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Smart Contract Audit

Smarts contracts have been helping users making agreements, transactions and trades in the blockchain network. But the computer-based protocol can also improve security, avoid fraud and automate processes.

Smart contracts are the crucial piece of an outstanding blockchain business and Blockchain App Factory conducts a meticulous Smart Contract Auditing for an exceptional digital contract with minimal risk of error or vulnerabilities.

We provide the confidence you need to launch your blockchain venture.

Smart Contract Auditing

Through extensive tests we verify the Smart Contract and its behave to find and solve defaults, making sure the contract is performing as it should. After a precise auditing of the Smart Contract architecture, you will receive a detailed report with all the improvements needed to be done.

Penetrations Test

There is no better way to improve yourself than being aware of your flaws, right? With Pentesting we can get to know all of the vulnerabilities of the Smart Contract by simulating real hack attacks.

Steps of Smart Contract Auditing Guidelines


Let’s talk about your Smart Contract! You send us the code to audit and tell us what is intended to do.


We share a quote. Quote approved, we move to the next step.


Using specific tools we audit the Smart Contract


Auditing is done. The client receives a report with solutions and improvements to any issues found.


We fix everything that needs to be fixed and the client reviews the changes.

Second Audit

To make sure all the details are set, we do a second auditing in Smart Contract.


Ready, set, go! The Smart Contract is ready to be published.

Smart Contract Audit Services

At Blockchain App Factory, we provide smart contract validation services for a variety of industries including Fintech, Security and Real Estate. Our end to end solutions makes sure that smart contracts on Blockchain and may AI in the future, are not susceptible to attacks and hacks.

ICO Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit for ICOs ensures that the functionality such as the soft cap, hard cap and so on remain unaffected after token-sale.

STO Smart Contract Audit

Security Tokens require a smart contract audit due to the compliance requirements that are embedded such as regulations for different jurisdictions.

Smart Contract Security Audit

It is important for smart contracts to be secure and our end to end smart contract security audit solution mitigates security threats on Decentralized Applications.

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Smart Contract Audit for Industries

The use of the smart contract for industries has been on the rise and so is the need for auditing. At Blockchain App Factory we provide smart contract audit reports and also, help you fix the vulnerabilities in the system. The industries we serve are numerous and have helped clients develop & audit customized smart contract as per their requirements.

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