Launch Your dYdX Crypto Exchange Clone

dYdX is a leading crypto exchange platform that currently supports perpetual trading. dYdX is backed by the Ethereum blockchain and runs on smart contracts which provide the benefits of trading without any intermediaries.

We offer a dYdX clone, which is a pre-built decentralized exchange software that exhibits the exact functionalities and features of the top trading platform, dYdX. With existing features, you can customize the software according to your needs. This flexibility of the system allows young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. Moreover, the software will provide a unique trading experience by allowing users to buy, sell, and lend digital assets. We have a pre-made solution that can be used to deploy a dYdX clone into the market within a week.

Salient Features of dYdX Clone Development

Our dYdX clone development has a salient set of features, making it a very powerful and flexible decentralized finance platform for entrepreneurs.

  • Margin Trading

    Our dYdX clone facilitates secure margin trading, empowering users to enhance positions by borrowing funds and ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Flash Loans

    Our dYdX clone pioneers flash loaning opportunities, enabling instant collateral-free borrowing, with repayment required within a single transaction block.

  • Stop Losses and Limits Order

    Our software supports limit orders and stop losses, and minimal risk. It is a stop-loss order that closes positions at a set percent loss.

  • Sustained Swaps

    Perpetual swaps allow users to trade cryptocurrency derivatives without expiration, mimicking traditional futures for perpetual speculation.

  • Smart Contract Implementation

    We help you to implement highly secured smart contracts under blockchain technology. Providing users with smooth and easy transactions.

  • Multiple Crypto Pairing

    Now, users can leverage multi-crypto pairing to securely and efficiently trade with a variety of approved cryptocurrencies.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    Our two-factor authentication ensures peace of mind against unexpected breaches. Enhance security in BTC wallet transactions with 2FA.

  • Instant Notifications

    Delivers instant alerts to traders, revealing optimal trading pairs with precise cryptocurrency recommendations for seamless exchanges.

Distinct Security Features of Our dYdX Clone Development Services

We provide strong protection against cyberattacks by implementing high-end security features.

End-to-End Encryption

Utilizing End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) ensures exclusive access to transaction data and decryption keys, limited to authorized users.

Jail Log-In

Jail Log-In is a fundamental security measure that temporarily holds the user after multiple failed attempts for enhanced protection.

SSL Protocol

SSL Protocol, a cryptographic technique, ensures the privacy of transactions between two users, safeguarding sensitive information.

Anti-DDOS Protection

We integrate ADDoS protection, anticipating and eliminating vulnerabilities while permitting only legitimate requests for security.

How Does the Whitelabel dYdX Clone Work?

With the best team of developers, you can have a splendid working dYdX clone while enjoying the trading.

No Signup/KYC

Due to the absence of intermediaries on the DEX platform, users can initiate trading without the need for sign-ups or KYC verification.

Connect Wallet

Users effortlessly link their wallets via browser extensions such as MetaMask or Coinbase in our DEX, ensuring secure asset storage.

Set Your Order

DEX platforms universally facilitate crypto-to-crypto trading, empowering users to execute orders for seamless crypto exchange.

Wallet Transaction

Upon an order, requested crypto is deposited into users’ wallets. Transactions can be canceled at any time, returning the debited amount.

Our Company Also Offer Several Other DEX Clone

We not only excel in developing dYdX clones, but we already have a lot of decentralized exchange clones that help entrepreneurs make good revenue.

Why is Blockchain App Factory a Leading Company for dYdX Clone Development?

Blockchain App Factory stands out as a premier dYdX clone development company specializing in crafting automated decentralized finance trading solutions for clients. Our team of adept blockchain professionals has meticulously engineered a dYdX clone, integrating cutting-edge features and technologies. Blockchain App Factory is the ideal place for your own crypto businesses.

  • Blockchain smart contracts

  • Atomic swapping

  • On-time delivery

  • High-volume revenue

  • No intermediaries

  • 24/7 technical support


Costs vary based on factors like integrated features and project timelines. Connect with our experts for precise details on your dYdX clone.
We will help you start your own fully operational business quickly with our reliable decentralized exchange clone development.
Our dYdX clone, developed by skilled blockchain experts, integrates the latest security protocols, ensuring a breach-free platform.
A decentralized exchange clone operates through smart contracts, facilitating, confirming, and recording transactions on a distributed digital ledger.
People flock to decentralized exchange clones for security, and other reasons, including minimal hacking risk and freedom from market manipulations.
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