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Bitcoin’s BRC-20 Token Standard - Your Ticket To Crypto Success

Breaking an all-time record in crypto history, Bitcoin’s new launch of the BRC-20 token standard has soared. The total supply of over 14,079 distinct tokens has recorded a dashing market capitalization of $962 million dollars. Having taken the inspiration from ERC-20 tokens, our unique BRC-20 token development solution allows the user to create and transfer tokens effortlessly.

Bitcoin Request for Comment or BRC-20 tokens are fungible tokens that are based on the ordinal protocols. They enable a secure transfer of data, giving rise to the creation of the market’s recent most sought meme coins. One of the popular creations of these unique fungible tokens is ORDI - the first of its kind in the market. With our seasoned development team at the helm, we deliver your business platform an ideal solution with dynamic perks capturing the attention of the market.

Demystify BRC-20 Token - Here’s How Our Development Works

Created by an anonymous developer, this on-chain token involves an ordinal protocol that works by inscribing data into every Satoshi (Sat), which is Bitcoin’s smallest denomination, i.e., the smallest fraction of 1 BTC. This Bitcoin-based BRC-20 token standard can be traded only using a Bitcoin wallet. Our BRC-20 token development company makes use of the proof of work (PoW) consensus mechanism and JSON data programming, easing the storage of endless data onto the blockchain directly.

Bitcoin’s ordinal protocol is rather a new concept that allows the user to have unique data added every time there is a transaction in the blockchain. With these transactions made, the BRC-20 tokens are deployed. To be exact, each satoshi is given a sequential number based on the order of these tokens’ mining. To this number, using the ordinal theory, we inscribe the data upon a transaction, which can be a picture, a text, or even a video.

How To Trade With Our BRC-20 Token Development?

Blockchain App Factory offers an interface that will propel your trading capability to newer heights. We provide you with advanced technical tools that permit you to securely auction and transfer tokens. I.e., We develop your tokens that support taproot and connect them to a crypto exchange that ensures all our BRC-20 Token development services. UniSat, Ordswap, and Ordinals Wallet are a few examples where both P2P and centralized exchange is possible.

Our BRC-20 token development services simplify trading in the Bitcoin ecosystem for a variety of applications. By offering you diverse opportunities with our open-standard token creation, you can have increased and instant visibility for your project. Since these BRC-20 tokens are fluid, they can be given a twist of innovation as it grows into the future.

Versatile Use-Cases For BRC-20 From Us

They can represent physical assets, like stocks, bonds, commodities, or collectibles.

Utility tokens that proffer effortless access to any decentralized applications across niches.

BRC-20 token development can be used to create governance tokens in conjunction with DAOs or any such protocols.

You can incentivize crypto participation through deploy functions, minting, and transferring tokens across the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Create BRC-20 Tokens Similar to Popular Ones in the Market

As BRC-20 token development takes the driver's seat in the crypto space, we are pleased to provide tokens based on this pathbreaking standard for business purposes. Together with you, we bring BRC-20 tokens that fulfill your venture requirements with the highest quality possible.

  • SATS

  • ORDI

  • Oshi

  • BRC-20.COM

  • Multibit

Blockchain App Factory - Get Hands On Our Winning Formula

Investing in cryptos depends on who you partner with for strategic movements in the market. Blockchain App Factory fills your appetite for innovation with explosive profits from our BRC-20 token development solutions. We introduce you to a new layer of functionality in the Bitcoin network that is suitable for efficient trading and completely secure. By issuing BRC-20 standard tokens that are precise-made for your project, we render cost-effective services that are second to none. Our expert Web3 developers help you get on the ride with the hype of meme coins to create your own all around the clock. Uncover more details by scheduling a consultation with us today!


For trading a BRC-20 token, you can start by integrating a Bitcoin wallet to create an account. Here, you can store the tokens after minting directly on the blockchain for easy trade using the ordinal protocol and data inscription.
Yes. A BRC-20 token development company aids you in delivering robust services like tokenomics, token evaluation, deployment, etc., for your BRC-20 tokens that can be used in diverse applications within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Blockchain App Factory is one of the first few in the market to offer credible launches.
An ERC-20 token, developed on Ethereum, is built using smart contracts, while BRC-20 tokens are inscribed directly on the blockchain using JSON data programming. One of the other significant distinctions is that BRC-20, they can only be supported by a Bitcoin wallet.
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