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The crypto market has been traveling to new leaps and bounds that have fastened the transition to a decentralized economy. Crypto exchanges like Bitstamp have been instrumental in bringing people into the crypto space by supporting multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. What else might be better than tapping into our Bitstamp clone to launch an exchange for yourself?

With our advanced pre-made crypto exchange software, you can create a platform similar to Bitstamp quickly at a fraction of the cost incurred to build a full-fledged application. Our professionals can give your venture a much-needed boost by launching the exchange with all the features you need.

Highlighting Features of Our Bitstamp Clone Solution

Our Bitstamp exchange clone app has salient features that set you apart in the competitive market landscape. Our team emphasizes offering more advanced features and also focuses on giving a better user experience.

Client-Side Features

Intuitive User Interface

Experience a user-friendly interface designed for a seamless trading journey through real-time charts, empowered flexibility.

Multi-currency Wallets

Manage your assets securely with an integrated multi-currency wallet, ensuring efficient and hassle-free transactions benefits.

Adoptive Layout

Access Bitstamp clone platform consistently across various devices with its versatile and responsive design with flexibility.

Quick Registration

Effortlessly register your account on the platform using either your crypto wallet or via email ID for a swift sign-up process.

Admin Panel Features

Real-time Analytics Dashboard

Access in-depth information through a live analytics dashboard, providing a thorough overview of interactions and liquidity status.

User Account Management

Efficiently manage your user accounts with options for verification and moderation, providing administrators control and oversight.

Customizable Settings

Tailor the platform to your specific needs with customizable settings for trading fees, withdrawal limits, and security protocols.

Transaction Monitoring

Monitor your every transaction effectively through seamless oversight of the Bitstamp clone exchange’s performance and security.

Security Features

Two-factor Authentication

Enhance users account security with two-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of protection to user accounts.

Anti-phishing Measures

Utilize anti-phishing features to protect users from malicious hacking attempts, ensuring a secure trading environment.

Cold Wallet Storage

Safeguard user’s digital assets with secured cold wallet storage, while minimizing the exposure to online threats.

SSL Encryption

Ensure data security with SSL encryption, safeguarding user information and transactions against potential threats.

KYC Verification

Utilize the most effective Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures to authenticate the user’s identities prior to trading.

Encrypted Wallet

Employed with multi-tier security measures, the wallet has maximum protection, and deterring unauthorized thefts.

Advanced features

  • Smart Order Routing

    Optimize trades with efficient order routing, while ensuring the best execution across multiple liquidity sources.

  • Advanced Charting Tools

    Enhance market analysis with sophisticated charting tools, empowering users with comprehensive data visualization.

  • Liquidity API Integration

    Access enhanced liquidity through API integration, facilitating connectivity with external liquidity providers.

  • Push Notifications

    Stay stress-free with instant updates on crypto news and live prices through our push notification feature.

One Step Ahead in Developing Your Own Bitstamp Clone software

Simplified Whitelabel Bitstamp Clone Development

Experience a meticulous development journey for building your exchange from a Bitstamp clone, from in-depth designing to seamless integration of features. We ensure to provide a robust, secure, and user-friendly platform. Elevate your cryptocurrency exchange venture with our refined development process.

Prototyping and Design We begin with prototyping and design, then we craft an intuitive user interface to ensure seamless user experience according to clients’ needs.

Backend Development Then we progress to backend development to implement scalable architecture with professional developers to support the platform's functionality. s

Frontend Development Our efforts extend to frontend development, crafting a compelling and responsive user interface seamlessly aligned with the essence of your brand.

Testing The testing team rigorously assesses the developed platform, upholding benchmarks for security, and user experience to ensure unparalleled quality.

Deployment Deploy the Bitstamp clone software from us to make it accessible to users and ensure a smooth transition to the live crypto exchange environment.

Ongoing Support and Updates We provide the best ongoing support and regular updates to ensure the platform remains efficient, and aligned with evolving industry standards.

Work Flow of Bitstamp Clone Solution

Our Bitstamp clone solution has effortfless navigation of workflow, encompassing meticulous planning, precise prototyping, and the development of a resilient backend and responsive frontend. Our approach guarantees the creation of a sophisticated, user-centric Bitstamp exchange clone app customized to meet your unique requirements.


  • Users can visit the official website to register just by entering user name, email address, password, and country of residence. Once entering the details, tick the terms and conditions and click ‘Register’ for succeeding procedures.


  • Log in effortlessly by entering your details on the exchange platform, with the option to activate two-factor authentication for added security. Upon completion, users gain access to a myriad of features within their Bitstamp account.

Buying Cryptocurrency

  • Navigate the effortless process of buying cryptocurrency on the Bitstamp exchange clone app. First, begin with your transaction journey by choosing your preferred currency pair in our app for a seamless and secure purchase experience.


  • Participate in the world of staking on Bitstamp clone software. Stake your chosen assets, earn rewards and you can also have the option to lend your asset. Explore the potential of staking with our user-friendly and secure platform.

Analytic Charts

  • Leverage powerful analytic tools on our Bitstamp clone, providing detailed insights into market trends, trade histories, and liquidity status. Make informed decisions with user-friendly tools designed to enhance your trading experience.


  • Start trading cryptocurrencies using crypto currency wallet on the Bitstamp clone app. Users can check the feedback and rating of a seller for better sustainability. It also gives better trust to the users during the purchasing process.

Benefits of Our Whitelabel Bitstamp Clone Platform

Our Bitstamp clone solution has all the premium benefits, making it such an attractive and resilient crypto exchange business. These benefits are helpful in earning a better experience from users.

Multiple Payment Modes

Make it easy for the Bitstamp clone platform users with multiple payment mode options. Choose your preferred option and execute trades seamlessly using digital wallets, or credit cards. Tailor your trading experience to your liking.

Easy to Use

Accessing a crypto trading platform like our Bitstamp exchange clone is hassle-free. Easily grasp the process and swiftly navigate buying and selling cryptocurrency with our user-friendly interface, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Advanced Platform

Bitstamp clone software provides traders with a better trading experience with advanced features and trading forms. We design advanced trading features and enhanced modules to give a user-friendly experience while using the platform.

Less Trading Fees

Tailoring to user needs, our platform minimizes trading fees in alignment with business requirements. This low-fee system ensures both affordability and a consistently high-quality product, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

High Liquidity

Our Bitstamp clone software guarantees users a friendly interface and offers very high liquidity in seamless cryptocurrency transactions. It benefits fostering a seamless and efficient experience for those engaging with the platform.

Why Choose our Whitelabel Bitstamp Clone Software?

Blockchain App Factory stands as a distinguished service provider in crypto and blockchain, bringing forth extensive expertise garnered over many years. Our portfolio boasts the delivery of over 10 highly sought-after Bitstamp clone apps, each yielding optimal outcomes for our esteemed clientele. Renowned as experts in the field, we specialize in furnishing bug-free enriched with advanced and secure features.

In a matter of days, users can materialize their exchange platform visions, mirroring the success of Bitstamp. The hallmark of our development process lies in its adaptability to the unique business requirements of our clients, ensuring a tailored and efficient approach that aligns seamlessly with their objectives and aspirations. Trust Blockchain App Factory for a transformative experience in bringing your cryptocurrency exchange dreams to fruition.

Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Demo

Controlled Exchange

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User Demo

User : [email protected]
Password: Demo@123

Admin Demo

User: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Centralized Exchange

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User Demo

Login ID : [email protected]
Password: 9f274281

P2P Exchange

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User Demo

Email : [email protected]
Password: 12345678

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Admin Demo

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Pricing Packages

Binance Competitor
Coinbase like
Controlled Exchange
White labeled Exchange Software
Fully Secure blockchain based
Support included 1 Year 6 Months
FREE brandable Whitepaper
FREE setup in your private cloud
GDPR compliant
Bitcoin deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
Ripple deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
Litecoin deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
Bitcoin Cash deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
Ethereum deposit, withdraw, buy and sell
Buy orders based on conditions
Sell orders based on conditions
Trade between users
API Integration
Trade Matching Engine
Paypal deposits for customers
Stripe deposits for customers
Change Transaction Fees for buy and sell
Detailed Reports with filters
Multi cryptocurrency Support
Multisignature Wallet
Highly Customized UI/UX
Multi-Language Support
Anti-Phishing Code
CSRF & SSRF Protection
Elliptic-curve cryptography Wallet
DDoS protection,X-XSS-Protection
HTTP Public Key Pinning CSP Protection
BAF Blockchain Experts Support for your exchange
Advanced Exchange Views
Payment Gateway Integration
SEO/SEM Enabled
Integrated Referral Program
2 Factor Authentication
DDoS protection, X-XSS-Protection, HTTP Public Key Pinning and CSP Protection
Support Tool for Exchange Users
USD EUR Bank Deposit & Withdrawal Support
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Bitstamp's cryptocurrency exchange boasts an intuitive interface, simplifying trading for users. This peer-to-peer platform prioritizes user security, implementing robust protocols to safeguard user details effectively. With swift transaction execution, Bitstamp accelerates the trading workflow, enhancing overall efficiency.

Experience peace of mind with escrow security, a fortified payment gateway, registry lock, two-factor authentication, KYC/AML verifications, and secure token exchange. The platform prioritizes robust security measures for user confidence and protection.
The cost of developing a Bitstamp-like app varies, influenced by factors such as customization, chosen tech stack, intricate integrations, and more. The pricing structure reflects the unique requirements and complexities of each development project.
Comprising skilled professionals, our Bitstamp clone software development team brings together business analysts, UI/UX designers, Android, iOS, and Web developers, QA engineers, and a dedicated project manager to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive development process.

Undoubtedly the premier Whitelabel Bitstamp clone developers in India, Blockchain App Factory has catered to diverse industries, satisfying a vast clientele with unparalleled services. Their expert team of blockchain developers excel in developing Bitstamp clone solutions.

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