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Wondering how your project’s token sales will perform in the current market? With our token sale company by your side, the complications involved become zero, making your ascension to success smooth. From initial conceptualization and project design to promotions and post-launch support, we provide everything you need to ensure your project becomes a blockbuster.

Our excellence in the blockchain industry comes as your savior during all phases of the token sale campaign, navigating through smooth and challenging ordeals with ease. Connect with one of our seasoned professionals to know which type of token sale campaign is best for your crypto project!

What Our Token Sale Services Ensure

As an established provider of token sale services for projects of all scales, we assist in planning and implementing token presales using proven methodologies. Whether you opt for a centralized, decentralized, or all-in-one medium to launch your token, we can provide the best idea to go forward with your mission.

Heightened Liquidity

Our expertise in creating, promoting, and launching crypto token sale projects focuses on generating more than enough liquidity for your tokens, allowing them to be available for trading at all times.

Worldwide Reach

Our professional services ensure your token project reaches a global audience using an array of proven strategies that allow you to establish your new venture in the challenging cryptocurrency market.

Full Transparency

Our working nature ensures you have complete transparency across the process, which is evident through periodical reporting and communication methods, enabling you to discuss your needs openly at all times.

Our Full Suite of Token Sale Solutions Specially Made for You

Become a revered crypto project in the contemporary market with our suite of token sale solutions fitting your exclusive requirements! Our provisions let you capitalize on the business opportunities the digital space showers with utmost efficiency and precision.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Launch an initial coin offering (ICO) project to sell crypto tokens to prospective investors by taking care of every aspect of the process.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Create an initial exchange offering (IEO) to release your project’s tokens through a reputed CEX to attain global popularity and liquidity.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

Execute an initial DEX offering (IDO) campaign to sell project tokens to people through a DEX platform, ensuring adequate decentralization.

Security Token Offering (STO)

Provide a security token offering (STO) to raise funds by selling tokens backed with real-world assets to make investors trust your vision.

Initial NFT Offering (INO)

Conduct an initial NFT offering (INO) campaign to sell your project’s NFTs to people in a completely decentralized manner to kickstart hype.

Customizable Offering

Create customized offerings with us to sell tokens representing any asset related to your new Web3 project to attract investors worldwide.

Our Clients

Propelling Benefits of Conducting a Full-fledged Token Sale Campaign with Us

Pondering how working with a token sale firm like ours can elevate your new crypto project? Don’t worry; our prowess in conducting token sales comes with an ocean of benefits you can never skip. Speak to us to know how you can maximize your chances of success!

Rapid Fundraising

Experience rapid fundraising from your initial token offering project aided by our experienced professionals who are driven to achieve your intended goals irrespective of hassles.

Enhanced Visibility

Let your crypto project reach more masses than you had planned using a multi-channel strategized approach for promotions for better selling prospects during the token launch day.

Professional Services

Have the best crypto tokens coded suiting your technological and functional preferences with our seasoned developers who can step your visionary project higher with their skills.

Community Engagement

Build and engage with the best community possible for your initial crypto token offering campaign to maximize your chances of attracting more funds during the day of the token launch.

Adherence to Web3 Ethos

Stand by the fundamental ethos of Web3 with our experts, who ensure your token project stays fully decentralized and democratized to become attractive to prospective investors.

Diverse Service Packages

Conduct a quality token sales campaign irrespective of your budgetary constraints with our comprehensive packages that intend to cater to projects of all scales and industries.

How Do We Conduct Your Crypto Token Sale Campaign?

As a leading token sale company, we have an established process to conduct crypto token sale campaigns as a result of extensive experience in the space. Our prowess in the crypto space lets you make the most of the ever-changing market conditions to be among the trends.

Project Planning Plan all aspects of your crypto token sale project with expert assistance.

Roadmap and Whitepaper CreationCreate a detailed roadmap and whitepaper for your upcoming project.

Community BuildingBuild your project’s community on various platforms like Discord, Telegram, and X.

Token and Smart Contract DevelopmentDevelop your project’s tokens and smart contracts using necessary tech stacks.

Legal Compliance AdherenceAdhere to relevant legal compliance measures by filing necessary applications.

Marketing and Public RelationsConduct full-scale promotions using a multi-thronged approach for desired success.

KYC/AML ImplementationImplement KYC and AML mechanisms to ensure only genuine users are part of the project.

Token Sale ExecutionExecute the token sale campaign on the desired platform (exchange/custom website).

Token Listing on ExchangesList your crypto tokens on popular centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Post-sale StrategyStrategize your project to cater to the requirements of investors after token sales.

Performance TrackingTrack the performance of your token sales and exchange volumes in the open market.

Trend Analysis and AdoptionAnalyze current trends and include them in your project accordingly to attract new users.

Sophisticated Tools That Make Token Sale Solutions Powerful

Have the best technological tools to make your token sale solutions conquer the crypto market with a stamp of authority! With access to a plethora of tools for various phases of the token sale process, we can elevate your crypto brand’s stature to unimaginable heights by emphasizing efficiency.

  • Whitepaper

    Fundamental document detailing every aspect of the project, including technical and non-technical content.

  • Official Website

    The official online medium for a crypto token project to post their solutions and upgrades and conduct sales.

  • Marketing Tools

    Social media platforms and community-centric applications where a project can establish an online presence.

  • KYC/AML Mechanisms

    Solutions that ensure all users of the project are genuine and abide by anti-money laundering laws.

  • Smart Contract Environment

    Technological environment for coding the project’s tokens and smart contract programs using advanced frameworks.

  • Analytics and Reporting Tools

    Tools that provide insights on the token sale campaign’s performance and report on key performance indicators.

  • Legal Assistance Solutions

    Solutions assisting the project in being legally compliant as regulations change according to national needs.

  • Security Audit Solutions

    Solutions assisting the project’s code to be safe from cyber threats in a constantly endangered environment.

How You Can Succeed with Your Token Sale Campaign

Conducting a token sale campaign might feel easy. But don’t get carried away by such instincts. The success of any token sale campaign depends on a set of factors coming together, along with an expert team that has ideas for any situation. Don’t worry; opt for us, and you and your project will be in safe hands!

Novel Idea

Ensure your crypto project addresses a pressing issue in the market in a novel way.

Clear Value

Provide clear value on the project’s benefits and how its functionality aids users.

Solid Team

Have a team experienced in various aspects of the crypto market to build credibility.

Perfect Tokenomics

Create a tokenomics that will cater to the project requirements in the long run.

Safety Measures

Implement adequate safety measures to ensure the project and user data are uncompromised.

Legal Compliance

Adhere to the necessary legal requirements to function as a regulatory-friendly business.

Full-fledged Promotions

Conduct full-fledged promotional activities using various strategies on multiple channels.

Attractive Content

Create attractive and engaging content for the audience to pull them toward the project.

Effective Communication

Convey your project’s core goals and objectives clearly and effectively at all times.

Valuable Partnerships

Forge valuable partnerships with established entities in your niche to attract attention.

Post-sale Support

Offer post-sale support to investors with all aspects to create an online reputation.

Our Diverse Packages for Token Sale Firm

  • Token Development Services
  • Token Sale Structure Planning
  • Token Listing on Top Exchanges
  • Whitepaper Creation
  • 1 Press Release on Crypto Media
  • Access to Niche Influencers
  • 1 X (Twitter) Post
  • 1 Explanatory Video on the Project
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Token Development Services
  • Token Sale Structure Planning
  • Token Listing on Top Exchanges
  • Whitepaper Creation
  • Community Building and Management
  • 2 Press Releases on Crypto Media
  • Access to Niche and Global Influencers
  • 3 X (Twitter) Posts
  • 2 Explanatory Videos on the Project
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Token Development Services
  • Token Sale Structure Planning
  • Token Sale Dashboard Development
  • Token Listing on Top Exchanges
  • Whitepaper Creation
  • Community Building and Management
  • 3 Press Releases on Crypto Media
  • Access to Niche and Global Influencers
  • 5 X (Twitter) Posts
  • 3 Explanatory Videos on the Project
  • Weekly Reporting

Metrics We Use to Measure the Success of Your Token Sales

As a renowned provider of token sale services, we have on our roster several fundamental metrics that can aid a crypto project in measuring its success. If you’re on board with us, you’ll never need to worry about finding your project’s result, as we are here with comprehensive analysis based only on real data.

  • Funds Raised During Launch

  • Total Number of Participants

  • Project Token Distribution Nature

  • Token Performance in the Market

  • Achievement of Roadmap Milestones

  • Community Growth Across Channels

Token Sale Agency

Why Should You Choose Our Token Sale Agency to Launch Your New Business?

At Blockchain App Factory, we concentrate on ensuring a smooth sail for projects aiming to achieve their goals through fundraising. With over a decade of experience in the industry and a strong track record, we can provide you with the ideal solutions that ensure your project’s token sales perform more efficiently. Our experts will be with you at each stage of the token launch process, making sure all your needs are met with the utmost quality. We also have a reputation for being an end-to-end solution provider for projects, meaning that our team can lend a helping hand at all phases of your project – be it conceptualization, development, outreach, or launch! Speak to one of our professionals today to customize your token sale campaign!


A token sale in the crypto space refers to events where projects sell their native tokens to investors at a lower cost before they get listed on public cryptocurrency exchanges. This is a great way for projects to build their initial supportive community in the competitive market.
During a token sale campaign, projects sell a portion of their native tokens to people at lower costs, after which another portion is listed on crypto exchanges. Initial investors could then either capitalize on the gains or support the project in the long run by holding tokens.
Token sales in the crypto space have an ambiguous reputation, as regulations vary from nation to nation. The general consensus among crypto enthusiasts is that token sale campaigns executed through crypto exchanges are legally safer than ones conducted by projects themselves.
Utility tokens are backed by rights (such as governance or exchange value) that can be exercised by the holder in the project’s product in the future. On the other hand, security tokens are backed by tangible assets from the project, which could function similarly to equity shares.
You can participate in a token sale by becoming part of a project of your choice, being actively involved through community conversations, getting listed on the presale access list, and getting your tokens. This needs a considerable amount of involvement in a project, making it challenging.
Before investing in a token sale, you should consider factors such as the project’s authenticity, the problem it aims to solve, its roadmap and long-term viability, and its technical infrastructure and business model. You can proceed if you are convinced to invest after seeing all these.
You can ensure the security of your investment during a token sale by spending only what you can afford to lose through cryptocurrencies. It is also important to analyze the project’s authenticity by conducting comprehensive checks on its official community and social media handles.
After a token sale ends, funds collected are sent to the intended wallet address of the project, from where its team can spend to boost their new developments and products. They also emphasize post-sale marketing to bolster their presence online and make investors trust them.
Yes, you can sell your tokens after purchasing them in a token sale. Projects typically have a lock-in period that lasts until the tokens are listed on public exchanges. So, if you can wait for some time and the project performs well, you can certainly sell tokens at a premium.
You can find information about upcoming token sales on prominent websites dedicated to each type of token-based fundraising. There are also exclusive portals on the internet listing fundraising campaigns based on ICOs, IDOs, IEOs, and STOs, where projects list themselves to reach people.
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