Uniswap-like DEX Development on Bitcoin (BRC-20) for Better Business Scope

Although the old-school thought of Bitcoin does not support dApps prevailed for a long time, such notions have disappeared for good. With Uniswap-like DEX development on Bitcoin becoming a reality through BRC-20-powered smart contracts, people can now easily exchange cryptocurrencies without any intermediary involvement.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) applications like DEXs on Bitcoin can bring the network to mainstream relevance as more people look to experience more user-centric ways of financial transactions. With our expertise in launching such solutions, creating a DEX like Uniswap on Bitcoin with customized features is no longer a challenge. Approach our developers and get an exclusive Bitcoin DEX platform crafted per your needs!

Why Should You Launch a Uniswap-like DEX on Bitcoin Now?

Searching for reasons to launch a Uniswap-like DEX on Bitcoin using the Ordinals Protocol? With hundreds of points rooting for you to do so, you cannot miss an opportunity to create a DEX like Uniswap on the world’s biggest blockchain network. Enter now and frame your own space in the budding market conquered by Uniswap’s v3 platform!

Easy to Start

Building a DEX like Uniswap on Bitcoin (BRC-20) is a very easy task, given the code can be modified to suit your business needs without a fuss, saving time on initial setup.

Wide Support

Tapping into Uniswap’s technical infrastructure can become easier as a large developer community offering ample resources is present in the exchange’s ecosystem.

High Security

Uniswap’s native code embeds a high level of security bolstered by user-end provisions that can make your DEX on Bitcoin a notch safer from possible breaches.

Proven Model

The working model of Uniswap has been highly successful in the market, and implementing a similar one for your Bitcoin DEX can be highly beneficial in the long run.

Launch Your DEX like Popular Decentralized Exchange Apps on Bitcoin
Using the Ordinals Protocol

Is it your first time in the Bitcoin business ecosystem as a business owner planning to launch a DEX? You can probably take inspiration from one of the existing platforms that have been successfully running in the market to build your own DEX app!

  • Stackswap

  • Bisq Network

  • THORChain

  • Uniswap v3

Key Components Driving Our Whitelabel DEX Platform on Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol

Irrespective of whether you choose full-fledged development or a Whitelabel DEX platform on Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol from us, the key components driving your would-be business are similar. Utilize our industry-best services to inculcate valuable elements into your BRC-20-based DEX to make it powerful.

Top-class Features Provided by Our Enterprise-grade DEX Development on Bitcoin Ordinals

Integrate best-in-class features for your new application powered by our expertise in enterprise-grade DEX development on Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol. Addressing various user ends now becomes miles easier than ever with a plethora of advanced features to aid your vision!

No IntermediariesA Uniswap-like DEX on Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol comes without intermediaries, offering users full decentralization that ensures optimal trading experiences.

Community GovernanceThe BRC-20-based DEX can come with community governance elements that utilize collective decision-making to determine the platform’s working.

Diverse Asset SupportThe decentralized exchange on Ordinals offers support to diverse crypto asset types, which can be exchanged seamlessly in a peer-to-peer manner.

Automated Market MakersAutomated Market Makers (AMMs) assist in matching buy and sell orders in the DEX using smart contracts to execute exchange transactions quickly.

Flash SwapsFlash swaps in a Uniswap-like DEX on the Bitcoin Ordinals let people conduct borrowing and lending actions within a single blockchain transaction.

Non-custodial NatureThe decentralized exchange on Ordinals Protocol allows users to hold and transact cryptocurrencies without any restrictions.

Launch a Decentralized Exchange Like Uniswap on Bitcoin (BRC-20) with Our Professionals!

How Does a Custom Decentralized Exchange Platform on Bitcoin Work?

Did you hear someone saying, “DEXs on Bitcoin are a myth?” Well, it’s no longer a myth, as you can now build a custom decentralized exchange platform on Bitcoin using the BRC-20 standard that works efficiently while ensuring user-friendliness and security. Don’t worry – Although its working isn’t straightforward, it is decentralized and taps into the Bitcoin blockchain’s foundational infrastructure.

  • Atomic Swaps

    Open chances to exchange cryptocurrency pairs between other networks and Bitcoin without an intermediary tapping into the power of exclusively coded smart contracts.

  • Lightning Network

    Build a DEX like Uniswap on Bitcoin layer-2 Lightning Network to provide exchange transactions at quick times and low costs while utilizing Bitcoin’s inherent security.

  • Sidechains

    Launch a DEX on a sidechain built in parallel to Bitcoin to allow various crypto pairs that involve BTC and Bitcoin-native tokens to enhance utility for the network.

Launch Your DEX on Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol with World-class Swapping Facilities

Are you planning to launch your DEX on Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol driven by ultra-seamless swapping provisions? It’s the perfect decision to make as the Bitcoin ecosystem has been gaining practical momentum in recent times, with trends projecting it to evolve in full flow.

Swapping BTC to BRC-20, BRC-20 to BRC-20, and BTC/BRC-20 to other crypto tokens can be executed flawlessly through our proficient Bitcoin DEX development services. Don’t worry – we ensure we do all this after bolstering your Ordinals-Protocol-based decentralized exchange with the necessary security infrastructure. Talk with us to know how we can bring your novel DEX to life!

The Essence of Liquidity Pools on Your Uniswap-like DEX on Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol

For any Uniswap-like DEX on Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol, liquidity pools are a must, as they drive the platform’s operations on a daily basis. Maintaining these portals’ health is essential to ensure the availability of various crypto tokens for exchange at any time. People can contribute to these liquidity pools in exchange for rewards decided through a predefined structure.

Our Process for Developing DEX Platforms on Bitcoin Using BRC-20

If you want to develop a DEX platform on Bitcoin using BRC-20 infrastructure, utilize the comprehensive process our professionals use to launch your venture in style. The platform will come with everything you want that ensures optimal business performance in the long run.


Plan your campaign based on Uniswap-like DEX development on Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol in terms of business and technical elements by analyzing various facets involved.


Design your Uniswap-like decentralized exchange’s front-end interfaces to offer desired experiences to users using the necessary programming frameworks.


Develop the platform’s smart contracts and back-end elements to ensure it functions seamlessly with the Bitcoin blockchain (or a layer-2 network).


Test your decentralized exchange like Uniswap built on Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol to find and resolve possible errors to ensure its integrity and security after launch.


Launch the Uniswap-like DEX on Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol for public use after extensive and strategized promotional efforts to build and foster a healthy community.


Maintain and upgrade your BRC-20-based DEX platform like Uniswap to stay abreast with the current trends and market requirements in the long run.

Why Opt for Our Bitcoin DEX Development Company?

At Blockchain App Factory, we prioritize launching top-grade Uniswap-like DEXs on Bitcoin using the Ordinals Protocol, making us a pioneering Bitcoin DEX development company. With over ten years of experience in the field, you only get the best from our experts, who can build a platform that satisfies every single need of yours. With the Bitcoin ecosystem finding newer use cases captivating the market, launching a decentralized exchange on the network could be the perfect thing to do to taste success in a short time. Get in touch with one of our professionals now to start creating your new venture!


Yes, building a Uniswap-like DEX on Bitcoin is possible as the network is gaining a solid infrastructure to support decentralized business applications through dedicated layer-2 blockchains.
Some famous decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms on Bitcoin in the current market include Stackswap, Bisq Network, Uniswap Version 3, and THORChain, which come with various unique features.
A custom DEX on Bitcoin can use several approaches to enable functions on the network, including layer-2 networks, sidechains, and atomic swaps, each of which comes with different benefits.
The essential elements driving a DEX like Uniswap on the Bitcoin blockchain network are smart contracts, liquidity pools, interoperability protocols, integrated wallets, and security measures.
Blockchain App Factory is the best provider of DEX development services on Bitcoin, with extensive experience launching powerful decentralized exchanges boasting unparalleled efficiency and safety using the BRC-20 standard.
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