What is a Leverage and Margin Exchange?

Leverage and Margin Trading is the hottest way to make profits in the cryptosphere in 2020! By depositing a minimal amount or margin, traders can borrow additional funds or leverage from the exchange and extend their position exponentially!

We create crypto margin trading platforms that come with trendy features and security protocols. Additionally, our excellent team of developers uses the best software to build exchanges that are modular and scalable.

How Does Leverage Trading Work?

In a nutshell, crypto leverage trading refers to the process using borrowed funds to increase the order volume synthetically and derive maximum profits. Cryptocurrency exchanges have begun lending traders with leverage funds that they can borrow on depositing a margin amount, which is usually just a fraction.

For example, if a trader wants to purchase 150 Bitcoins priced at $10,000 each, then they will have to shell out a whopping sum of $1.5 million, which is impossible. But, in a leverage and margin exchange, a trader can simply deposit a margin of 1 BTC and acquire a position of 150 BTC! In this scenario, if the price of Bitcoin increases to $11,000, the trader makes a profit of $150,000 instead of just $1,000. This way, the trader can increase his or her profit by 150x!

What Are The Advantages Of A Leverage And Margin Exchange?

Using our whitelabel leverage crypto exchange software, you will be able to build a platform that proves to be very advantageous.

Boost Returns

By placing a minimum amount, traders will be able to net maximum profits! Exchange owners also have the opportunity to earn big returns through transaction fees and deleveraging!

Reshuffle Capital

Exchange owners can put the unutilized funds in reserve to work and earn steady returns by allowing traders to leverage.

Perennial Earning Opportunity

Whether the market is bullish or bearish, leverage and margin trading ensures that traders are constantly speculating and hungry for huge profits, which means more business for you!

We Offer Next-gen Leverage/Margin Crypto Exchange Solutions!

The next frontier for cryptocurrency exchange development is leverage-margin trading, which is a win-win feature for both the customer and the exchange owner.

By depositing a minimum amount or margin, traders can increase their position tremendously by borrowing funds or leverage from the exchange for a fixed fee. This way, your customers can maximize their profits by placing orders for 100 BTC by simply leveraging just 1 BTC!

For the exchange owner, this means a 100x increase in the total amount of fees earned on every order placed!

Here’s How Much You Can Earn!

By charging a transaction fee as little as 0.05% to customers for a leverage of 100 BTC on a margin of just 1 BTC, you can comfortably earn $500 on every order.
Thus, for every 100 orders, you will earn,

Daily Earnings

Monthly Earnings

Annual Earnings

As the exchange owner, you can increase the transaction fees at any time and maximize your profits exponentially.

In the ever-changing cryptocurrency market, leverage-margin trading is a must-have feature for any crypto exchange wishing to take their business to the next level. Blockchain App Factory offers GDPR-compliant exchanges that are equipped with cutting-edge features like:

  • Customizable leverage and margin limits
  • 100% Liquidity
  • Completely Insured Assets (UBS Custodian)
  • Social trading, Copy trading, Auto Trading Options
  • In-built Marketing Tools
  • Secure Payment Processing with support for credit/debit card and wire transfer
  • And much more!

Deliver A World-class Experience With Cutting-edge Features

We build intuitive Bitcoin and crypto margin trading exchanges loaded with premium features that give you a competitive advantage.

Perpetual Contracts

Set the index price and margin limit when lending leverage funds to users.

Auto Deleveraging

Automatically liquidate traders’ positions once they hit the predefined bankruptcy limit.

Risk Management

Allow traders to limit losses by using options like take-profit (TP) and Stop-loss (SL).

Partial Close Trades

Permit traders to close orders partially to pocket profits and continue riding a bull run.

Trading Bonus

Offer bonuses and rewards to new users joining the platform, thereby stimulating trade.

Affiliate Marketing

Encourage external operators to promote your brand by offering commissions.

Additional Features

Our cryptocurrency exchange with leverage solutions also includes a host of other trending features.


Social Trading/
Copy Trading




Price Feeds


Offer Traders An Insurance Against
Auto Deleveraging

Provide traders a chance to offset their losses by offering an insurance fund that protects their funds against auto deleveraging. Even if the trader’s position falls below the maintenance margin amount, your platform’s insurance fund will absorb the initial losses and encourage traders to place bolder orders.

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Exchange Development With In-built Interoperability Functions

Crypto trading is ever-evolving and requires round-the-clock commitment. We build whitelabel leverage crypto exchange software that supports API key integration, thus enabling users to take their trading game to the next level!

Trading Bots

Enable traders to securely use bots on your platform and take advantage of the dynamic cryptosphere.

Third-party App Development

Encourage the community to build external applications that explore new use-cases and improve productivity.

Ignite Interest With Exclusive Paper Trading Function

Provide users with $1 million demo dollars to help them experiment and learn the tricks of the business.

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For example, If you leverage 100X for your bitcoin valued at $8,804, your initial margin will be just 1%,$880.4, i.e you pay only 1% initial margin. This is how you trade your bitcoin with 100X leverage
The crucial benefits involved with launching a leverage/margin exchange are boosted returns, i.e., customers can pitch in a small margin deposit and amplify their returns, the opportunity to shake up their unutilized funds, the never-ending profit earning opportunities in spite of the market being bullish or bearish and many more.
The cost of creating a leverage exchange varies from customer to customer. It depends on several factors, such as the features and integrations you choose and personal customization preferences. However, you can go for the whitelabel leverage exchange solutions that are offered by a few companies, which will cost to a much less degree compared to building from scratch.
Cross margin is mainly used for avoiding liquidation of the trader’s position in the market. Cross margin refers to using the entire margin amount of the user, as an available balance for the trade. This will help them bring up their balance amount, reducing the chances of liquidation.
Like any other business, leverage exchanges also have their own set of both advantages and disadvantages. Without a clear strategy, you might incur huge losses for the business greater than your initial margin. However, you can avoid these disadvantages by developing your exchange with the right platform. Such platforms will offer you with unique strategies, demo trading options, and integrated risk management strategies that will help you with minimal losses.
The key to success in a margin/leverage trading platform is to set up a clear agenda, and follow it in a disciplined manner. Learning how, when, and where to use the strategies, and how to use the options such as Take Profit(TP) and Stop Loss( SL) and when to go short and long, will yield enormous profits for the business.
In a margin/leverage exchange platform, the user deposits a minimal margin amount and then borrows a sum, larger than the initial margin, to expand their position in the market and to multiply profits for the business quickly and efficiently. In simple terms, the margin/leverage trading platform allows customers to open a position far larger than their initial investments. If the customer borrows 100X leverage, they multiply their profit potential by 100 times.

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