What is Polygon?

Polygon is a layer-2 protocol running on Ethereum that resolves the long-standing issue encountered by the Ethereum chain – Network congestion and higher gas fees. It was started in 2017 as Matic. It aims to transform Ethereum into an internet of blockchains like Cosmos and Polkadot while utilizing the robustness and security features of Ethereum. Polygon uses the Proof-of-Stake (POS) system, which results in the chain’s higher network speed and lower gas fees.

Why Develop an IDO Launchpad on Polygon?

With its overall experience with blockchain technology, Blockchain App Factory has gone leaps and bounds in developing applications on newer protocols like Polygon. Our IDO launchpad development on Polygon includes all the features that such a platform should contain while incorporating the elements of the Polygon blockchain. Our experts ensure that state-of-the-art technological practices are applied while developing your new IDO launchpad on Polygon. The outcome would be such that your IDO launchpad would not face network congestion even if a large number of users are present and lower transaction fees are incurred. This increases the amount of returning users and hence, builds a bigger user base.

Utilize Polygon’s Features to Become an Efficient IDO Launchpad Startup

Initial DEX Offering (IDO) - A Brief

IDOs (Initial Dex Offerings) are the tokens of assets represented through a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (DEX). The IDO method uses the decentralized nature of the exchange that the assets are held on, thus enabling a fund-raising portal without the involvement of any external players. IDOs have some huge advantages compared to preceding capital-raising techniques for crypto projects, such as the possibility of fast trading, having immediate liquidity, and being an open and fair process. IDOs support cryptocurrencies and some stablecoins.

IDO Launchpads - An Outline

An IDO launchpad is a platform that lists crypto-based projects, acting as an investor pool. Investors can search and buy tokens of the business project that they find impressive. The whole process uses the initial DEX offering (IDO) model. An IDO launchpad ensures that projects find suitable investors. Such launchpads allow business owners to enlist their aim to the wider crypto world. An IDO launchpad platform increases the possibility for a crypto business to be successful, as there will be a wider reach. Built-in automated liquidity pools ensure that the investors can cash out profits when they invest in the pool.

Benefits of Developing an IDO Launchpad on Polygon

  • An IDO launchpad on Polygon would have a higher user handling capacity due to the blockchain’s ability to process more transactions.
  • Such an IDO launchpad would incur a low gas fee per transaction as it runs on the efficient Polygon protocol.
  • Additionally, an IDO launchpad platform on Polygon would surely have the security and robustness due to working along with Ethereum.
  • Due to its popularity and Ethereum’s reach, there will always be projects that would require the services of your IDO launchpad.
  • Also, the blockchain aims to work interoperably with multiple blockchains in the future, hence making the IDO launchpad a profitable venture.

Make Your IDO Launchpad a Reality on the Widely Regarded Polygon

Features of an IDO Launchpad Developed on Polygon

Decentralized Fundraising Platform

An IDO launchpad developed on Polygon would function as a fair and decentralized capital-raising launchpad platform that instills trust in the investors’ minds.

Wallet Integration

Such a launchpad platform based on Polygon can contain an integrated crypto wallet or enable the connection of other crypto wallets.

Staking Levels

A Polygon-based IDO launchpad contains various lottery-based staking levels arranged according to the project levels so that no investor can feel left out.

Payment Gateways

Such an IDO launchpad would support multiple cryptocurrencies (such as BTC, ETH) and some of the newer stablecoins (such as Tether/USDT).

Multi-chain Working

Due to the chain’s developers planning for interoperability in the near future, your IDO launchpad can work in multi-chain and gain more investors.

Unique Features

Such IDO launchpads working on Polygon can have extra features such as auctions for NFTs, DeFi addons, governance opportunities to users, and more.

Whitelabel IDO Launchpad Development on Polygon

In conjunction with Ethereum, Polygon has become a formidable blockchain that tackles the prevalent issue of earlier networks. Several IDO launchpads have been developed and are running successfully on the Polygon network. Our Whitelabel IDO launchpad solution for Polygon uses all the advanced features given by both Polygon and Ethereum blockchains. Also, the ready-to-deploy platform contains all the basic elements of an IDO launchpad platform. Our team of developers has the capability to integrate all your requirements in your new IDO launchpad platform based on Polygon and put all the work at an affordable price. Our support teams work round the clock to ensure that you get all your queries resolved in a short time.

Get on the Driver Seat With Our Tailor-made Whitelabel IDO Launchpad Solutions for Polygon

Blockchain App Factory – A Successful Venture, Developing IDO Launchpads on Multiple Blockchians

We are one of the best firms in developing quality IDO launchpad platforms. The experts at Blockchain App Factory have seen everything unfold in the world of blockchains since the beginning and have taken lessons from each event in the blockchain world. Our proficiency in developing IDO launchpads on the Polygon blockchain comes solely through experience with other blockchain-based applications along with the drive to learn emerging technologies. We thrive on challenges, and we aim to bring your IDO launchpad on Polygon at the best quality possible by using efficient and proven development strategies.

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