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Non-Fungible tokens are trending in the market for their unique features and fantasy which empowers the creativity gifted by nature. The attraction towards collectibles revolving around the luxury community for their extravaganza which is also a business. The curiosity in collectibles brings a wide range of audiences to the NFT market for its signature creations.

Art & games are the attention-seeking industries in the NFT market place which boosts the NFT development. The NFT market on Ethereum grew tremendously in January 2021 with its ability to create, sell and exchange various digital items, like games, arts, sculptures, lands, characters, videos, music which attracts a large number of collectors, traders, and creative projects.

NFT Development Solutions

Our NFT Development Company Offers

We evolve as the world grows, which has enabled us to adapt to the Web 3.0 ecosystem and develop various platforms and products based on Web 3.0 technology.

NFT for Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are the type of games where you bid the players and form a team and play for real cash. This stream brings huge revenue and traffic from the market. Our NFT in fantasy sports changes the entire system by tokenizing the teams and players with NFT tokens in which a user can bid for the tokenized player or team and participate in matches for real cash or NFT.

Our Clients

Our partnership with Polygon helps provide network support for client projects.

Our experts offered development support for Shell’s digital solutions.

We developed an NFT marketplace selling various digital assets for the firm.

We built an app to automate supply chain solutions between various end users.

We created a blockchain solution for a superapp with multiple functionalities.

We created a blockchain-based system to govern the firm’s supply and logistics.

Globant’s featureful music NFT marketplace “Enigma” was created by our experts.

Our team built “Trufin”, an options trading platform based on blockchains.

Decentralized Finance and Non-Fungible Tokens

DeFi and NFTs

NFTs are the trending platform that is getting promoted in the world of decentralized finance. NFTs witnessed millions of dollars in the first week of the sale. DeFi enhances the liquidity of Non-fungible tokens. It made NFT from being an expensive proposition to tradable funds. It also helps in expanding the dimensions of collaterals. Non-fungible tokens are capable of representing as collateral for exchanges. In insurance, each contract is converted into NFTs for trading on a secondary market. It uplifts future growth with exciting trade investments in the market. The DeFi mainly focuses on enhancement of financial markets. This Defi ecosystem turns the NFT assets like decentralized land or real estate and collectibles into efficiently priced and widely accepted crypto assets in the DeFi landscape.

NFT Launchpad Development

As the technology grows, the traffic in the network and its service charges increases too. A marketplace that creates NFTs, charges a lump sum that affects the selling price of NFTs, This affects the artists and other creators to the adoption of this modern technology.We offer effective solutions with the NFT launchpad that provides a separate page for the creators with their own domain name. This NFT launchpad provides credibility and transparency for their creations with huge business traction at a low service fee.

NFT E-Commerce

Advancements in modern technology attract the business to adopt the most expensive digital Assets in the blockchain network. The huge attraction towards these NFTs and its business transaction drift ecommerce industry towards blockchain technology to sell Non-Fungible tokens.Many sovereign ecommerce companies have recognised the traction of NFTs and adopted to sell NFTs on their platform Our NFT development company, with expertise in blockchain business development, support modernizing your Ecommerce business with advanced technology and customization to sell NFTs.

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NFT Development Company

Blockchain App Factory’s NFT Platform development Service

We offer a robust token development platform that enables high traffic and withstands catastrophic failures. Blockchain App Factory offers military-grade security for your development platform. Our NFT development services offer 24/7 support to offer uninterrupted services. As blockchain technology is named for its transparency, we inherit the same features in our ecosystem. Each process in the development lifecycle will be clear and transparent.

Our proficient team analyses your requirements and designs an interactive UI for a better user experience. The project will be planned by our as per your requirement specification. We offer a customization service that can be tailored to the users’ requirements.

Our NFT development company offers API and external wallet integration facilities to provide the best user experience for customers. We launch your platform on time without any complexities and delay.

Why Blockchain App Factory for NFT?

Our NFT Development Service Packages

NFT Based ICO Development

Investors and business owners are striving to build an NFT platform to reap the benefits of NFTs. We understand our customers and offer an immediate fundraising opportunity by launching ICOs for the startups.

NFT Development: ICO + Marketplace

We offer an immediate fundraising opportunity by launching and distributing ICOs as utility tokens for your marketplace development. This offers instant financial support to develop your NFT marketplace.

NFT Development: ICO + MarketPlace + Governance Token

Our development assists your platform’s with the community by offering governance tokens to the community. where the token holders can vote their suggestion for the empowerment of Marketplace

NFT Development: ICO + Exchange Platform

We offer an immediate fundraising opportunity by launching and distributing ICOs as utility tokens for the NFT exchange platform development. The platform offers immediate liquidity for your NFTs.

Custom NFT Development

As the NFTs unlock the possibilities of digital representation of unique assets with crazy innovation, building a customised NFT marketplace for your business requirements is the right choice to adapt the evolution of NFTs in all aspects.


Non-fungible tokens are the digital representation of unique assets in the decentralized environment.
Fungible tokens can be exchanged with each other since each token holds the same value that does not differ from one another. Non-Fungible tokens cannot be exchanged due to its unique standards and specifications.
NFT are the unique tokens that represent the digitalization of unique physical assets like arts, sculptures, and other collectibles in the crypto world
The cost to create an NFT depends on the type of assets, platform wealth and its gas fee.
Our NFT development services tops in providing very good support to the NFT Marketplace development, NFT Meta verse platform, NFT Studio, NFT developments.
You can invest in NFTs either as a collector or an entrepreneur, and both would provide long-term returns in the NFT world. You can purchase an NFT from a collection based on a niche of your interest and wait for them to gain traction. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the benefits that come with the NFT.
The costs charged by NFT developers vary with their location and the project’s nature. For instance, NFT development service in the USA will be more expensive than in the rest of the world for obvious reasons. Yet, one can find a developer team fitting their budget requirements easily with enough research.
Hiring developers for NFT development solutions in the UK can be performed with assistance from professional outsourcing services such as one from Blockchain App Factory. We can help to build your project’s software with experienced developers who understand your technical and business requirements.
Every NFT development campaign involves the following steps: ideation, documentation, prototyping, designing, development, blockchain and smart contract integration, testing, and deploying. Post-launch maintenance and promotions are important steps that enable an NFT venture to become successful.
One should avail Blockchain App Factory’s expertise mainly as it offers NFT development services in the following countries – the USA, the UK, India, China, Canada, Germany, and Australia. We don’t stop there, as we constantly expand our operations to new markets to aid innovative NFT projects.
As a professional NFT development company in India, we assist you in creating NFT development solutions, including NFT collections, marketplaces, Play-to-Earn games, launchpads, and aggregator applications. You should note that we offer all these solutions from scratch and Whitelabel software.
You should start an NFT business as the field is promising to become a Web3 mainstay soon. Such a venture can yield massive gains by creating a sustainable business model that emphasizes its community with long-term goals and options for users to earn alongside it through various activities.

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