What are Web3 Dapps?

Web3 Dapps (abbreviated as Decentralized Applications) are platforms based on blockchain technology. These applications could sometimes incorporate other elements of Web3, including virtual reality, augmented reality, internet of things, artificial intelligence, or machine learning. These platforms are based on computer programs called smart contracts that work based on conditions fed beforehand that should be satisfied by both user-ends for a transaction to occur. The first Dapp could be the legendary Bitcoin itself, as it is open-source, and transactions can be publicly verified while staying immutable. The rise of decentralized applications has been attributed to the encounters that centralized crypto applications had experienced earlier, along with the outburst of allegations of data breaches in Web2 tech giants.

Web 3 is an internet owned by users and builders orchestrated with tokens.
– Chris Dixon

Prominent Applications of Web3 Dapps

Financial Platforms

Decentralized finance (DeFi) applications such as decentralized crypto exchanges, platforms for lending, flash loaning, staking, insurance, and wallets benefit from the Web3 apps’ peer-to-peer nature.

Governance Platforms

Community governance platforms based on decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) for any business platform can benefit from these apps as they work extensively through smart contracts.

NFT Platforms

Platforms based on non-fungible tokens, including marketplaces and launchpads, can benefit from Web3 Dapps as using these ensures that creators and followers get closer easily.

Crowdfunding Platforms

Fundraising platforms based on Web3 Dapps, including launchpads for initial DEX offering (IDO) and security token offering (STO), can benefit as funds are collected directly.

Gaming Platforms

Web3 Dapp-based gaming platforms can attract gamers as there will be thriving ecosystems inside them, and in-game assets can be sold secondarily without trouble.

Metaverse Platforms

Virtual worlds where people can socialize as NFT avatars spending crypto tokens to lead lives digitally. These Dapp platforms also utilize VR and AR technologies.

Social Media Platforms

Web3 Dapp-based social networks can allow users to control their data entirely, including providing consent for marketing usage. They can be incentivized for various reasons.

Features that Any Web3 Dapp Must Have

Open-source Any Web3 Dapp will be open-source, meaning that the platform’s code can be viewed by its community, and changes can be proposed, which will be accepted through a voting process.

Incentivization Users of Web3 Dapps will be rewarded for their usage of these applications through the platforms’ native tokens, which will be generated through staking by end-users that count as contributions.

Protocol-compliant Every Web3 Dapp should have a common mechanism for proving transactions inside them. While older networks employ Proof-of-Work, newer networks use Proof-of-Stake, which consumes lesser energy for the same work.

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Advantages Provided by Web3 Dapps to the Community

Freedom of Information Web3 Dapps cannot be blocked abruptly on the order of central authorities as data is distributed around the blockchain network. Winning a referendum is necessary before such activities can occur.

DecentralizationAll transaction data generated in these Dapps will be stored in distributed digital ledgers. The data can be viewed by anyone inside the network, verified publicly, and cannot be hacked.

AnonymityMost Web3 Dapps require only the users’ crypto wallet addresses which will not reveal the identity of the people owning them. This ensures that privacy is never a concern.

No DowntimeSince these platforms run on distributed blockchains, there is a low chance of applications going down, even if parts of networks do not work. This enables people to use Dapps anytime.

Data ImmutabilityAs all data is encrypted on blockchains, hacking is unfeasible. Also, transaction data can be publicly viewed and verified by anyone on the network, which makes these Dapps more reliable.

Easy PaymentsWeb3 Dapps use crypto wallets built into them or that of users, which eliminates the need for intermediary payment providers. Note that transactions here are truly peer-to-peer.

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