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The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) in the current world is characterized by several large-scale projects, although revolutionary moves don’t end there. Most AI projects leverage the advantage crypto tokens offer. As an established AI token development company, we understand their perspective, leading to the delivery of high-quality projects.

If you are planning to create AI token projects for your upcoming business, you’re in the right lane, as we can cater to every requirement of yours without compromises. Our expertise in using various layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains for launching utility-rich and secure tokens can be the perfect mark for your project to take off in the competitive realm.

High-grade AI Token Development Services from Our Team

Maximize your presence in the fledgling AI crypto token market with our excellent AI token development services. Our experts can help you comprehensively bring out your business idea in the best way possible using a combination of new-age AI and blockchain technological stacks.

  • AI Token Consultation

    Consult with our experts to frame your AI token project’s fundamentals to finalize the technology, token economics, market presence, and roadmap.

  • AI Token Development

    Develop your AI tokens on your preferred blockchain with our developers, ensuring all your needs are included within them using smart contracts.

  • AI Token Integration

    Integrate AI-based crypto tokens into your existing Web3 business with our experts to enhance your presence in the competitive business space.

  • AI Token Audit

    Test and audit your AI token smart contracts with us to ensure their security from all ends, providing users with the perfect crypto experience.

  • AI Token Listing

    List your AI-based crypto tokens on reputed cryptocurrency exchanges with our experts to gain the market exposure that can lift your business up.

  • AI Token Minting Platform

    Build an AI token minting platform with us to tap into a unique business model that aids up-and-coming projects to create AI-based tokens easily.

We Can Launch AI Token Projects like Market Leaders

Are you planning to capitalize on the booming AI industry as a crypto business? Launch AI crypto token projects similar to popular ones in the market with our experts to taste immeasurable success in no time.

  • The Graph ($GRT)

  • Fetch ($FET)

  • SingularityNFT ($AGIX)

  • Ocean Protocol ($OCEAN)

  • Chainlink ($LINK)

  • Numeraire ($NMR)

Pivotal Features Our AI Token Creation Services Include in Your Cryptos

Create your new-age crypto project with an ocean of features with our excellent AI token creation services to elevate your business from day one. Our professionals can aid you completely to unleash the best version of your novel business idea.

MintableLet your customers mint AI tokens at any time with the same features from a ready-made portal, enhancing your business prospects in the long run.

PausableOffer your project with provisions to pause token minting if you need to focus on other aspects or if users plan to proceed with transacting later.

BurnableCreate a token-burning mechanism to control the supply and availability of AI tokens in the market, ensuring your brand’s value in the long term.

CappedForm a cap on the maximum number of AI-based tokens that can be created to ensure optimal supply and demand, gaining increased value over time.

UtilityBestow your AI crypto tokens with a wide range of utilities and equities to enhance their value, establishing your brand’s presence in the market.

UnhackableDevelop AI tokens using advanced security measures and protocols to ensure full safety for your tokens, making them unhackable through any means.

AI Crypto Token Development Process We Utilize

Blockchain App Factory’s AI token development services team utilizes a comprehensive process to create AI token projects that can lead to the perfect start for clients in the Web3 space. Explore our workflow to understand how we bring novel ideas to reality with perfection.


Discuss your ideas with our experts, who can conduct the necessary research to bring an apt business concept based on your thoughts.

Token Design

Our professionals design various aspects of the AI token, including tokenomics, token standards, supply limit, and other mechanisms.

Token Development

Develop your AI project’s crypto tokens based on defined earlier documentation with our experts using advanced technological stacks.

Token Testing

Test and resolve the tokens’ smart contracts with our developers to ensure your tokens function as intended under most circumstances.

Token Launching

Launch your AI token project to the world after conducting extensive marketing activities comprising various mediums and strategies.

Maintenance and Support

Take our experts’ aid to conduct maintenance and release updates to ensure the token project remains secure and functional anytime.

Use Cases Your AI Token Project Can Focus on

Are you planning to create an AI token project catering to diverse use cases? Feel free to look at these fronts ventures are currently using to find some much-needed inspiration!

Hire AI Token Developers from Blockchain App Factory

As a reputed AI token development company, Blockchain App Factory prides itself on unveiling many novel crypto projects that serve AI-based businesses. Our excellence in utilizing blockchains, smart contracts, Web3 software development frameworks, and artificial intelligence makes us your prime candidate to realize your AI-based crypto project.

Our Blockchain Expertise for Creating AI Tokens

Technology Stack We Utilize for Your AI Token Project

  • React JS

  • Web3 JS

  • Node JS

  • Angular JS

  • Go

  • MetaMask

  • Truffle

  • Solidity

  • Rust

  • IPFS

  • Chainlink

  • Pinata

  • Mongo DB

  • Open Zeppelin

  • Ganache

  • Laravel

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Etherscan

Why Should You Choose Our Team for AI Token Development Services?

At Blockchain App Factory, we emphasize providing high-quality AI token development services for aspiring Web3 projects. Our combined expertise in blockchain technology and artificial intelligence can be the perfect reason you should opt for our services. From conceptualization to post-launch maintenance, we bring you the best in every step of your token development process. Get in touch with one of our professionals today to begin realizing your new AI-based crypto project!


Crypto tokens can benefit AI projects in several ways, including in-app payments, gamified reward distribution, and governance rights provision, alongside gaining brand value and market valuation.

Some crucial features of AI token development include minting, burning, capping, security, pausing, and utility. Making the best use of these elements can elevate your project to unprecedented levels.
Important AI token creation services we provide include consultation, token design, smart contract development, token testing, token launching, and post-launch support. Contact us to begin your project.
Popular use cases of AI crypto token development for businesses include data security, portfolio management, economic infrastructure, character creation, oracle solutions, and trading algorithms.

Blockchain App Factory is the best AI token development company that provides exclusive services for AI-based projects using advanced technologies to launch crypto tokens bestowed with utilities.

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