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It is a hard truth that conventional domains haven’t advanced enough, and all they do is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows users to purchase the domains, including .crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .dao, .888, .zil, and .blockchain. These domains will be human-readable, attractive, and unique names that allow its holders to create their own digital identity in the decentralized world.

One single name for diverse web3 applications, right from payment addresses for wallets to hosting websites, domain NFTs are the latest trend.

Let’s leverage the decentralized digital identity together!

What is the Need to Develop an NFT Platform like Unstoppable Domain?

The Need for NFT Domains

By purchasing a traditional domain in the physical world, it actually does not give true ownership rights, but a sort of leasing or renting rights. They have to pay annual fees to use the domains. NFT domains eliminate this fee and make it a renewal-free domain.

Highly Reputed

Unstoppable Domain has more than 2.4 million domains registered till date. It has 275+ coins or tokens supported and 335+ integrations. Building a similar NFT platform like Unstoppable Domain will make it quite easy to seize the attention of such NFT lovers.

Potential Market

NFTs for domain names are getting mainstream, and people all across the globe are willing to show their public identity as web3 enthusiasts. So, developing an NFT platform like Unstoppable Domain is the right way to capitalize on this market. You can be the next GoDaddy or Bluehost or Domain.com of the web3 sphere.

The Odd One Out

The majority of the NFT business models focus on artworks, in-game collectibles, music, videos, etc. Building an NFT platform for domain names will reduce your competition. This is an emerging market and being an early adopter is the best advantage.

Merits of Domain NFTs

Human-Readable Payment Address

Users can simply add their Bitcoin, ETH or any other currency’s address to their owned NFT domain. So, they can get rid of boring and long alpha-numeric addresses in their wallets. They can use their easily readable domain name in a supported wallet to send and receive crypto assets.

Host a Website

Holders can use their domain to host websites. Unlike regular domains, they do not fall under ICANN or other monitors. It is a completely decentralized service, and by simply purchasing the domain NFTs, anyone could host their own websites.

No Renewal Costs

These NFT domains give its owners a life-time ownership access, and that’s the real meaning of NFTs. Therefore, there are no renewal or subscription fees charged for the domain NFTs. The domain name and address are valid forever.

Digital Identity

Apart from the payment addresses, holders can utilize their domain names as personal identity in the digital world. They can use that particular domain name across a wide range of applications and websites.

Trade As NFTs

Similar to artworks, videos, music, and in-game collectibles, domain NFTs are also a digital asset. People can buy, sell, trade, and hold these assets like other NFTs in their wallets. Most probably, they will use external marketplaces to trade domain NFTs.

Revenue Model of Unstoppable Domain Like NFT Platform

Sale of Domain NFTs

The primary source of income for the platform is through the sale of the domain NFTs. Every user can purchase their favorite domain with human-readable addresses by directly paying the price allocated for the domain.

Transaction Charges

Secondly, the platform will gain revenue through a small transaction fee. Each time when a user purchases the domain through a particular payment mode, they need to pay a percentage as transaction fees.

Highlights of Unstoppable Domain like NFT Platform

Unstoppable like NFT platform can be operated on a wide range of blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, Zilliqa, etc.

Unlike Ethereum Name Service that uses only .eth domain extension, our Unstoppable Domain like NFT platform supports .crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .dao, .888, .zil, and .blockchain.

The platform supports multiple payment options, such as fiat (debit/credit/internet banking/Paypal,etc.) and cryptocurrencies.

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) like community governing protocols can be included to make it a truly community-driven platform.

No recurring payments or annual subscription is levied for users owning the domain NFTs. It’s a life-time free access.

Overall, it is a revenue-generating platform that leverages the concept of NFTs with a unique ideology.

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