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What is an IDO Launchpad?

An IDO (Initial Dex Offering) launchpad is a platform used for crypto project fundraising using decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEXs). These platforms take advantage of the decentralized nature of the exchanges they depend on for liquidity. IDO launchpads came up due to their benefits compared to the previous crypto offering models (ICO and IEO). Many successful crypto-based businesses today have been a result of IDO campaigns. IDO launchpads make it easier for newbie crypto entrepreneurs to traverse to the next level by exposing them to a welcoming and widespread investor community.

Get Your Ready-made White-label IDO Launchpad

A White-label IDO launchpad is a ready-made solution that has been built beforehand. This means the platform would have been tested extensively to ensure no flaws were present. The platform also offers a great deal of avenues to customize your ready-made IDO launchpad to match all your expectations. Our ready-to-launch IDO launchpad can be ready for operations within a short time while costing you only a proportion of what you might have spent on a platform from scratch. In a world where time and money are paramount (at least in businesses), it is essential to have a platform that can be readied quickly at affordable costs. Our readily-launchable IDO launchpad can fulfill a business owner’s dream by delighting their perspectives right from the start.

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Launching an IDO Launchpad – From Scratch Vs From a White label solution

Building an IDO Launchpad from Scratch White label IDO Launchpad
All the steps involved in developing a platform need to be executed here. We only need to customize the existing IDO launchpad solution with basic features.
Developing from scratch consumes comparatively more time. White label solution consumes comparatively lesser time.
Developing from scratch incurs comparatively more expenses. White label solution incurs comparatively lesser expenses.
You can decide on every facet of your IDO launchpad platform. You can customize all the user-end features available in the Whitelabel solution.
You will have a unique platform as a result. You will have a platform similar to a popular IDO launchpad.

Accelerate future crypto businesses with a ready-made IDO launchpad platform!

Develop Your IDO Launchpad Immediately

  • Firstly, you need to gather your ideas together, decide on the IDO launchpad venture’s features, and draft the project’s whitepaper.
  • Then, you should carry out front-end customization where you can change the user-end features on your new IDO launchpad platform.
  • Afterward, you should change the back-end features of the IDO launchpad platform according to the customizations made on the front-end.
  • Meanwhile, you must also integrate the platform into the required blockchain(s) and create the native tokens for the IDO launchpad.
  • Then, you should test the launchpad platform with all the customizations using various test cases. Resolve any arising issues immediately.
  • Now, provide initial liquidity to your IDO launchpad by listing your tokens on an external DEX or your own DEX.
  • Now, launch the platform for public use. Allow projects and investors to mingle to fulfill their goals and earn profits.
  • Listen to user feedback occasionally, and release upgrades for your IDO launchpad when necessary to keep up with the flow.

Features of Our White-label IDO Launchpad

Valuable Tokens

The tokens in our ready-made IDO launchpad will help in raising high amounts for entrepreneurs as they tend to possess a higher value and uses.

Staking Module

The multi-level staking module in our launchpad platform allows all kinds of investors and project owners to participate in project crowdfunding campaigns without any hassles.

Crypto Wallet

Our easy-to-launch platform can integrate multicurrency crypto wallets for easier transactions on your IDO launchpad. These can be built in or adopted from reputed external vendors.


Our White-label IDO launchpad solution complies with all the KYC/AML regulations, and hence, you can host a community full of people with good interests.

Liquidity Management

Our ready-made IDO launchpad has a strong DEX managed through automated liquidity pools, ensuring that the unavailability of tokens would not be a concern.


Our easily-launchable IDO launchpad platform can be seamlessly integrated into any blockchain of your choice, which means that multi-chain and cross-chain functionality are possible.

Become a crypto investors' haven with a quickly-launchable IDO launchpad!

Business Benefits of Our White-label IDO Launchpad

Diligent Vetting

The projects listed on your IDO launchpad platform will be fully verified beforehand through manual and automated modes, resulting in the community trusting your business.

Open Platform

Investors in your IDO launchpad venture can easily invest in their favorite crypto projects by buying the project’s tokens after knowing all the necessary information.

Support Businesses

By enabling future crypto startup projects to raise funds, your IDO launchpad business becomes a hub that strives hard to widen the ever-growing crypto universe.

Look Around Our Whitelabel IDO Launchpad

Our seamless Whitelabel IDO launchpad platform assists in effortless fundraising campaigns, while costing you a little of your time and monetary sources.

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Top Blockchains for IDO Launchpad Development


Ethereum is one of the legendary blockchains which has been in existence since 2015. The blockchain has the most trade volume so far due to its longevity. Most blockchain-based applications follow the ERC-721 standard or standards derived from it. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is instrumental in helping other blockchain networks to thrive.

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the parallel chain of the main Binance network, which is one of the most valued in the blockchain ecosystem. The network was initially released in 2020, and it has achieved what earlier networks could not – Achieve faster transactions at lower costs. This has made BSC a new favorite for businesses.


Known earlier as Matic Network, Polygon is a Layer2 solution developed on Ethereum that has achieved quicker transactions at economical costs. The network has been popular with many businesses, particularly those based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs), due to its swift response while existing upon the pioneer Ethereum main network. We should note that its tokens use the ERC standards.


One of the blockchains using the Proof-Of-Stake (POS) mechanism to validate transactions, Harmony has solved the blockchain trilemma of scalability, security, and decentralization. Although not very popular due to the lesser number of projects present, some famous NFT projects have their base on Harmony, which has raised many eyebrows.


Avalanche is one of the latest entrants to the blockchain world that has already gained massive recognition due to its high speeds and low transaction costs. Many experts have predicted that Avalanche might soon become second to Ethereum or even overtake it. A lot of exciting projects, including IDO launchpads, are present on the network, making it a busy place.

Why Should You Opt Blockchain App Factory for a White-label IDO Launchpad?

We, Blockchain App Factory, have been in the industry witnessing most of the crypto world’s advancements. Our experts have learned from every event in the dynamic blockchain world and continue to apply their lessons to the projects that we work on. Our expertise in developing perfect ready-made White label IDO launchpads has given us the confidence to verge into any blockchain to integrate your new venture’s platform. We also excel in other aspects of development related to IDO launchpads, including smart contracts, native tokens, and decentralized crypto exchanges to work as a seamless venture collectively. If you feel the need to know more about beginning your new IDO launchpad business, it is best to contact us now to start your journey of empowering fellow entrepreneurs.

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