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Blockchain technology has evolved in many stages during its short existence, as proven by the high user volume. Such a rapid rise has found the technology wanting at times, demonstrated by user congestion and resultant gas fee hikes. Despite the arrival of scaling solutions, most businesses found the development process challenging due to the technicalities involved.

As a renowned Rollups-as-a-Service provider, we strive to reduce such hassles by offering layer-2 blockchain solutions crafted specifically per individual business needs. Our experts can offer you dashboards and SDKs to launch an application-specific blockchain solution without worrying about finding nodes and creating code.

Problems a RaaS Provider Aims to Solve

As a pioneering RaaS provider, we aim to revolutionize the Web3 industry by resolving major problems encountered by aspiring businesses due to the limitations of the current technology. Software Development Kits (SDKs) for current blockchain rollups require an intensive development process alongside specialized infrastructure, which is unaffordable to most businesses.

While the current technology lets you create apps on existing rollup-based blockchains, it essentially results in your business becoming yet another project in the public domain. If you are planning to advertise your venture as an exclusive one, that could be a problem. If you feel so, we have got you covered with our Rollups-as-a-Service solutions!

Our Solution: Rollup-as-a-Service Platform

To solve the pertinent problems businesses face, we bring you a Rollup-as-a-Service platform that you can tap into on the go. Our novel technology presents a plethora of benefits you would love to have as a Web3 venture.

Increased ScalabilityUse our RaaS solution to elevate your business’s performance by tapping into our infinitely scalable layer-2 blockchain infrastructure.

Reduced FeesOffer cheaper transactions and better experiences to your users by benefiting from our solution’s batch-processing mechanisms off-chain.

Tailor the RollupCustomize our roll-up solution to fit your business needs for supporting unique smart contracts, transaction types, and token standards.

Capture the MarketUse your own roll-up solution backed by our infrastructure to capture the market through various revenue and community-building options.

Inclusive Type of Services We Offer for Blockchain-native Projects

Leverage our experience in the blockchain industry by utilizing our infrastructural services catering to individual business applications. It’s now easier than ever to embrace pure decentralization as a business to provide user-centric experiences.

Our Extensive Suite of Rollups-as-a-Service Tools

Our excellence in unleashing solutions with our Rollup-as-a-Service is possible due to the advanced suite of tools we have developed. Immerse yourself in becoming an efficient business using our toolkit without compromises.

Configuration Panel

Configure your rollup with unlimited customization and unwavering flexibility with a functionally-rich panel to seamlessly deploy and control your network.

Node and API Infrastructure

Gain immense efficiency with our node and API infrastructure that offers balancing, scalability, military-grade security, and performance at optimal costs.

Pre-built Block Explorer

Utilize our customizable pre-built block explorer for managing extensive transaction data and extensive queries fueled by our strong data indexing protocol.

Data Indexing Protocol

Access smart contracts and the blockchain ledger in real-time with our integrated subgraphs and query mechanisms working on exclusive indexers and APIs.

Cross-chain Mechanisms

Integrate cross-chain bridges and advanced plugins to allow your new rollup solution to operate efficiently across various layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains.

Deployment Options

Opt for our business-grade rollup deployment services across global regions for your project, ensuring data compliance, low latency, and optimal expenses.

Technical Support

Get support anytime from our seasoned professionals, who can enhance your network’s scalability, performance, and availability to ensure optimal operations.

Migration Services

Migrate your customized blockchain rollup infrastructure with assistance from our dedicated team of developers without losing any data and facing downtime.

Looking to Develop an Efficient and Custom Blockchain Network with the Best Rollups-as-a-Service Platform?

How Can Our Rollups-as-a-Service Company Aid You in Launching Your Rollup?

As a renowned Rollups-as-a-Service company, we can assist you in deploying a world-class rollup solution catering to your unique business requirements. Don’t worry if you are a startup, enterprise, or brand – we have got you covered with our specialized services!

  • General and App-Specific Rollups

    Build generic and app-specific rollups with our high-quality RaaS provisions using mechanisms like Optimistic rollups and Zero-knowledge rollups in a flurry.

  • Quick Development and Launch

    Quickly develop and launch customized rollups from our pre-made blockchain solutions, simplifying the process involved using a wide range of tools and plugins.

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring and Support

    Easily maintain and upgrade your rollup layer-2 network with our monitoring and support teams and a special dashboard that presents all necessary information.

How Does Our Rollups-as-a-Service Work?

Experience new levels of seamlessness with a futuristic solution based on our Rollups-as-a-Service. Have all the comfort on the world as a business by using our high-quality development services backed by the best technology.

Project Onboarding

Quickly sign up with our Rollup-as-a-Service platform to tap into our extensive set of templates, SDKs, and plug-and-play tools.


Customize the roll-up solution based on your unique project needs by modifying security elements, processing capacity, and more.

Framework Integration

Integrate necessary tools and frameworks from our RaaS suite that enable your Web3 project to work seamlessly in the long run.


Maintain your Web3 application on the go with our RaaS’s technical support experts to ensure you an optimal working environment.


Upgrade and scale up your specialized rollup network with our professionals to keep up with market trends and business demands.

How Can You Use Our Rollup Solutions for Your Project?

Curious about how you can utilize our rollup solutions for your project idea? Well, our excellent products assure you that tapping into our RaaS provider team is easier and smoother than ever.

Migrate from L1s and L2s

Migrate your project from layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains without the heavy work of building infrastructure with our sophisticated and accessible RaaS solutions.

Alternative to Appchains

Develop a rollups-based environment for your project without the need for app-specific blockchains that can incur high expenses and technological requirements.

Integration with Existing Platforms

Integrate our rollups-as-a-service platform with your existing Web3 dApp to offer high-end user experiences coupled with high transaction speeds and low costs.

Why Choose Us as Your Trusted Rollups-as-a-Service Development Company?

At Blockchain App Factory, we deeply believe in the supremacy of Web3 technology and the wonders it can bring to the global population. Our Rollups-as-a-Service development company can unleash powerful blockchain rollup solutions for Web3 ventures across niches built using sophisticated and up-to-date infrastructure. If you want to operate a full-fledged rollup environment without having to handle complex technological elements, our RaaS provider team can provide you with excellent solutions that can be customized to fulfill your novel requirements. Get in touch with us for more information!


A Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) is defined as a ready-made solution that Web3 businesses can use to create an efficient operating environment for themselves and their users without having to handle complex technological infrastructure.
Opting for a Rollups-as-a-Service provider reduces costs as these solutions provide projects with support for the necessary technological stacks at a short turnaround that enables them to transition toward efficient operations seamlessly.
Our RaaS provider team utilizes a comprehensive suite of tools that include configuration panels, Node and API infrastructure, Whitelabel block explorers, data indexing protocols, cross-chain mechanisms, and support and migration tools.
The cost of using our Rollups-as-a-Service platform depends on your project’s unique requirements. Factors like the complexity of technology, the blockchains used, and the integrated mechanisms contribute to the overall cost of your rollup.
Blockchain App Factory is the best Rollups-as-a-Service development company offering high-quality RaaS solutions on major layer-1 and layer-2 networks catering to individual business requirements. Contact us to get a personalized quote.
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