dApps and tools that query and analyze on-chain data.

Comprehensive Architecture of Appchain Development Solutions

Appchain development solutions have an extensive architecture consisting of five distinct technological layers. Each of them provides unique benefits that combine to deliver efficient operations for Web3 businesses.

Network Layer

The network layer takes care of communication between nodes in the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network to ensure safe and efficient transactions.

Application Layer

The application layer allows the appchain to interact with Web3 libraries, SDKs, and APIs and access data stored within the data layer.

Data Layer

The data layer stores, indexes, and organizes information generated from the appchain in decentralized databases and storage solutions.

Consensus Layer

The consensus layer enables users to make decisions through a mechanism like Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS), among others.

Smart Contract Layer

The smart contract layer helps in determining logic and running smart contracts supporting a Web3 business’s operations in the appchain.

Irresistible Benefits of Appchain Development Solutions

Our appchain development services focus on providing functionally-rich solutions that benefit your business in the long run. With appchain development solutions full of advantages, you can operate your venture seamlessly at all times.

Heightened Scalability

Appchain development offers higher scalability for Layer-1 blockchains, allowing you to build an ecosystem that remains functional anytime.

Lower Transaction Fees

Since appchains enhance scalability upon Layer-1 networks, transaction costs are lowered, enabling your business to be economically efficient.

High-End Customizability

With our appchain solutions, you can decide all technical aspects and other functionalities you want to include in your Web3 ecosystem.

Enhanced Security

Application specific blockchains handle data separately from the mainnet, safeguarding valuable and sensitive data from malicious actors.

Supreme Privacy

Since appchains operate privately on public networks, privacy concerns will be non-existent, securing sensitive information from exposing.

Planning to Build a Tailored Appchain Development Solution?
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Our Web3 Appchain Development Process

As experts in Web3 appchain development, we use a specialized process to bring trusted networks for aspiring businesses. With a perfect balance of technology, customization, and efficiency, our appchain development solutions offer the ideal infrastructure for ventures.


  • We begin by discussing your exclusive appchain development needs to form a rough outline of your application specific blockchain.


  • Our experts document the outcomes of these discussions to form the technical documentation and whitepapers for various purposes.


  • We build the appchain on the Layer-1 blockchain you chose with the customizations you need regarding technology and functionality.


  • Our experts deploy the appchain on the main network, after which you can build business applications that use all its provisions.


  • We ensure to offer periodic maintenance and upgrades that can make your appchain interoperate across networks and remain seamless.

Use Cases and Applications of Web3 Appchains

With Web3 appchain development emerging as a popular alternative for businesses planning to integrate blockchain technology, the number of industries witnessing their rise has grown. This makes any venture, irrespective of industry, adopt appchains for efficient operations.

Popular Appchains in the Current Market

The prominence of appchain development solutions in the Web3 space has fueled several Layer-1 blockchain networks to offer support for application specific blockchains. As an industry-recognized leader, our appchain development company lets you tap into these provisions for enhanced business prospects.

Polkadot Parachains

Polkadot’s unique nature of being a network of parachains makes it ideal for appchain development. Ventures can build parachains of their own with extensive customization, including native tokens, economics, and governance structures.

Cosmos Zones

Cosmos Zones offer a way for businesses to create app-specific chains that are interconnected through the Cosmos Hub, promoting interoperability. Cosmos Zones also allow you to build parallel chains for appchains for higher throughput.

Avalanche Subnets

Avalanche’s use of three separate chains lets ventures create their own Subnets that tap into these chains’ combined power. With a quick, efficient, and scalable validation process, business Subnets can enjoy any level of user traffic.

Polygon Supernets

The renowned Layer-2 network Polygon lets Web3 projects run their own EVM-compatible chains through Supernets. Extensive support from Ethereum’s L1 infrastructure and developer tools allows projects to reap high monetary benefits.

BNB Side Chains

The BNB Smart Chain’s appchain development provision lets businesses operate unique EVM-compatible blockchains by tapping into BSC’s robust infrastructure. This opens chances for ventures to attract the Binance ecosystem’s market.

Why are We the Go-to Web3 Appchain Development Company?

As an established company providing top-notch appchain development services, we have been part of launching several fascinating appchain development solutions. With a wealth of experience creating enterprise-grade Web3 appchains across industries, we ensure supremacy in each facet of your application specific blockchain. By working with our Web3 appchain development company, you can gain access to sophisticated technology, skilled professionals, ethical processes, and continued support. What are you waiting for? Speak with one of our experts today to get started with your dream appchain development project!


Appchain development is the process of creating blockchains for Web3 business applications. These networks are built upon existing Layer-1 networks to tap into their established nature, community presence, and technological infrastructure.
Currently, appchain development solutions are used in a variety of industries like finance, supply chain management, governmental operations, gaming, healthcare, real estate, and energy. These networks can even be used for other use cases, too.
Web3 appchain development offers several business benefits, including heightened scalability, lowered transaction costs, high-end customizability, enhanced security, and supreme privacy that can power projects to operate efficiently at any time.
The cost of using our appchain development services depends on the requirements of your project. Facets like technological stacks used, features, native tokens, smart contracts, and consensus mechanisms have a role in deciding the final costs.
Blockchain App Factory is the best appchain development company with years of experience under its belt. Our professional team builds app-specific blockchain solutions that cater to the client’s unique functional and technological needs.
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