Decentralized Exchange Software Development Services

The business of Decentralized Exchange Development has reached massive proportions today as it helps users to fetch direct deals without the interference of third parties. Top priority is devoted to maintaining the privacy and security of the users. Hence, not much personal information is revealed, ensuring a higher level of transparency.

Blockchain App Factory is one of the best developers of Decentralized Exchange Software in the industry. We have served several industries implementing various blockchain development solutions. With an immense knowledge of distributed ledger and smart contract development, we ensure that your platform is scalable and secure. We will examine your business requirements extensively and provide customized solutions for safe trading.

What is a Decentralized Exchange? (DEX)

Although centralized exchanges have been around longer and retain a larger user base, their drawbacks have been garnering a lot of traction, allowing Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) to take the spotlight. DEXs offer the same services as its counterpart like peer-to-peer trading, but with added benefits like complete security and transparency, privacy and inclusivity. What more, users will have complete control over their crypto assets, a functionality that was wanting in centralized exchanges. We have just scratched the surface of the potential of DEXs. So developing and launching a DEX platform in today’s market climate will prove lucrative for your business.

Decentralized Exchange Software

Compelling Reasons to choose a Decentralized Exchange Script
  • Security

    Threats of hacking are nullified as private keys of the users are stored securely. Since a decentralized exchange software does not involve a central authority, the data and the funds would be kept safe.

  • Absence of a middleman

    By eliminating the third-party, the process of trading benefits from lesser costs and higher efficiency. It is the main reason why a Decentralized exchange software is advantageous than a centralized platform. It enhances the overall trading experience, making it more secure.

  • Lack of a central authority

    Every participant in the network will get equal access to data when there is no centralized server in the process. It will be easy for them to strike deals by buying and selling cryptocurrencies to other users on the platform.

  • A higher level of privacy

    The personal data of the users would be kept confidential. They need not reveal their identity to anyone in the network apart from the party to whom they are dealing with buying or selling cryptocurrency.

  • Faster trading

    Trading will take place quickly, saving time and money for both buyers and sellers in decentralized exchange software. It will help in the faster exchange of cryptocurrencies at the best market rates.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Polkadot Powered Decentralized Exchange Development Services

Decentralized exchange platforms are paving the way for digital goods and services to rise up. A decentralized exchange platform is a place where crypto exchanges take place in a decentralized ecosystem. This decentralized ecosystem is powered by blockchain technology.

We at Blockchain App Factory are working on integrating the Decentralized Exchange Platform with the Polkadot protocol to unlock intrinsic benefits that boost the decentralized exchange platform forward.

As the number of users in the exchange platform grows to an astonishing level, several major problems are arising, such as an increase in the gas fee and slower transactions. In order to eliminate these problems, we are integrating the Polkadot protocol with the decentralized exchange platform which enables cross-chain functionality between different blockchains.

Integration of Polkadot provides amazing advantages to the user such as limitless scalability, cross-chain connectivity, upgradeability, pool security, low transaction costs, etc. We are trying to deliver these amazing features to our customers so that they can enjoy smooth and fast cross-chain transactions between blockchain technologies.

Difference between Decentralized Exchanges and Traditional Exchanges

Traditional Exchanges

  • Poor security against hacks and phishing attacks
  • Lack of control over assets
  • Higher trading fee
  • KYC and AML are mandatory
  • Processes orders with high speed in just milliseconds
  • Liquidity is always available
  • Government regulations prohibit particular users from certain geographical areas

Decentralized Exchanges

  • Built on highly secure blockchain technology leaving no room for hacks
  • The users will have complete control over their crypto assets
  • Zero or minimal fee is charged
  • DEXs are autonomous and do not require any registration requirements
  • Execution of orders might take a minute or two
  • Continual liquidity is uncertain
  • DEXs are not subject to government regulations

How is trading executed in a DEX platform - Workflow/process

Trading takes place with the help of two features

On-chain Smart Contracts

Off-chain order books

Take a brief look into how the trading of cryptocurrencies is executed in a Decentralized Exchange built on the Ethereum Network

Decentralized Exchange Software Development Services
  • Suppose a user wants to exchange one coin for another. They will begin by submitting a buy or sell order to the order book and can be called as ‘Maker’
  • The order that was placed will include information on the coin the user/maker wants to exchange and the amount they’re willing to pay or want in return
  • The maker then utilizes its private key and signs the order to validate it. This is followed by the order getting stored on the server and then broadcasted to the network
  • Like makers, the term ‘Takers’ is assigned to users who are interested in that order
  • If they’re content with the conditions of the order - price and exchange rate, they use their Ethereum key to sign off the order
  • The funds are then forwarded to the Smart Contracts which verifies and authenticates the details of the order
  • If everything is found to be in order, the transaction goes through

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All-inclusive features of our Decentralized Exchange Development

A robust admin panel and user dashboard

It continuously keeps a close watch over the business operations daily. It will help in better regulation.

Intuitive user interface

All users will enjoy an interactive and feature-filled interface that allows for accessible use of the DEX platform that is error and glitch-free

Stores a complete history of transactions

Every deposit and withdrawal executed will be recorded in the database. This will ensure that there are consistent accountability and transparency within the DEX protocol.

Flawless trading

With the availability of advanced trading options, our decentralized exchange software ensures smooth consolidation.

Two-factor authentication

Top-notch security is ensured through two-factor authentication. It can also be integrated into the user’s wallets for enabling safe trading.

Secure transaction processing

The trading script has several diverse options that cannot be hacked by programmers and are not subject to any digital violations

Integrated smart contract

The smart contracts employed within the Exchange will enable complete automation and immutability to the working of the Decentralized Exchange. This increases the trust users will have over the efficiency of the platform.

Support for payment gateways

We are compatible with multiple payment methods, and our decentralized exchange software is up-to-date with the progressive and versatile payment innovations.

Smooth contact between buyer and seller

A buyer and seller can keep in constant touch with each other through seamless communication and persistent trading.

Instant notification

Traders and other participants will get real-time alerts for suitably selecting the best trading pair in the market for conducting trading and exchange operations.

Easy to use platform

Traders have full freedom to add or remove an exchange pair, manage the trade orders and payment methods. Recent updates are rolled out quickly.

Reliable decentralized exchange on blockchain

No illegal activities will happen on the Exchange owing to the presence of trusted smart contracts and blockchain technology. Hence, traders and buyers would be confident in executing their transactions on the DEX.

Our Decentralized Exchange Development Process

Requirement Analysis And Research

Our team of developers and engineers will begin by listening to your requirements and ideas for the DEX protocol. Our committed team of analysts and researchers will work on the best possible routes to implement your vision into this project.


Our well-versed designers will prepare a detailed outline of the decentralized exchange development project.


Our proficient developer team builds a robust decentralized exchange platform with blockchain technology and smart contracts embedded with the latest features.


Rigorous testing is carried out by our adept team of quality analysts before deploying the platform on the open network. Bugs, errors, and glitches if any will be removed from the protocol thoroughly.


Post testing, it will be successfully deployed in the client’s network for carrying out trading operations.

Why Choose Blockchain App Factory for Decentralized Exchange?

Blockchain App Factory ticks the right boxes through its impeccable reputation, immense experience, and wide knowledge. Having implemented secure, scalable, and reliable solutions for numerous industries, they stand out unique from the other decentralized exchange platform developers in the market.

  • Our talented and adroit team of experts and developers understand the intricacies of DEX development and strive for perfection when it comes to designing and launching DeFi protocols. So your project is in experienced hands.
  • Customized and white label solutions are provided so you can take the lead in making this Decentralized Exchange your own, bringing your brand the highest visibility.
  • 24X7 technical support is provided in multiple languages to clear any doubts and queries you might have.
  • At BAF, we are up-to-date with the latest trends in the ever-changing blockchain and cryptocurrency world. Our well-informed team of blockchain consultants will provide your business with the latest and state-of-the-art technology while developing.
Decentralized Exchange Development


Dex Crypto enables direct cryptocurrency transactions between two interested parties without any third party involvement. Examples of a DEX Crypto include IDEX and EscoDex. Most of the Dex Cryptos operate on the Ethereum network through a DApp or a decentralized autonomous organization.
Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are managed automatically and do not store the users’ data in servers. They have low trading volumes and liquidity and users have full access to their funds. Centralized exchanges store users’ data and trading information on servers and control the operations of the platform by taking independent decisions. They have higher trading volumes, more liquidity, and higher transaction speed.
Decentralized exchanges offer a plethora of benefits as they are not prone to hacking attacks, have a low risk of price manipulation, are not affected by local or international regulations, and enable easy creation of new orders without paying a high amount of fees.
An order book will match the bids raised by buyers and sellers. The trading process will mostly take place on-chain (Ethereum). There is no centrally controlled server to store the data and funds of users. The user can stay in control of his assets at all times.

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