Introducing NFT with Ethereum Layer 2

The blockchain industries have witnessed influential developments in the field of cryptocurrency in the past few years. More financial products have been introduced that have transformed how we perceive finance sectors. In recent months, crypto users have shifted their focus towards the NFTs. As the NFT domain is experiencing massive growth during this period, investment in the NFT has been huge, leading to congestion and slower transaction time.

Due to these issues occurring in the NFT domain, the average transaction fee has skyrocketed. Thus, crypto users are finding it difficult to purchase and trade NFTs. In order to solve these problems for our customers, We at Blockchain App Factory will be developing NFT marketplace in Layer 2 protocol.

NFT Layer 2 Development
NFT in Layer 2

NFT in Layer 2

NFT in layer 2 is a distinct solution designed to scale the application by handling transactions off the main Ethereum chain (layer 1).

Why Implement NFT in Layer 2?

Our customer faces lower transaction speed problems when the network is busy which can make the user experience very difficult for certain types of decentralized apps (Dapps). As the network gets busier, our customers face an increase in gas fees as the senders aim to outbid each other and thus making Ethereum very expensive to use. We provide NFT Development in layer 2 services to the customers to overcome these problems and continue a smooth and easy transaction process

Improvising NFTs Scalability with Immutable X

We develop all the NFT entities with the Immutable X layer 2 protocol. To make the flow of the NFT space smooth and hassle-free. Immutable X is one of the finest protocols in the space which runs on the NFT space. Our NFT development in layer 2 with Immutable X can handle enormous transactions very easily and independently. The Ethereum Blockchain network-backed layer 2 immutable x protocol reduces the gas fees even close to zero by handling thousands of transactions unanimously.

Our NFT development on immutable X protocol will have the efficiency to establish peer-to-peer transactions and can handle various advancements in the NFT space. Our developments on the immutable X will have an iridescent impact in the market where the trades are carried out instantaneously. As a limitless protocol with the decentralized structure, it concerns the Ecosystem and stays 100% carbon neutral.

We Offer these Business Benefits

No custodial risk; users can keep their private keys

The user can set his/her own trading fees

Zero gas fees for peer to peer trading

Massive scalability up to 9000+TPS

Not a centralized side chain

Supports ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards

Secured by Ethereum

Our NFT Marketplace Development Service in Ethereum Layer 2 Protocol

NFT Layer 2 Development Services

In the near future, the NFT marketplaces will be developed to gain the ability to support the function of the layer 2 protocol. We provide NFT development in Layer 2 services to the customers to enable a smooth gas-free trading experience without sacrificing the security of the Ethereum network.

We provide NFT development in layer 2 services to help scale the NFT marketplace by handling the transaction off the Ethereum blockchain, in this context, it is known as a Layer 1 network. We make sure that our customers can withdraw immediately without facing an attack on their marketplace regardless of how many funds are going through the marketplace. Our NFT development in layer 2 protocol aims to significantly increase the number of transactions carried out in a given period of time.

Why BAF is a Perfect Choice for Integrating Layer 2 Protocol with NFT Marketplace?

We at Blockchain App Factory serve as a ladder for the development of multiple businesses in the blockchain platform. Our professional experience and enthusiasm in the blockchain industry will provide you with a huge advantage over your competitors in the field of cryptocurrency. Our innovative and motivated team will ensure the creation of a stable and solid NFT marketplace in layer 2 protocol. We ensure that it is constructed with your requirements in mind and most importantly we will ensure that you are the frontrunner in the race of NFT marketplaces and emerge as a new trendsetter in the digital market.

NFT Layer 2 Development Services
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