Creating an NFT Loyalty Platform for Your Brand

As NFTs redefine how conventional online experiences go by, they have brought about sweeping changes in how customer loyalty schemes function. An NFT loyalty platform lets users leverage their rewards in more ways than before by rewarding their active involvement through cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Adding blockchain technology’s transparency and immutability to the mix further strengthens customer trust in your brand, as they can see their rewards stored securely and cannot be tampered with. With such leverage, you can forge closer connections with your customers and offer services that cater to their needs.

NFT Loyalty Platform Development: How Do NFTs Come into Play?

With a Web3 loyalty program, you can make your brand gain customer trust and engagement that exceeds the benefits conventional loyalty schemes offer. You can customize all facets of your NFT loyalty platform to give your customers a unique experience that reflects your brand’s motives. Non-fungible tokens play a vital role in facilitating such on-chain loyalty programs.

Profile PictureAs a starting point for the loyalty program, users can be rewarded for setting up a profile picture that will be minted as an NFT avatar for the user.

Loyalty TiersThe NFT loyalty platform can have tiers that can be used for offering NFT and crypto rewards to customers based on their engagement in the app.

Token-gated Access NFTs in the loyalty program can be used to offer access to exclusive content and discount vouchers for users based on their in-platform activity.

MembershipNFT can be used to provide membership tokens to Brand NFT loyalty program users that will rise in value and utility as they engage in the program.

Unique BenefitsDiscount coupons, cash vouchers, and rewards can be offered as NFTs in the Web3 loyalty program to encourage users to use your venture’s products.

Social MeasuresA portion of profits gained from NFT sales inside the Web3 loyalty platform can be donated to various social initiatives to build consumer trust.

Build an NFT Loyalty Program Like How Global Brands Did

Brands have been increasingly tapping into NFT loyalty programs to attract the new-gen target audience using the magic of blockchain-based rewards. Develop an NFT loyalty portal like how global brands captivated their customers in the digital age.

  • Starbucks

  • Lufthansa

  • Adidas

  • Lacoste

  • Flipkart

  • Coca Cola

We Built an NFT Loyalty Program for Flipkart – A Top E-commerce Brand

We have built an NFT loyalty rewards platform for Flipkart, a renowned e-commerce brand to support its efforts to embrace Web3 technology.

    • Under the program, brands list themselves in the exclusive NFT loyalty platform “Firedrops” and assign tasks to users.

    • People wishing to be part of the NFT loyalty program can enter a waitlist that gradually lets them into the platform.

    • Users entering the Web3 loyalty program need to set up their profiles that can yield them rewards in the form of points.

    • They need to complete challenges from brands to level up their profiles, which can entitle them to various benefits.

    • These rewards include loyalty points recorded on-chain, discount vouchers, and even physical gifts from the brand.

    • Users can utilize these digital vouchers and coupons to purchase the brand’s products from the Flipkart application.

    • They can also wish to list these vouchers/coupons in the in-app marketplace to sell them to interested customers.

    To build the Firedrops platform, the following technological stacks were used.


Demo Video of our NFT Loyalty Platform

Want to know how our NFT loyalty platform looks and works? Watch the demo video showing the intricacies of our Web3 loyalty platform in detail.

Create NFT Loyalty Programs of These Types

An NFT loyalty platform should cater to its specific target markets; hence, we let you build relevant applications of various types.

Points System

Users can gain points for purchasing items on your platform that can level up their profiles and provide exclusive offers and benefits.

Tiered System

Customers can gain benefits according to their tier, and they can go to higher levels by completing in-app tasks and making purchases.

Value System

You can earn customer trust and build brand value by donating a portion of the proceeds from your loyalty program to goodwill causes.

Paid System

People can pay a fee (one-time or recurring) in the NFT loyalty platform to receive premium benefits, services, rewards, and experiences.

The Working of a Web3 Loyalty Program

User Involvement

  • Users in the Web3 loyalty program are involved with the platform through various activities like purchasing, referring new users, and sharing content.

Earning Rewards

  • For their active participation in the program, users earn rewards in the form of NFTs and crypto coins that can bestow benefits and loyalty points.

Redeeming Rewards

  • Users can redeem their NFT rewards in the platform once they earn sufficient tokens to purchase items or get services at discounted prices.

Tracking Rewards

  • The use of NFTs lets users track transactions at all times as tokens are stored on the blockchain that cannot be tampered with or modified at any time.

Exquisite Features Our White Label NFT Loyalty Platform Offers


Users can keep an eye on their progress on the platform and the rewards they have earned. They can also see leaderboards that list top gainers.

Gamified Elements

Users can participate in gamified tasks in the NFT loyalty platform to earn rewards in the forms of cryptocurrencies and NFTs with various utilities.


Users not wishing to redeem the rewards can sell them to others through the in-app secondary marketplace in exchange for fiat or crypto payment.


Customers can use the in-app wallet or integrate an existing one into the Web3 loyalty platform to receive and transact NFT loyalty rewards online.

Top NFT Loyalty Programs in the Current Market

DeFi dApp Development


Starbucks runs an NFT loyalty platform, “Odyssey,” on Polygon, where users can engage in interactive tasks and gain unique rewards that include exclusive experiences.

DeFi Smart Contract Development

Burger King

Burger King’s Web3 loyalty program utilizes gamification to provide rewards to customers that include brand merchandise, digital collectibles, and Whopper sandwiches.

DeFi Exchange Development

Taco Bell

Taco Bell uses a one-time membership fee model by auctioning exclusive NFTs that come with e-gift cards that the brand uses for a worthy cause.

Why Choose Blockchain App Factory to Build Your NFT Loyalty Platform?

At Blockchain App Factory, we believe in creating a supreme user experience powered by advanced technology. Our expertise in creating NFT loyalty platforms enables your business to gain a closer understanding of your customers and stitch close-knit relationships with them. We ensure to create NFT loyalty programs that primarily focus on users at all ends. Either building one from scratch or using our Whitelabel NFT loyalty platform, you certainly gain more than what you had invested. Interested in building a Web3 loyalty program for your venture? Get in touch with us today to initiate your biggest step towards adopting new-age user-focused technology!


An NFT loyalty platform lets customers earn loyalty points in the form of NFTs from a business by engaging with the tasks listed. These rewards can be redeemed to make purchases or get services from the business.
Web3 loyalty programs offer a number of benefits as they mainly use NFTs. Some include:

- Access to real-time data for businesses
- Unique incentives provided to customers
- Possibility to link multiple loyalty programs under an umbrella
- Appeal to the new-gen consumer population
NFT loyalty platform development lets businesses utilize different program types that brands can use to appeal to their users. Some include:

- Points Programs
- Tiers Programs
- Value Programs
- Paid Programs
Typically, it takes 7 - 28 days for a business to launch its NFT loyalty program from a Whitelabel NFT loyalty platform. The minimal time incurred is due to the lesser need for development and testing practices during the process as the application is pre-built.
Blockchain App Factory provides top-level NFT loyalty platform development for clients of all scales, including premium brands and emerging startups. Our services ensure all client demands are fulfilled while ensuring all Web3 elements are included in the platform.
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