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TRON Token Development

TRON Token Development

TRON (TRX) is the most exciting aspect of the ever-growing phenomenon of decentralized applications (Dapps). It gives complete freedom to users for developing and issuing tokens on their own network and empowering their operations at every stage.

There are two basic concepts to keep in mind, TRC 10 and TRC 20. TRC10 is the token produced by the TRON blockchain on its network. While TRC 20 is the protocol developed due to the creation of tokens. It is executed with the help of TVM (TRON Virtual Machine) which is compatible with ERC20 tokens.

TRON Token Development Services

We are a highly experienced and trustworthy TRON token development company for creating your very own TRON token successfully. We develop all tokens ranging from ERC to TRC in a hassle-free manner. Hence, firms aspiring for successful token creation, ICO creation, and STO marketing can reach out to us. We possess in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and its vast range of applications for building your TRON token.

Our wide variety of TRON development services


We create decentralized applications for various businesses and entrepreneurs for trading cryptocurrencies easily. Safe and efficient trading experience is ensured through TRX (Tronix).

TRC10 Token

We build custom TRC10 tokens for your ICO project with tokens that are easily transferable, mintable and upgradeable in the smart contracts.

TRC20 Token

Our TRC20 tokens are highly compatible with the ERC20 tokens. Smart contracts enable smooth interface customization.

TRON wallet

We develop customized TRON wallets for managing the circulation of Tronix which is TRON’s native cryptocurrency.

Smart contract

We also program smart contracts on TRON using the Solidity programming language and make sure that it is free from any threats or vulnerabilities.

Decentralized exchange

We enable seamless and error-free trading for exchanging cryptocurrencies over the TRON network through our decentralized exchange platform.

API integration

We assist you in launching industry-scale applications with a wide variety of API’s offered by the TRON network to establish interaction among the different components of blockchain technology.

Understanding the meaning of TRC10 Token

TRC10 tokens have been made widely available ever since it was first released on the TRON mainnet. It has a flexible blockchain enabling an easy development process. It is free to use in most of the cases. Hence, investors find it a favourable option to use for their trading operations as it is compatible with most of the major crypto wallets. It pips decentralized file-sharing protocols by giving faster download speeds

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TRC20 Token Development

Analyzing the significance of TRC20 token

TRC20 token creates a viable ecosystem where developers can integrate several functions at once in a smart contract enabled architecture. TRC 20 is in fact analogous to ERC20.

It facilitates users to execute transactions in a hassle-free manner. The bonus distribution system works on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is blessed with a higher energy level and bandwidth than the TRC10 token enabling it to deliver a power-packed performance. The tokens can be transferred among users from TrustNote’s wallet to the regular ones easily.

Unleash Your Token on Tron Similar to Well-known Projects

Tron has become one of the go-to blockchains in the market due to its unique provisions and quick transaction speeds. Leveraging Tron token development services from us can be vital if you want to create a token project similar to some of the special projects in the space.

  • IGG

  • SEED

  • EGG

  • TWM

  • Poppy

Factors behind the infamous rise of TRON token

It is highly accessible on several native platforms and easily tradable on various exchanges. The tokens can also be used to avail services on other platforms. This solves the issues of buying various tokens on different platforms for using different kinds of applications or services.

The key features of TRON tokens are

  • Payments are processed securely through a peer to peer decentralized network. Token swaps and availing services of Dapps are also permitted.
  • Token holders can make use of data without any limitations
  • All the transactions that are executed on the platform can be easily tracked as they take place on a public ledger.
  • TRON wallets support a wide variety of operations systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
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