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The global NFT market has been seeing immense growth in recent times, as shown by this report from CoinTelegraph, which indicates the sales volume grew to nearly $1 billion in November 2023. With NFTs regaining their lost glory powered by the wider crypto market’s bullish sentiments, there has been a sharp spike in interest in these digital assets. As thousands of projects roll out to capture the market’s attention, it is essential for them actually to succeed through active promotions. NFT viral marketing is a strategy that often brings breakthroughs for Web3 projects that aim for extreme exposure and market talk. This guide will give you invaluable insights into this modern-day promotional strategy with great detail. The below quote from the popular American journalist German Kent tells us a lot about viral marketing in mere words.

“One viral post can catapult your brand.”

The Current Story of the Web3 Space

The Web3 space has been advancing at lightning speeds in 2023 as it witnessed a massive recovery from the crypto winter, going as far as setting the foundation for the next bull run. With prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ether ($ETH) experiencing massive price appreciation in the latter half of the year, it is obvious that the entire space is set for a massive stride soon.

Bullish sentiments surrounding cryptocurrencies have driven other facets of Web3 toward stardom, including NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi), which have gained a lot within months. Many projects have reaped considerable traction during this time, including Pudgy Penguins (IP-based NFT collection), Sweat Economy (Move-to-Earn game), Rarible (NFT marketplace), and SyncSwap (Decentralized crypto exchange). Numerous projects dwell on the anticipated approval for cryptocurrency-based ETFs in the USA market that can make cryptos accessible to mainstream investors.

The Role of Promotions in Web3

With statistics indicating that roughly 4.2% of the world’s population holds cryptocurrencies in 2023, promotions do have a say in the Web3 space. The evolving nature of blockchain technology, alongside generic misconceptions, has been the reason for a small market base. Imagine thousands of projects vying for the attention of mere millions of crypto holders – this is where planned promotions come into play.

Marketing for Web3 projects has to take an informative tone more often in order to attract the wider population. This has to be done in order to pull in new people to the Web3 space, and projects succeeding in doing so often credit their success to extensive promotional campaigns. Such campaigns usually comprise multiple strategies utilized on multiple mediums to generate the maximum possible impact.

NFT Viral Marketing: A Less-spoken Strategy

While there are numerous promotional strategies that remain popular with Web3 marketers, we do not speak enough about NFT viral marketing for some reason. This strategy focuses on making NFT and Web3 projects go viral online in some way to bring in market exposure and a strong online following.

Viral marketing campaigns can be noticed by content forms online that are strikingly triggering some of our emotions like happiness, sadness, anguish, and plight. The tone of the content used empowers the campaign’s virality and, ultimately, its success. This strategy is not unique to the Web3 space – It has significantly impacted several globally renowned consumer brands’ positions and continues to do so.

But why do we say this strategy is less spoken of? Web3 viral marketing usually taps into existing promotional pathways, giving it more of an auxiliary status than a premier strategy. This tactic also comes with some unsaid factors that could seal the campaign’s results, which we will see in a later section.

The main agenda of viral marketing in the Web3 space is to drive people’s attention toward a project by making them talk more about it. The more they talk, the more market exposure is achieved by the project. Community building is usually seen as a secondary goal in this strategy, although efforts generally focus on adding people to the project’s exclusive community.

How Viral Promotions Elevate Web3 Projects?

Although viral advertising in the Web3 space looks easy on paper, it is much more intricate than what we get to witness. This strategy can be said to be the perfect example of clustered promotions, where multiple marketing strategies are employed to achieve the desired success.

Web3 projects benefit in steps through viral marketing that involves highly demanding campaign execution with high precision. The main aims of viral marketing include high engagement, increased footfall to websites and landing pages, increased community influx, elevated interest displayed through UGC (user-generated content), and, ultimately, higher sales.

These kinds of promotions also involve a factor of luck playing a significant role in their success. For example, a random marketing antic from an NFT project can become widely spoken about if it is noticed and shared by a prominent personality in the Web3 space. Remember Elon Musk’s passionate tweets about Dogecoin (back when he didn’t own Twitter/X) and the subsequent impact it brought to the crypto coin?

Viral marketing, in conjunction with other strategies, brings numerous benefits to up-and-coming projects, including an established market presence, enhanced online following, and strong community backing. And, yes, amassing record sales is the prominent goal, but other goals will help strengthen the project’s reputation in the competitive market.

Plan a Power-Packed NFT Viral Marketing Campaign to Achieve Infective Success!

Most-used Tactics in Web3 Viral Marketing Campaigns

As we had seen earlier, Web3 viral marketing campaigns consist of various promotional strategies that work across channels. Out of the gazillion tactics out there, only a handful of them are effective for viral promotions in the Web3 space. We will see some of them in detail in this section.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and LinkedIn can be utilized to spread a Web3 project. With multimedia features and the massive user base present in these applications, it is easier to gain popularity overnight with the right execution.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers using unique forms of communication and presentation can come in handy for NFT viral marketing for brands and enterprises. Their uniqueness can give a breath of fresh air to the project, leading to enhanced outcomes when matching with the target audience online.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content makes viral marketing campaigns break the roof, and tapping into these can elevate a crypto project’s stature and presence. Apart from gaining massive recognition from the wider market, projects can foster massive respect from their loyal followers. Such nuances lead to UGC promotions to supplement a project’s marketing campaign.

Real-world and Media Relations

As more people recognize NFT and crypto projects, tapping into real-world advertisements, events, and media outlets can bring out your project’s novelty to billions of people. Such traditional modes of communication have more potential to become viral – One just needs to offer a triggering and humorous catchphrase to see the results.

Video Marketing

Nowadays, videos make up most viral NFT marketing campaigns as platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are popular among the GenZ and millennial audiences. With such people being the target audience for most Web3 projects, videos that appeal visually and emotionally could do the trick if things align properly.

Native Ads

As an underrated viral marketing strategy, native advertising on search engines, crypto ad sites, and social media platforms could bring enhanced popularity to a crypto project. What it takes for such popularity is the content form and tone used. With ads supporting multimedia formats, it is essential for brands to tap into content and call-to-actions (CTAs) that excite users.

Risks Associated with Viral Advertising

While viral advertising for Web3 projects can lead to enhanced outcomes both in terms of reach and monetization, there are some inherent risks that one should consider before delving deeper into it.

  • Not all attempts become successful, as viral marketing depends more on people’s reception and general social media sentiments at that time.
  • Crypto viral marketing campaigns might attract negative attention if misunderstood by people owing to the existing perception of cryptocurrencies among some sets of people.
  • Even if a campaign attracts sufficient traffic and fanfare, not all of that will be converted into sales. People might be there just for the content and have no interest in buying Web3 products.

Which Trends Will Be Instrumental in 2024’s Crypto Bull Run?

Viral marketing has become a must-have promotional plan for every project in the Web3 space due to its massive potential. While any kind of Web3 project can tap into viral promotions, several Web3 venture types tend to enjoy more success than others owing to their target demographics. Here are some top Web3 business models that could have maximum impact out of this high-octane strategy.

  1. IP-based Creative NFT Projects
  2. NFT Businesses (Marketplaces/Launchpads)
  3. Crypto Coin and Utility Token Projects
  4. Real-world Consumer Brands
  5. Web3 Gaming Studios
  6. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Services
  7. Metaverse Applications
  8. L1 and L2 Blockchain Providers

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What is the Cost of Marketing Virally for Web3 Brands?

While it might not be feasible to seal the costs of promoting virally for Web3 projects, we can say that it could generally incur a few thousand to a hundred thousand dollars, depending on the duration and strategies employed. It also depends on whether a project opts for its own team in-house or outsources its viral marketing needs to an expert NFT marketing agency like ours.

Promotions through an In-house Team Vs. a Crypto Viral Marketing Agency

Viral promotions for a project through an in-house and a crypto viral marketing agency come with many differences. The former tends to be advantageous for projects as sudden ideas can be capitalized immediately, which is important for viral marketing. But, recruiting, training, and managing qualified professionals in-house might not be feasible for all projects, as it takes considerable time and costs.

On the other hand, a crypto viral marketing agency can offer coordinated services at any time as it comes with experienced professionals to execute several strategies flawlessly. Such companies also provide you with a special team to work with, albeit indirectly, to maximize your marketing efforts at a fraction of the costs incurred with an in-house team.


Henceforth, we have seen the fundamentals of Web3 and NFT viral marketing for businesses of all niches. With the crypto market going in a fully optimistic mode and NFTs making a comeback in terms of trading volumes, the need for viral promotions has only increased. If you are looking to execute a comprehensive Web3 viral marketing campaign, choose our professional marketers from Blockchain App Factory to maximize your chances of success and market recognition. Our experts come with both creative and proven ideas to advertise your Web3 products and services in ways your target audience can relate to seamlessly.

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