Presenting Bitcoin Ordinals Wallet Development for Global Projects

The surprising surge of Ordinals protocol in the Web3 space has made the market more diverse than ever. Bitcoin Ordinals wallet development is one of the business models that has sprung up to cater to the needs of the evolving market. You can take advantage of the growing market with our exquisite services.

As a trusted provider of Bitcoin Ordinals wallet development services, we strive to launch efficient solutions that allow people to buy, store, and transact Ordinals-based tokens easily. Utilize our top-notch services to become a revered Ordinals wallet project in the global Bitcoin ecosystem!

Launch a Bitcoin Ordinals Wallet Solution Similar to Famous Apps

If you are planning to build a Bitcoin Ordinals wallet solution for business, consider tapping into the working models of existing applications to ensure better prospects. Our professionals can make sure to integrate elements from such platforms into your wallet app quickly.

Ordinals Wallet
XVerse Wallet
Sparrow Wallet
Unisat Wallet

Impressive Features of Our Ordinals Wallet Development Solution

Make your brand new Ordinals wallet development solution top the market charts by instilling an ocean of user-friendly features in it. Our experienced developer team can include elements you want to make the application functional to the core.

  • User Profile

    Your users can view their Bitcoins, Ordinals, and BRC-20 tokens from an easy-to-access portal alongside options to access other in-app features.

  • Multi-factor Authentication

    Provide top-end security for your wallet by providing multi-factor authentication powered by a combination of safety procedures while logging in.

  • Integrated Bitcoin dApps

    Allow users to instantly access various Bitcoin-native dApps like exchanges and marketplaces within a click from your Ordinals-based wallet solution.

  • Complete Token Support

    Offer support for various Bitcoin-native tokens, including BTC, Ordinals, and BRC-20, to open opportunities for users to purchase various assets.

  • Token Exchange

    Enable users to buy and trade various tokens based on the Bitcoin blockchain through an in-app exchange to make the process smooth and seamless.

  • Transaction History

    Provide users with a way to view the history of their transactions made using their wallet, allowing them to ensure the safety of their accounts.

Comprehensive Benefits of Ordinals Wallet dApps We Build

Utilize the goodness Ordinals wallet dApps provide by building one with our seasoned team of developers. We ensure to include the combined benefits of the Bitcoin blockchain and crypto wallets for your project with the highest quality possible.

Military-grade Security

Provide enhanced security from both user and admin ends by including several top-level safety elements that ensure optimal experiences for users.


Offers a seamless and sleek experience for users to access and exchange Bitcoin-based cryptos at all times, irrespective of blockchain congestion.


Keep crypto tokens of users in their custody without third-party involvement to ensure complete decentralization of the wallet and user satisfaction.

Protection from Scams

Protect users from falling victim to scams using advanced analytics and security tools using sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Why Choose Our Ordinals Wallet Development Company for Your New Venture?

At Blockchain App Factory, we emphasize bringing high-quality wallets supporting tokens across the Bitcoin ecosystem. As an esteemed Ordinals wallet development company, we understand and unleash the best of our capabilities to launch Ordinals-based wallet solutions that cater to your personalized business needs. To begin building a new Bitcoin Ordinals wallet solution, connect with one of our experienced professionals today!


An Ordinals wallet solution supports various kinds of Bitcoin-native tokens such as BTC (Bitcoin’s native currency), BRC-20 (fungible tokens), and Ordinal Inscriptions (non-fungible tokens).

A Bitcoin Ordinals wallet app comes with prominent features like a user profile, MFA, integrated access to Bitcoin-based dApps, token exchange, and transaction history, which benefit users.
Examples of popular Ordinals wallet applications include Phantom, XVerse, Leather, Unisat, and Ordinals Wallet. You can even build one similar to these for better prospects in the market.
The cost of developing an Ordinals wallet for business depends on many factors, like the token standards supported, the nature of user interfaces, and integrations with external Bitcoin dApps.

Blockchain App Factory is a top-ranked Bitcoin Ordinals wallet development company that offers excellent services for clients worldwide to launch their own featureful Ordinals-based wallets.

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