Beginning with Decentralized Sports Betting Platform Development

Betting on sports outcomes has been a thriving market for a long time, with a market size of $83.65 billion and millions of people participating with enthusiasm. Still, conventional sports betting comes with its own problems, necessitating the rise of decentralized sports betting platform development. With these platforms, you can tap into a newer branch of the Web3 space, yielding considerable early-bird benefits.

We offer high-quality Web3 sports betting platform development services that let you run a busy and trusted business catering to sports betting enthusiasts worldwide. Our crypto sports betting platforms empower businesses and bettors with various features that ease placing bets on prospective winning odds.

Competition Types Our Web3 Sports Betting Platform Development Offers

As an established company in Web3 sports betting platform development, we offer several types of betting options you can choose from. Select the playing model(s) you want for your platform, and we incorporate it seamlessly into your Web3 sports betting application!

Easy WayEasy-way betting allows people to bet on two different results to gain riskless and positive outcomes overall for bettors.

ParlayParlay betting enables bettors to gamble on multiple selections, with higher risks coming with higher rewards and vice versa.

Pool BetPool bets distribute rewards to bettors who make accurate decisions based on the results of all fixtures involved in the pool.

Over/UnderOver/under sports betting lets bettors place their gambles above or below a specific number (such as a score) to win rewards.

HandicapsHandicaps betting enables players to set margins that can offer an advantage in games where the winners are obviously known.

Head-to-HeadHead-to-head bets allow bettors to place their bets on one of the two available options in sports where ties are not a part.

Build Your Web3 Sports Betting Platform with Our Professional Developers!

Leading Features of Our Crypto Sports Betting Platform Development Solution

Our prowess in crypto sports betting platform development empowers your software with intricate features that can power your project to success. We ensure to offer friendly experiences to users and efficient operations for businesses.

Problems P2P Sports Betting Platform Development Aims to Solve

While the current sports betting has a humongous market size, it comes with several difficulties. Our expertise in P2P sports betting platform development aims to overcome the existing problems by integrating decentralized technological stacks and mechanisms.

Tedious Registration

Sports betting platforms currently come with registration processes that require users to fulfill extensive KYC needs and mandate linking bank accounts.

Complex UX

Existing sports betting websites have complex user interfaces and offer redundant experiences, making it tough for people to access these platforms.

Low Liquidity

Traditional online betting applications tend to have a small liquidity pool, meaning users cannot bet higher stake amounts on a sports fixture.

Unfair Mechanisms

Conventional betting platforms tend to have unfair gaming mechanisms powered by manipulations and unwarranted restrictions that restrict bettors.

Locked Funds

Most betting portals do not allow users to withdraw rewards until a set period, which makes it difficult for people wishing to withdraw quickly.

Counterparty Risk

In the worst-case scenario, the betting venture might go offline with user funds, leaving people in the dark without any possibility of fund recovery.

The Solution Our Decentralized Sports Betting Software Offers

To combat the issues encountered in conventional sports betting portals, we brought a breakthrough decentralized sports betting software. This new-gen application from us aims to offer friendly experiences for bettors and fair-playing experiences.

Easy Sign-Up

Users can register for the sports betting platform easily using any one among crypto wallets, social media handles, and email accounts.

Instant Withdrawals

Bettors can withdraw their rewards to their crypto wallets safely anytime without any restrictions, making the experience more rewarding.

Secure Funds

Funds in the platform are kept secure in cold storage with on-chain records that update periodically, ensuring optimal security levels.

Global Access

The Web3 sports betting app is accessible by users from worldwide without the need for complex KYC processes or linking bank accounts.

Engaging Experience

Our blockchain sports betting software provides highly engaging experiences for users with live bets and interactive betting provisions.

On-chain Betting

All betting entries are stored on-chain, meaning manipulation of bets becomes impossible, as any changes will be visible to the public.

How Does Our Web3 Sports Betting Platform Work?

Our experienced team at Blockchain App Factory can build a Web3 sports betting platform that functions effectively using decentralized technological elements. Using such advanced technologies, we ensure to launch a betting solution that provides enriched experiences to users.

  • Decentralized Storage

    Decentralized storage solutions can be used to store betting records safely, zeroing the risk of data breaches or hacking attempts.

  • Smart Contracts

    Smart contracts are used to conduct all processes inside the Web3 sports betting platform, ensuring high transparency and trust.

  • Decentralized User Profiles

    User profiles based on Web3 technology give bettors complete control over their funds and bets without third-party involvement.

  • Decentralized Payment Gateway

    Decentralized payment gateways process in-app fund transactions between peers using cryptocurrency tokens using blockchain technology.

  • Decentralized Exchange

    The decentralized exchange in the sports betting apps lets users bet using different tokens seamlessly through easy trading practices.

Whitelabel Decentralized Sports Betting Platform

For Web3 business enthusiasts like you who want to explore newer aspects of the market in a quick time, we present our Whitelabel decentralized sports betting platform. Our ready-made solutions empower you to launch your platform within a matter of days with all the customization you need.

Our seasoned professionals build your platform with support for a plethora of sports, enabling you to appeal to the global market. Worried about look-alikes? Don’t worry; we ensure to make your application as unique as possible with customized portals that reflect your brand’s themes. Approach our experts to learn more about tapping into our pre-built crypto sports betting solution!

Launch Your New Decentralized Web3 Sports Betting App with Our Pre-made Solution!

Breakthrough Benefits of Our Crypto Sports Betting Platform

Every crypto sports betting platform we build comes with several breathtaking benefits that redefine how sports betting in Web3 functions. The application is more user-centric than ever, thanks to our focus on Web3 technology and ideals.

Secure Transactions

The Web3 sports betting app offers secure transactions aided by blockchain technology, enabling easy fund transfers between markets and users.

Customized Betting

The decentralized sports betting platform can offer customized betting options reflecting your brand’s themes in terms of visuals and experience.

Diverse Events

Web3 sports betting platforms we launch support diverse real-world and virtual sports events, allowing you to garner considerable user support.

Legal Compliance

The application comes with sufficient compliance with relevant global and regional legal regulations that offer users safe betting experiences.

Seamless Integrations

Third-party integrations like wallets, payment gateways, sports scoreboards, and crypto exchanges can be seamlessly brought inside the platform.

Complete Fund Control

Bettors in the Web3 betting platform will have full control over their funds, meaning there will be no intermediary costs or purchasing requirements.

Our Decentralized Sports Betting Software Supports These Renowned Sports

  • Badminton

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Boxing

  • Cricket

  • Football

  • Hockey


  • Tennis

  • Racing

  • Shooting

  • Volleyball

Our Team Can Launch Web3 Sports Betting Platforms Like These

Several Web3 sports betting platforms have already garnered considerable presence in the market, and more spots are up for grabs. If you want to unleash a modern sports betting app based on blockchain technology, now is the time to begin one simple and small!


You can launch a decentralized sports betting platform like Dexsport loaded with contests across real-world and digital sports competitions and user-friendly experiences on multiple leading blockchains.


You can create a decentralized sports betting protocol like LunaFi to tap into sports betting, online casino games, and multiple DeFi operations with community support through powerful native tokens.


You can build a decentralized sports betting exchange like BetDEX to bring seamless betting experiences powered by user-friendly operations, high liquidity provisions, and zero restrictions to users.

Technology Stack We Utilize for Web3 Sports Betting dApps

We tap into the best technology available to offer high-quality crypto token development services.

  • Web3 JS

  • Node JS

  • Angular JS

  • Express JS

  • Solidity

  • Go

  • Rust

  • Laravel

  • Truffle

  • Ganache

  • MetaMask

  • AWS

  • MongoDB

  • IPFS

  • Pinata

  • Filecoin

Why Choose Our Web3 Sports Betting dApp Development Team?

As an established company in Web3 sports betting dApp development, we offer phenomenal services for clients. Our team taps into sophisticated tech stacks to bring your Web3 sports betting application alive. From conceptualization to final deployment, our experts can offer extensive assistance for your novel sports betting dApp.

  • 7+ Years Industry Experience
  • 150+ Blockchain Developers
  • Advanced Technology Stacks
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Visually Appealing Solutions
  • Military-Grade Security Provisions
  • Post-Launch Professional Support


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