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We assist novel and worthy crypto projects to attain immense global reach through influential KOLs and influencers in the Web3 space. With the crypto market moving at astonishing speed, we, as a prominent crypto KOL marketing agency, strive to provide top-notch services to connect new-generation projects to niche-based KOLs across the world. By doing so, getting global recognition becomes an easy endeavor for you as more people opt for blockchain technology and its innovative products.

Our crypto influencer marketing agency’s roster of crypto, NFT, and Web3 influencers is one of the biggest in the world, exposing projects opting for our services to a wide range of individuals across domains and regions. With their assistance, you not only gain exposure to your target audience but also earn valuable engagement that will benefit your venture in the long run.

How Could Crypto Influencer Marketing Benefit Your Project?

Crypto influencer marketing has become a staple in the promotional campaign of every crypto project due to the diverse benefits it offers. With our prowess in promotions through influencers and KOLs in the cryptocurrency industry, you can seamlessly orchestrate a fulfilling and complete marketing campaign.

Our Suite of Services

Our crypto influencer marketing team provides a comprehensive suite of services that you can use to ramp up your project’s reach online. With a thorough understanding of the target audience and business niches, we carve a powerful influencer-powered promotional approach for your new crypto business.

  • Influencer Roster

  • Updated Social Algorithms

  • Campaign Management

  • Accurate Forecasting

  • Campaign Optimization

  • Brand Compliance

  • Regular Reporting

  • Influencer Coordination

  • Content Management

  • Paid Social Advertising

How We Find the Best Influencers for Your Crypto Project

Our skilled crypto marketers use several criteria to find and source the best influencers apt for your business. With our expertise, you can frame and execute a memorable and fruitful crypto influencer marketing campaign.

  • Follower/Subscriber Count

  • Content Engagement Rates

  • Authenticity of Engagement

  • Online Reputation

  • Type of Audience

  • Potential ROI

How Our Crypto Influencer Marketing Company Executes Fully-loaded Campaigns

As a seasoned crypto influencer marketing company, our experience in creating and accomplishing campaigns tailored to various types of crypto projects can go a long way for you. Our comprehensive network of marketing managers, content creators, visual designers, social media professionals, and marketing analysts makes your crypto marketing campaign perfect.

Creating and Managing Campaigns

We plan and monitor influencer marketing campaigns with full control.

Selecting Influencers

We choose the best influencers based on your crypto brand’s unique needs.

Optimizing the Campaign

We optimize your crypto advertising campaigns using multiple mediums.

Scaling the Campaign

We aid in scaling your influencer promotions based on your unique needs.

Analyzing and Reporting

We analyze and report your campaign’s performance to modify execution.

Social Media Networks We Use for Amplified Promotions

As pioneers in using digital media for crypto influencer marketing, we excel at using a wide range of popular social networking portals to make your project’s presence felt. With our strategized approach, you can easily promote your novel crypto venture and attain immense online visibility.

  • X (Twitter)

    We have known how vital X (formerly Twitter) has been to the crypto space for a long time. With an almost exclusive community for crypto enthusiasts, X presents an ocean of opportunities for influencer-powered promotions for your project. The focus is on byte-sized content, so we know how to maximize reach without speaking too much.

    • X sees an average of 1.7 million new accounts signing up each day, many of which include crypto-savvy individuals.
    • An average user on X spends over 30 minutes per day on the platform, making it a viable way for captivating promotions.
    • 84% of posts on X are replies, retweets, or quote tweets, signifying the importance of creating engaging content.
  • X (Twitter) Influencer Marketing Formats

    At Blockchain App Factory, we tap into X’s micro-content nature to present posts that resonate with the targeted audience with aid from unique influencers.

    • Engaging Content
    • Captivating Images
    • Interactive Media
    • Hashtag Presence
  • YouTube

    As a video-centric social network, YouTube has attained stardom in the 2020s thanks to the accessible internet and unforeseen global events. Now, you can rely on YouTube influencer marketing as the go-to option for your crypto projects to garner great recognition through visually stunning content formats. We know how to get people to your brand by hooking them up using attractive content.

    • YouTube is the second-most visited website globally, making it worth pursuing full-scale influencer marketing campaigns.
    • Users spend 28 hours per month on YouTube on average, presenting ample chances for your brand to promote its services.
    • Viral YouTube content can typically reach up to 100 million accounts in a single day, showing the way for crypto projects.
  • YouTube Influencer Marketing Formats

    At Blockchain App Factory, we craft and showcase the best video content for your crypto project, amplified by influential figures in the space who can be your brand’s voice.

    • Sponsored Videos
    • Brand Integration Videos
    • Paid Advertisements
    • Application Reviews
    • Special Offers
  • Instagram

    With its visual-first nature, Instagram has become a leading social network in recent times. With its emphasis on short-form content, the platform offers an attractive structure for crypto projects aiming to achieve a massive presence online. Now, you can seamlessly become a top-tier crypto project with a massive following.

    • Instagram has more than 2 billion active users, signaling a solution for crypto ventures searching for a solid follower base.
    • Instagram is mostly preferred by people between the ages of 16 and 34, the age group that consists of most crypto investors.
    • Ads on Instagram Stories can reach over 500 million people, making it a perfect idea for up-and-coming crypto projects.
  • Instagram Influencer Marketing Formats

    At Blockchain App Factory, we create and share intriguing visual content on Instagram that is uniquely appealing to the diverse user base and can elevate your crypto venture’s presence on the internet.

    • Stunning Visuals
    • Intriguing Content
    • Paid Ads on Stories
    • Optimized Profiles
  • Facebook

    As experts in leveraging the world’s most used social media platform, we can execute large-scale influencer marketing campaigns on Facebook. The application’s long-time presence and global user base make it a medium for many crypto businesses to attain maximum organic reach, enabling you to achieve your promotional goals with ease.

    • Facebook is projected to reach 75% of the global population by 2027, making it a fertile ground for crypto projects to gain reach.
    • Millennials make up over 49% of Facebook’s user base, allowing crypto projects to appeal to the new-age investor base with ease.
    • More than a billion people connect with businesses using Facebook every week, providing crypto projects a significant boost.
  • Facebook Influencer Marketing Formats

    At Blockchain App Factory, we offer world-class promotional campaigns using Facebook through multiple media formats to exhibit your brand’s presence among new-generation crypto enthusiasts.

    • Authentic Stories
    • Attractive Pictures
    • Responsive Support
    • Widespread Reach

Execute a Fully-rounded Crypto KOL/Influencer Marketing Strategy with an Expert Team!

Campaign Formats Our Blockchain Influencer Marketing Team Utilizes

Blockchain influencer marketing campaigns take various forms, which you can utilize to boost the presence of your Web3 venture in no time. Based on your project’s nature, we can help you leverage any of these formats to ensure utmost success and efficiency.

  • Native Recommendation

    Let influencers recommend your crypto brand in a natural flow based on their experience that resonates with their audience, allowing them to explore your project.

  • Brand Ambassador

    Forge partnerships with crypto-specific influencers to represent your Web3 brand officially, bolstering your venture’s presence on the internet through curated content.

  • Brand Collaborations

    Unleash jointly created content across social media networks, fostering meaningful collaborations with influencers and KOLs to promote your Web3 brand to the world.

Three Stages of Your Web3 Influencer Marketing Campaign

Maximize the impact of your Web3 influencer marketing campaign with a three-step process our experts have mastered. Gain the highest possible reach in the target markets and beyond with the comprehensive and proven process!

Stage 1


We devise an all-around strategy for your Web3 influencer/KOL promotional campaign through thorough business research and market analysis.

Stage 2


We conduct extensive promotions with influential figures using various content formats on multiple mediums, elevating your brand’s presence.

Stage 3


We monitor and analyze your KOL marketing campaign performance to improve the approach to promotions and the execution process in the future.

Exclusive Crypto KOL Packages from Blockchain App Factory

Experience the best of promotions with our comprehensive prowess in fully-rounded crypto KOL marketing while not worrying about price constraints. We respect the visions of aspiring entrepreneurs, making us create packages for projects of all scales.

Basic Starts from $5000
  • Sourcing influencers suiting your project niche
  • Finalizing the ideal influencer(s) fitting your brand’s needs
  • 2 X (Twitter) posts from influencer handles
  • 1 YouTube video from influencer channels
  • Beginning with regional influencers in the first month
  • Expanding to crypto-specific influencers from the second month
  • Daily reporting and weekly meetings
Premium Starts from $10000
  • Sourcing influencers suiting your project niche
  • Finalizing the ideal influencer(s) fitting your brand’s needs
  • 3 X (Twitter) posts from influencer handles
  • 2 YouTube videos from influencer channels
  • Starting with crypto-specific influencers in the first month
  • Proceeding with global influencers from the second month
  • Daily reporting and weekly meetings
Ultimate Starts from $15000
  • Sourcing influencers suiting your project niche
  • Finalizing the perfect influencer(s) fitting your brand’s needs
  • 5 X (Twitter) posts from influencer handles
  • 3 YouTube videos from influencer channels
  • Using regional/global/crypto-specific influencers from the first month
  • Daily reporting and weekly meetings

Our Crypto Influencer Roster

Utilize our rich pool of seasoned and influential crypto influencers to maximize reach for your upcoming project among your target audience with ease. Contact us now to connect with the perfect influencer!

Our Market Recognition

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How Can Our Web3 KOL Influencer Marketing Agency Execute the Perfect Promotions for You?

At Blockchain App Factory, we aid new-generation Web3 projects to gain extensive exposure in the global market amidst extreme competition. If you’re interested in utilizing our Web3 KOL influencer marketing agency’s prowess to elevate your business’s stature, speak with our experts to frame an exclusive marketing campaign preview catered to your niche and brand vision.

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Yes, using KOLs and influencers is necessary for any crypto project in the current market, as competition levels have grown immensely. With thousands of businesses across niches vying to gain market share in a still-evolving market, using KOLs and influencers with the correct idea can be crucial for a project to become successful.
Some platforms popular for Web3 influencer marketing include YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Community-based applications like Telegram, Discord, and even WhatsApp can be leveraged to facilitate interactive sessions that can build trust in a crypto business among community members.
Blockchain KOL marketing is essential for businesses based on novel models since they need immense efforts to reach the target market. Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) can convey your project’s mission to the target audience in order to provide valuable insights on the technical and non-technical aspects.
The cost of crypto influencer marketing services depends on the extent of the strategy used, the number of influencers and KOLs used, the mediums leveraged, and other related strategies employed. Our experts can provide you with a customized proposal based on your marketing requirements. Contact us to get yours today!
Blockchain App Factory is the best crypto KOL/influencer marketing agency that provides high-quality promotional services to clients based on various niches across the world. Our network of hundreds of esteemed influencers and KOLs can let you showcase your project’s voice to the world in a matter of months.
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