Bitfinex Clone: The Ideal Option for a Crypto Exchange

The cryptocurrency market is attaining stupendous levels with every passing day, with new users entering the space all the time. Bitfinex has been one of the platforms powering the crypto financial revolution in the current day. With its support for multiple crypto and fiat tenders, a Bitfinex clone can be the perfect choice for people looking to run a crypto business.

Using our pre-built solution, launching a Bitfinex-like crypto exchange becomes easier, thanks to the app’s easy-to-modify nature. You can operate the exchange without any hassles at all times using its scalable and decentralized provisions while spending considerably less.

What is a Bitfinex Clone?

A Bitfinex clone is a cryptocurrency exchange software having similar functionalities to Bitfinex. We offer a pre-built exchange software with best coding standards. It has enhanced service quality with diverse crypto trading modes: Margin, Over-The-Counter, Derivative, and Paper trading.

Why Choose Our White-label Bitfinex Clone App?

As a well-developed and pioneer in blockchain technology, our company specializes in developing a creative, scalable and user-friendly White-label Bitfinex clone app.

Our pre-built solution is seamlessly accessible on both Android and iOS, effortlessly accommodating diverse users' work.

Benefit from a dedicated admin panel design, empowering you to effectively manage all application features in the software.

Unlock the potential for complete customization through our provided codebase, ensuring a tailored experience to users.

Enjoy the added assurance of a free bug support period, reinforcing the user reliability through our pre-made solution.

With meticulous deliverable management, we ensure a smooth and efficient process, seamlessly managed blockchain application.

Top-notch Features of Our Bitfinex Clone App

To stand apart from the competition in the crypto space, we provide some of the ultimate features that will make your Bitfinex clone app look unique and salient.

  • Margin Funding

    Securely earn interest on your digital assets with Bitfinex’s margin funding. Provide leverage to traders across diverse assets, while ensuring a tailored trading experience.

  • Derivatives

    Navigate the platform to trade derivative products, effectively managing the volatility risks associated with your digital tokens. Stay informed about upcoming derivative products.

  • Paper Trading

    Experience simulated trading with test strategies in a market environment mirroring the master account’s functionalities, all without depositing your real funds.

  • Corporate Accounts

    Explore your specific needs of professional and institutional traders including sub-accounts, expedited verification, and dedicated customer support.

  • Advanced Chart Features

    Our graphical trading experience with advanced charting functionality, allowing traders to visualize orders, positions, price alerts, and modify orders.

  • API

    Our Bitfinex clone script is crafted to seamlessly integrate with traders' products, ensuring access to the full spectrum of Bitfinex clone app features.

Revenue Models of Our Bitfinex Clone App Development

Bitfinex clone app development is a million-dollar business idea paving the way for multiple revenue generation streams and earns a huge ROIs.

Transaction Fees

Yield predefined fees from the users for each withdrawal or exchange of cryptocurrency or fiat currency within the platform.

Listing Fees

Enjoy charging a specific fee from the users for listing new cryptocurrencies or assets on IEO through our pre-made solution.

Margin Trading

Enable users to trade and exchange using borrowed funds, earn interest by offering margin trading services on borrowed amounts.


Monetize your platform by offering sellers prime ad space to earn profits with every click on their product advertisements.

Exclusive Benefits Of White-label Bitfinex Clone

Offering premium benefits, we make your crypto exchange business resilient, attractive, and highly advantageous for clients.

Our Bitfinex Clone Software Development Process

Bitfinex clone development process formulates a conceptual solution, crafting a set of requirements to address specific challenges. From inception to deployment, ensuring a comprehensive and effective development journey.



Initiating the product development journey, planning sets clear timeframes. Planning involves determining the necessary resources, and requirements.



Review, revise, and expand the schematic plans with our team of creative designers. While fulfilling users’ criteria needed for the development process.



We move to the development process of your product with our group of professional skilled developers like smart contract development and more.



Our testing team will ensure that the product is bug-free and works properly. The process includes both manual and automated testing to ensure quality.



Post-development and testing, our server team deploys the final product to the cloud/server. Users launch the application, providing valuable feedback.



We provide the best maintenance, ongoing support, and regular updates to ensure the efficiency, user performance, and flexibility of the software.

Why Should You Choose Blockchain App Factory For White-label Bitfinex Clone App Development?

Blockchain App Factory stands best in cryptocurrency exchange software development service providers with over 10 years of experience. Our dedicated team of blockchain experts thoroughly analyzes, ideates, and executes ground-breaking concepts for your blockchain products. Committed to delivering bug-free solutions for blockchain products, our team offers flawless Bitfinex clone apps. Our top-notch White-label Bitfinex clone app development empowers enthusiastic entrepreneurs to yield substantial returns on their investment.

What Are The Advanced Technology Stacks Used to Develop Whitelabel Bitfinex Clone App?

We utilize the advanced technology stack available to offer high-quality Bitfinex clone app development.

Web3 JS
Node JS
Angular JS
Express JS

Discover Our White Label Crypto Exchange Demo

Controlled Exchange

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User Demo

User : [email protected]
Password: Demo@123

Admin Demo

User: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Centrilized Exchange

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User Demo

Login ID : [email protected]
Password: 9f274281


View Demo
User Demo

Email : [email protected]
Password: 12345678

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Admin Demo

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456


Developing a Bitfinex clone software is completely dependent on the needs of your features, design, and functionalities. On average, our company delivers a cutting-edge Bitstamp clone app within a week.

Bitfinex clone stands unique by accelerating your business growth swiftly by integrating features like affiliate programs, liquidity APIs, margin funding and margin trades for better experience.
Indeed, we've developed a pre-built Bitfinex solution seamlessly fused with robust security measures, Anti-phishing, encompassing CSRF protection and more for enhanced protection and reliability.
Yes, you can get technical support 24/7 from our support team; our team provides the best customer support to strengthen your Bitfinex clone software.

Blockchain App Factory is among the best developers known for Bitfinex clone app development with unparalleled client service. We have served clients with our high-quality Bitfinex clone development.

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