Sushiswap Clone: An Efficient Decentralized Exchange App

The market buzz around decentralized crypto exchanges has risen to unprecedented levels currently, owing to optimistic sentiments in the global crypto market. A Sushiswap clone could be the right choice for business minds aspiring to enter the decentralized part of the crypto sphere.

The Sushiswap-like cryptocurrency exchange lets you utilize the advantages of smart-contract-run exchanges while offering you ample opportunities to generate revenues. You can even garner a strong user base wanting to experience the benefits of DEXs. We can even let you include additional features that enhance user experiences further.

Prime Features of Our SushiSwap Clone Software

Our SushiSwap clone app is built with top features that will make you shine in the crypto market space. Our product has many exclusive features that are similar to SushiSwap.

Essential Features of Our SushiSwap Clone Software


Acquire Sushi LP tokens by providing liquidity, then stake these tokens in corresponding farms to unlock opportunities.

Fast Transactions

Multiple users can use the crypto exchange as it allows thousands of transactions per second without any lagging time.

Connect Wallet

Make external wallet connections such as Binance wallet, Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc., for trading without hassles.


Create a profile, stake your token in the IFO pool and receive IFO credits, later you can use it to secure the commitment limit.

Enhanced Security Features of Our SushiSwap Clone Software

  • Smart Contract-Enabled Platform

    Monitor transactions without any intermediaries through smart contract-enabled platforms while saving time and money.

  • SSL Protocol

    Ensure transaction details are private between two users through SSL protocol, allowing secure communications between users.

  • Digital Wallet Encryption

    Leverage advanced encryption algorithms, such as those used in digital wallets, to guarantee the secure preservation of transaction details.

  • End-to-end Encryption

    Secure transaction details via end-to-end encryption. Authorized parties can access them using designated decryption keys.

What is Whitelabel SushiSwap Clone?

Our Whitelabel SushiSwap clone is fully decentralized and pre-built DeFi exchange software. This software is built with all the features and functionalities that are similar to SushiSwap. It will dissolve all the liquidity problems that are faced in most of the decentralized exchange platforms. Besides all the integrated features, the SushiSwap clone app provides security modules that can operate for a long time. Create a DEX like SushiSwap with the top blockchain professionals of our company who have been setting new levels in creativity and innovation in the cryptocurrency exchange industry.

How Does Our SushiSwap Clone Work?

Effectively utilize our SushiSwap exchange clone, encompassing a detailed and explicit working methodology for a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Install your SushiSwap clone software on any platforms like Android or IOS.

Connect your digital wallet to the software, any authorized wallet is compatible.

Choose any kind of token or cryptocurrency you want to exchange.

Proceed to the payment process after reviewing your product purchase.

All your transactions for your purchased product are verified through Ethereum blockchain.

Then you can transfer funds to the liquidity pool and manage it through the platform.

Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Demo

Controlled Exchange

View Demo
User Demo

User : [email protected]
Password: Demo@123

Admin Demo

User: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Centralized Exchange

View Demo
User Demo

Login ID : [email protected]
Password: 9f274281

P2P Exchange

View Demo
User Demo

Email : [email protected]
Password: 12345678

View Demo
Admin Demo

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Pricing Packages

Binance Competitor
Coinbase like
Controlled Exchange
White labeled Exchange Software
Fully Secure blockchain based
Support included 1 Year 6 Months
FREE brandable Whitepaper
FREE setup in your private cloud
GDPR compliant
Bitcoin deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
Ripple deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
Litecoin deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
Bitcoin Cash deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
Ethereum deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
Buy orders based on conditions
Sell orders based on conditions
Trade between users
API Integration
Trade Matching Engine
Paypal deposits for customers
Stripe deposits for customers
Change Transaction Fees for buy and sell
Detailed Reports with filters
Multi cryptocurrency Support
Multisignature Wallet
Highly Customized UI/UX
Multi-Language Support
Anti-Phishing Code
CSRF & SSRF Protection
Elliptic-curve cryptography Wallet
DDoS protection,X-XSS-Protection
HTTP Public Key Pinning CSP Protection
BAF Blockchain Experts Support for your exchange
Advanced Exchange Views
Payment Gateway Integration
SEO/SEM Enabled
Integrated Referral Program
2 Factor Authentication
DDoS protection, X-XSS-Protection, HTTP Public Key Pinning and CSP Protection
Support Tool for Exchange Users
USD EUR Bank Deposit & Withdrawal Support
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Add-on Modules of Our SushiSwap Clone Software

We offer beneficial add-on modules for your SushiSwap clone app to make it more appealing and for a better user experience.

  • Multilingual Support

  • Complete Decentralization

  • Dark Mode

  • Fingerprint Lock

  • Analytics

  • Price Predictions

  • API Specifications

  • Live With Traders

  • Web3 Conformity

  • Better Sustainability

Development Process of Our SushiSwap Exchange Clone

Our expert team of blockchain developers utilize the best procedures for the best SushiSwap clone.

  • Obtaining Requirements
    A better understanding of your requirements is very essential for providing a high-quality SushiSwap clone software service.

  • Planning
    We provide a wireframe of our solution where you can visualize the information and logic moving from one screen to another.

  • Designing
    Our team of creative designers always focuses on constructing the best user interface for you to engage with mobile and web apps.

  • Development
    Our SushiSwap clone provides vast customization options, and we are excited to fulfill any additional development requirements you may have.

  • Testing
    With an organized testing team, we ensure that your installed software undergoes thorough manual and automated testing.

  • Deployment
    Later, the product is poised for a successful launch on the right platform, ensuring a seamless introduction to the market.

Why Should You Choose Blockchain App Factory for SushiSwap Clone App?

Blockchain App Factory is an poineer company for cryptocurrency exchange development. Our team of highly experienced blockchain developers focuses on developing innovative, flexible, and future-rich DeFi exchanges like SushiSwap. We have a Whitelabel SushiSwap clone application, which is completely customizable according to your requirements. We have been helping clients to achieve their dreams for more than 10 years in the blockchain industry. So far we have successfully completed more than 400 projects and received satisfactory reviews from clients.


We have a pre-built solution known as Whitelabel SushiSwap clone application, you can optimize the code and modify it to your own choice. You can get a ready-made solution from our company and customize it for your needs.

DEX like SushiSwap is unpredictable when it comes to cost estimation as it involves considering many factors such as add-on modules, additional features customization, and the blockchain you choose for developing the software.
The timeline for constructing a decentralized exchange akin to SushiSwap varies based on client-requested functionalities. Generally, crafting a DEX like SushiSwap can be accomplished within a couple of weeks.
Yes, you can expect the highest level of technical and customer support around the clock, accessible via the Internet, delivered by our team of dedicated experts committed to ensuring your satisfaction and success.

Yes, our proficient team has meticulously crafted SushiSwap clone apps. Our seasoned experts, well-versed in the field, have designed foolproof solutions to ensure a hack-free experience.

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