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ZK Rollup Layer-2 Scaling Solutions Provider

ZK (Zero-Knowledge) rollups have emerged to be highly efficient scalable solutions for layer-1 blockchains. ZK rollup scaling solutions verify transactions off-chain and show only the proof of validation to process them on the main network. Such networks’ need has skyrocketed, given the high user volume on major layer-1 blockchains like Ethereum and the long waiting times offered by existing layer-2 networks based on Optimistic rollups.

As a renowned ZK rollup layer-2 scaling solutions provider, we deliver high-quality blockchain solutions to projects aspiring to maximize their potential in the Web3 market. Our experts can aid you right from the start and offer continuous support even after the ZK rollup network is launched for public use.

Problems ZK Rollups Technology Solutions Solve

ZK rollups technology solutions we create resolve some of the stiffest problems encountered in the current blockchain space. Our usage of Zero-Knowledge technology while building your layer-2 blockchain lets you get rid of the disadvantages encountered under conventional layer-1 blockchain environments.

  • Low Scalability

    ZK rollups process multiple transactions as bundles, reducing the workload on layer-1 networks and resolving their scalability issues.

  • High Processing Costs

    Zero-Knowledge rollups utilize bundled transaction processing, resulting in reduced gas costs and processing and storage requirements.

  • Privacy and Trustability

    These rollups remain verifiable publicly while not revealing sensitive data, enhancing their reliability and privacy-focused nature.

  • Slow Processing

    Main chains are often slow due to their limitations, and ZK rollups offer improved processing by showing only the proof of validation.

  • Burden on Main Chains

    ZK rollup networks use off-chain elements for processing transactions into batches for verification, reducing the burden on main blockchains.

  • Interoperability

    Zero-Knowledge rollups can promote interoperability by aggregating transactions from multiple blockchains and processing them together.

Solutions ZK Rollups Development Provides

ZK Rollups Development arises as the answer to solve the problems presented by the modern-day blockchain technological space. With a groundbreaking working model and low maintenance nature, ZK rollups are poised to offer businesses like yours more efficiency than ever before.

Our ZK Rollup Blockchain Development Company Offers These Services

With the techie fandom for ZK-based blockchains increasing to new extents, our ZK rollup blockchain development company strives to offer quality services for our clients wishing to tap into such advanced technologies for better efficiency and market outreach.

ZK Rollups Development ConsultationDiscuss the business prospects of using a ZK rollup scaling solution for your project with our experts using market data and predictive analysis.

ZK Rollup Blockchain DevelopmentTap into our ZK rollup blockchain development expertise to create your own ZK rollup-based network on a layer-1 network to ensure high efficiency.

ZK Rollup Smart Contract DevelopmentBuild the foundation for your new Web3 project with our ZK rollup smart contract development skills to ensure quality and efficient operations.

ZK Rollup Smart Contract AuditCheck the safety of your smart contracts with our expert audit services to troubleshoot errors and ensure a secure working environment for your venture.

ZK Rollup Application DevelopmentLaunch Web3 platforms on existing ZK rollup blockchains loaded with features and functionalities, complemented by top-notch processing and low gas.

Maintenance and SupportUtilize our professional services to maintain and upgrade your ZK rollup blockchain or application to stay strong with the latest market trends.

ZK Rollup Deployment for Your Own Ethereum L2 Network

You can now utilize our ZK rollup deployment excellence to create your own Ethereum-based layer-2 network. Our experts can leverage world-class technologies to unleash enterprise-grade ZK rollup blockchain solutions for your needs.

Launch On-the-GoYou can deploy your ZK rollup L2 network on Ethereum on the go without any hassles with our experts, who can bring your needs to reality.

Easy to MaintainWe offer 24 x 7 x 365 technical support apart from high-level maintenance services, which can aid your ZK rollup L2 solution to level up.

Safe and ScalableZK rollup networks we develop on Ethereum are highly scalable and safe for projects due to the sophisticated technological stacks used.

Our ZK Rollups Development Solutions with EVM Compatibility

Build highly efficient ZK Rollups Development solutions compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for enhanced functionality. Our experts can craft solutions that offer varying levels of EVM compatibility and performance per your business requirements.

Fully Ethereum Equivalent

Create ZK rollup solutions that can scale the Ethereum layer-1 and other rollup networks while having longer proof generation times.

Fully EVM Equivalent

Develop ZK-proof blockchains compatible with almost all Ethereum-based business applications while having long proof generation times.

Almost EVM Equivalent

Build zero knowledge networks with fast proof generation that are compatible with most Ethereum-based decentralized business applications.

High-Level-Language Equivalent

Unveil ZK rollup solutions with the fastest proof generation that can be made compatible with your business application on Ethereum.

How Our Zero-Knowledge-Proof Blockchains Work

We focus on creating zero-knowledge blockchains that are efficient from the word go while offering seamless proof generation capabilities. They accomplish high-octane operations for decentralized applications using a small but effective process.


Compiling Environment

The compiling environment lets you execute zkEVM smart contracts that take into account the initial state and the current transaction after inputting a new transaction.


Proof Generation

Here, the prover forms proof using pre-state, post-state, and transaction inputs without any knowledge of what the EVM code had compiled or any information present.


Transaction Verification

ZK rollups send verification requests to the main Ethereum L1 blockchain without revealing the actual EVM code or sensitive information that gets verified on-chain.

Hire ZK Rollup Developers

Our experienced developers can bring phenomenal ZK Rollups Development solutions that offer efficient functionality for your business. Hire ZK rollup developers from our company to tap into all zkEVM networks to enhance access to your venture across a wide range of blockchains!

Why Choose Us as Your ZK Rollup Technology Solutions Provider?

As a globally recognized ZK rollup technology solutions provider, we aim to unleash ZK-proof networks that process transactions efficiently while remaining compatible with Ethereum L1 and EVM networks. Work with us to develop layer-2 rollup solutions based on zero-knowledge proofs that cater to all your exclusive business needs. We provide you with high-quality solutions backed by extensive industry experience, sophisticated technological stacks, and an innovative approach to development.


ZK Rollups Development is the process of creating layer-2 networks that use the zero-knowledge mechanism to create proof of transactions that will be verified on the main networks. Popular ZK rollup networks include zkSync, Loopring, Starknet, ZKSpace, and Aztec.

We offer a suite of ZK Rollups Development services for clients, including consultations, blockchain development, smart contract development, smart contract audit, application development, and maintenance and support. Contact us to know how you can use our expertise.
ZK rollups use the proof of transactions generated off-chain to verify on the main chain. In contrast, optimistic rollups assume that all transactions are genuine with a challenging period open where transactions’ validation can be challenged and changes can be made.
ZK rollup deployment offers several benefits, including fast processing, low gas costs, heightened security, high scalability, and interoperability. These networks can be used to make individual business operations more seamless, letting you garner market popularity.

Blockchain App Factory is the next ZK rollup blockchain development company that offers world-class ZK rollup technology solutions. We excel in all facets of creating and deploying ZK-proof L2 blockchains loaded with elements that enhance your Web3 business presence.

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