Challenges the Client Wished to Address

  • While there are many crypto wallet applications offering seamless services, only a small portion of them have advanced security features.

  • Many crypto applications do not come with documented backing, which tends to reduce investors’ trust in them, irrespective of their genuineness.

What Did We Do?

We created an extensive crypto solution that included a digital coin, an ICO dashboard, a wallet, and an admin panel. The crypto wallet, in particular, had a multi-signature (MultiSig) option that enhances the security of transactions from the user end. We even developed the tokenomics of the PBMC’s native coin and the whitepaper that details the project’s vision.

Technological Stacks Employed

Token Standard






Storage Platform





The Outcome

The solution we launched for the PBMC project was received well in its target market as it rallied crypto adoption in the region. The incomparable security offered by the platform and the wallet enables users to securely access various cryptocurrencies. We continue providing support for the project through technical upgrades.

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