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The age of cryptocurrencies has officially arrived as more and more people get their hands on these algorithm-ruled digital currencies. The role of centralized crypto exchanges in onboarding millions of users into this asset class has been instrumental. Our centralized crypto exchange development company aids in launching such platforms as they facilitate an easy transition to Web3 while using Web2-like interfaces.

Our experts can convert your dream ideas into a real-life crypto exchange using the most advanced technological stacks. You can either opt for our full-fledged centralized exchange development services or Whitelabel centralized exchange software based on your business requirements. Contact our experts now to know which best suits your needs!

Know Our Centralized Exchange Development Solution

Our centralized exchange development solution is a crypto-exchanging platform that taps into the traditional way of financial trading by involving an intermediary. The centralized authority in question will be your role, and you will be facilitating all of the platform’s operations.

These platforms provide unparalleled user experiences and high-end security that will be ensured by the centralized authority, making it the go-to option for crypto beginners. The platform will also have sufficient liquidity for crypto tokens due to intermediary involvement. Our platform can be the perfect option for businesses like yours aspiring to make cryptocurrencies accessible to the global population without hiccups.

Popular Crypto Trading Types in Centralized Exchanges (CEXs)

Launch a centralized crypto exchange application with us to incorporate various trading types to enhance trader activity to another level. Platforms we build can be customized to fit your target market with everything required to ensure easy experiences.

Spot Trading

Create crypto exchange platforms offering spot trading capabilities that let people trade cryptocurrencies with ease. The application contains efficient mechanisms allowing people to get profits on real-time market changes instantly.

Future Trading

Launch a crypto exchange application with futures trading capabilities to attract professional cryptocurrency traders. Such a platform comes with advanced tools and trading bots that let users trade futures contracts of cryptocurrencies.

Time to Get Inspired by a Popular Centralized Exchange App

Looking to build a centralized crypto exchange to gain momentum in the crypto business space in no time? Get inspiration from a popular central crypto exchange platform for a breakthrough idea that can form the foundation of your application, built by us with the best in everything.

High-end CEX Development Services From Us

Explore the extensive list of CEX development services our experts provide you with the utmost attention and quality. Tap into our provisions to step your business ahead in the competitive cryptocurrency market.

  • CEX Consulting Services

    Consult with our professionals to frame all aspects of your CEX platform, including features, technologies, and working approach to become a successful player.

  • Custom CEX Development

    Utilize custom CEX development to launch a specialized exchange fitting all your requirements while offering uncompromising security and user experiences to users.

  • Centralized Exchange Software

    Tap into our pre-made centralized exchange software to build your business app instantly at an economical budget without any compromise in terms of features.

  • CEX Security Solutions

    Safeguard your crypto exchange with advanced security solutions that eliminate threats from both front and back-end environments, making the platform 100% safe.

  • Integration Services

    Integrate new-age features and security elements into your existing centralized exchange to make it cater to the current market needs to become a top-rated app.

  • CEX Maintenance Services

    Maintain your CEX platform with our professionals to enhance its operations and provide high-standard experiences to your customers trading cryptocurrencies.

Wondering How You Can Launch a Functionally-Rich Centralized Exchange?

Stunning Features Our Centralized Crypto Exchange Platform Development Offers

Have a look at the enticing features our centralized crypto exchange platform development team includes in your CEX application. Sit back and let us make a platform for you that is worth experiencing for your users!

Easy Sign UpLet your users sign up for the centralized exchange platform easily using a crypto wallet or an email address without hassles.

User VerificationEnable your users to get verified using adequate KYC and AML protocols to ensure only genuine traders are present on the app.

Strong Admin DashboardManage users and transactions efficiently using a strong admin dashboard to ensure optimal business operations at any time.

Accessible User Dashboard Allow your users to access the CEX platform easily using a dashboard that displays their portfolio and transaction history.

Efficient Trading Engines Leverage efficient trading engines to match exchange orders on the go for exchanging between all types of crypto trading pairs.

Multi-crypto Support Support many crypto coins and tokens to offer your users multiple exchanging options, including on-ramps for fiat currencies.

Cross-platform SupportBuild the CEX in a way to support operations across devices like smartphones and web browsers to offer seamless accessibility.

Built-in WalletOffer a built-in wallet with the CEX platform to allow traders to store and transact cryptocurrencies seamlessly and securely.

Advanced Trading ChartsEmpower traders with advanced trading charts and tools to let them conduct crypto transactions backed by informed decisions.

Solid Security ProvisionsEnsure military-grade security to your centralized exchange by integrating robust security elements in front and back ends.

Security Features Presented by Our Centralized Exchange Development Team

Enforcing the highest security levels in your platform becomes easy with solutions framed by our centralized exchange development team. Tap into sophisticated security mechanisms to make crypto trading experiences secure and seamless.

  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Email Verification

  • Secured Crypto Wallet

  • HTTPS Authentication

  • DDoS and ADoS

  • Jail Login

  • CSRF and SSRF

  • Anti-phishing Code

Easy-to-Launch Whitelabel Centralized Crypto Exchange Software

Launch your new exchange instantly with our Whitelabel centralized crypto exchange software to capitalize on reigning market sentiments. Our Whitelabel centralized exchange lets you create a custom-made platform or one similar to existing platforms based on your requirements. With extensive brand-ability and easy launchability, your CEX platform can be unveiled without hassles.

The platform can be like every other cryptocurrency exchange, built with sturdy features, top-range security, and smooth functionality, offering users the best possible experiences. Contact one of our professionals today to know how well you can maximize our Whitelabel CEX software for your new exchange business.

Add-on Elements Enhancing Your CEX Development Solution

Enhance your CEX development solution by tapping into our special add-on provisions. With each extra feature integrated, your CEX platform becomes unique than before.

Demo of Our Centralized Crypto Exchange Platform

View and explore a demo of our updated centralized crypto exchange platform that can be customized to your needs in a flurry.

Controlled Exchange

View Demo
User Demo

User : [email protected]
Password: Demo@123

Admin Demo

User: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Centrilized Exchange

View Demo
User Demo

Login ID : [email protected]
Password: 9f274281


View Demo
User Demo

Email : [email protected]
Password: 12345678

View Demo
Admin Demo

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Revenue Streams Offered by Your CEX Development Solution

Operating your own CEX development solution can offer you several revenue streams that aid you in generating income at all times. Remember, being reasonable while being able to yield profits makes your platform great in the crypto environment.

Trading Fees

Levy trading fees for crypto-exchanging transactions inside the centralized exchange as a percentage of the transaction’s value.

Listing Fees

Charge a solid fee for new projects wanting to list their crypto tokens on your centralized exchange to give them market exposure.

Withdrawal Fees

Incur a percentage of every withdrawal in the CEX application as fees as a way to generate considerable revenue on a daily basis.

Margin Trading Interest

Levy a fixed interest rate on crypto loans granted to traders in the centralized exchange app to garner massive monthly revenues.

Staking Services

Charge a portion of staking rewards as fees to crypto stakers while ensuring adequate liquidity for those cryptocurrency tokens.

IEO Services

Incur a portion of funds earned as fees from projects utilizing your CEX platform for crowdfunding, opening a new revenue stream.

Why Should You Choose Us for Centralized Exchange Development?

At Blockchain App Factory, we aim to bring businesses of all scales and types to the decentralized marketplace. With our excellence in centralized exchange development, you can create and launch a utility-rich CEX platform that is extremely accessible and user-friendly without trouble. Our team allows you to customize your exchange to the fullest, irrespective of whether you use our custom development expertise or Whitelabel software. Our ultimate aim is to develop CEX applications that appeal to the everyday user in terms of features, functionality, and security. Speak with our experts today to plan how your new centralized crypto exchange platform will look and work.


A centralized crypto exchange is a platform where people can trade cryptocurrencies with assistance from an intermediary authority that oversees, processes, and manages transactions.

Centralized exchange development is special since it offers interfaces that people can easily access and trade various cryptocurrencies without any hassles and high technical knowledge.
Launching a CEX from our Whitelabel centralized crypto exchange software can take as little as 7 days with all the customization you need, as it is extensively tested and flexible.
The overall cost for CEX platform development depends on several factors, including the features included, technology used, cryptocurrencies supported, and external API integrations.

Blockchain App Factory is the best centralized exchange development company that provides world-class services to launch top-notch CEX applications catering to the global crypto market.

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