What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is one of the finest P2E NFT card games developed on the Hive blockchain. This game was previously called Steem Monsters and was played as a 1-Vs-1 battle between a crew of monsters. Splinterlands has nearly a collection of 300+ cards, each with different stats, rarity, name, level, experience, and abilities. Players collect these cards (NFTs) to create their own powerful team and battle against one another to show their supremacy. Winners of this battle will gain in-game rewards. Each character can be combined to level up their abilities, experience, and tiers.

Splinterlands organizes various in-game activities, such as quests, ranked play, tournaments, etc., and players can participate in these activities to earn exciting daily rewards. They also play the game to earn card packs, rarity, magic potions, and its native utility token DEC (Dark Energy Crystal).

Develop your Splinterlands like P2E NFT Game

We assist you with shaping your own Splinterlands like NFT game, where your users can purchase, sell, trade, and hold digital collectible cards. Splinterlands is an advanced version of traditional trading card games like Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon. Being a play-to-win game, it assists gamers in earning a passive income by winning the games. For all the games they win, they will earn real-time cryptocurrency.

To further support the game operations, our game-cum-blockchain experts will help you in creating a native token for your game. Additionally, the game mechanics will be designed in such a way that these token holders will be incentivized with groundbreaking utilities. Similar to Splinterlands game model, we provide you with two imperative modes - Free Mode and Earn Mode. Players playing in free mode will not receive any rewards, while earn mode rewards them with real money, but players have to spend a little to enter this mode.

The Game Mechanics

Initially, the game starts in the Free Mode, where players can understand the game mechanics by getting trained.

During this mode, players cannot earn rewards or even participate in tournaments. They have to upgrade to Earn Mode to gain access.

It requires a small upgradation fee, as minimum as $10 USD, and players can pay this fee through fiat or cryptocurrency.

Here’s where the real game begins. Through this Earn Mode, players can procure packs, cards, lands, native tokens, join tournaments, trade assets, etc.

There will be two varieties of cards: Master Cards & Fighter Cards.

The Master Cards are powerful, and these Masters will belong to one of the six different elements. These Masters will call up their fighters, matching their elements to form their own team.

Fighter Cards are the front liners in the battle, and they will be either neutral or belong to some elements of the Masters. Once they are called, they will be ready to fight for their masters.

Players can begin the game by purchasing a starter pack which will consist of common and rare cards. These cards can only be used in battles and cannot be sold or transferred.

Forming the battle team is a crucial step in the game. Players have to strategically think before they make up their team.

Now, two battle modes will be available - Regular Battle & Modern Battle.

Regular Battle is a common type of battle where players have the freedom to choose any cards from in the collection. While the Modern Battle mode will restrict players to use only a specific set of cards. Depending on the interest, players can use any mode to kick-start their game.

Players can select a Master from their collection, select equivalent fighters, and can position them on the battlefield.

Once the Battle starts, it will take place automatically depending on the fighters’ stats, rarity, level, abilities, and experience.

Breaking Down Our NFT Traits


This denotes the cost of the particular card. Each Master/Fighter will have a unique cost and will be used while adding the team members for the battle.


This number denotes the physical power, speed, toughness, and health of a character.


This denotes the element that Master/Fighter belongs to and the rarity (Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary).


It shows the name of the character.


This represents the level of the card, and higher levels signify that it is a powerful card. Leveling up the cards will increase stats and unveils abilities.


It shows the experience gained by combating each other. The bar shows the progress to reach the next level.


These are exclusive skills or power that will help Master/Fighters battle.

Native Currencies in Our Splinterlands like P2E NFT Game - An Overview

The game will utilize two different native tokens, each having its own use case. Consider these 2 tokens as A & B.

Features of Splinterlands like NFT Game


Our adept blockchain professionals make the game highly interoperable by supporting an assorted range of blockchain networks.


We help you create an auto-battling feature where players simply need to choose their team, and the battle will be held automatically depending on their skills, levels, and abilities.

Modes of Play

Players can easily switch their gameplay mode depending on their requirements without any difficulties - Free Mode & Earn Mode.

Practice Sessions

Rookies in the game can make the best use of practice sessions to become an expert. It will help them understand the game better.

NFT Rentals

Users can rent their NFTs in the game. The funds and NFTs involved in the renting process will be highly secured by Escrow and smart contracts.

Native Coin

The game will have an indigenous token, which players can use as in-game currency to purchase assets and avail of exciting utilities.

Built-In Marketplace

The game will include a default marketplace that allows players to buy, sell, bid, and trade in-game NFTs.


A separate provision for events will be allotted where gamers can get to know about the latest events, tournaments, and other leagues planned in the game.

Multi-Language Support

The platform will have multi-language support to enable gamers from different countries all over the world to participate in the game.

Why Should You Develop Splinterlands like NFT Game?

Remunerative Model

Play-to-Earn has become a profitable business model as it generates income from various sources, such as token revenue, marketplace fee, sale of NFTs, etc.

Stand Out Unique

Play-to-earn is the current market trend. Developing your P2E NFT game will make you an early adopter of the trend and make you stand out from conventional NFT models.

Top P2E Game

Splinterlands is one of the top crypto games that has more than three million transactions per day, with nearly 400,000 players participating overall. Capitalizing on this market is the right choice.

A Robust Gaming Community

Community is the first priority when it comes to gaming. Build your strong gaming community by keeping the players engaged on-and-off the game.

Impressive Collabs

Building a good community will help you in collaborating with real-time brands, where rewards can be given in terms of discounts/coupons for their products/services.

How can Players Earn Through The Game?


Winning the games/battles in the tournaments (Earn Mode) will reward gamers with cryptocurrency/native utility tokens.

Daily Quests

Completing the daily tasks or sending gifts to fellow gamers (in specific festive/seasons) will enable players to earn exciting rewards.

NFT Flipping

Purchasing the NFTs at the lowest price, leveling up the characters, and flipping the NFTs at a higher price will make them earn good profits.

NFT Renting

Renting NFTs to other players will create a decent revenue stream for the lenders. NFTs will be returned automatically to the lenders after the stipulated time frame.

Burning NFTs

Burning the in-game NFTs will enable players to gain native tokens as rewards. These tokens can again be used to purchase other available assets in the game.

Benefits of Splinterlands like P2E NFT Game

Splendid NFTs

Our crew of adept artists and designers will create impressive NFTs with required attributes and make it a lucrative collectible to hold and, at the same time, use them in the game.

Immutable Ownership Rights

Since all the in-game assets are tokenized into NFTs, players can claim their immutable ownership rights for all their assets.

Cross-Chain Compatibility

Players can take their favorite assets to their desired blockchain networks as it supports an interoperable framework.

Good Revenue Stream

Gamers participating in the earn mode will receive cryptocurrencies as rewards, and these assets can be cashed out to gain excellent profits.

Easy Trading

The in-game collectibles of the games can be easily traded, bought, or sold with the built-in NFT game marketplace.

Splendid UI/UX

The impressive graphics and user interface in the game will provide a seamless and hassle-free gaming experience overall.

In-Built Shop

Apart from the card collectible, other game assets that are tokenized into NFTs can be purchased through the shop in the gaming platform.

How P2E NFT Games Make a Difference?

  • Uncompromised Security Protocols
  • Immersive Gaming Experience
  • Revenue-Generating Opportunities
  • Players are the Ultimate Masters
  • Safe, Secure, and Transparent Transactions
  • Future of the Gaming Industry

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