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SRC-20 Token Development: Build Future-Ready Tokens

SRC-20 token development from Blockchain App Factory allows you to create digital tokens on Bitcoin using the STAMPS (Secure Tradable Art Maintained Securely) protocol. Since their inception in early 2023, they have earned quite a reputation among many Web3 enthusiasts. Their more direct and impressive usage of the Bitcoin blockchain makes SRC-20 tokens ideal for increasing business usage for the network.

SRC-20 token creation has gained global recognition, justified by the thousands of tokens that have already been created. Our SRC-20 token development company supports entrepreneurial minds like you with our comprehensive services.

Why Should You Create SRC-20 Tokens for Your Business?

Businesses have the idea to create SRC-20 tokens due to their strong provisions. With Web3 community support around them becoming bigger each day, it is essential for ventures to know how these tokens can aid them.

SRC-20 token development is native to Bitcoin, the world’s first-ever blockchain, increasing the scope for the tokens’ reach and sales.

With Bitcoin backing SRC-20 tokens, security is unparalleled, and businesses can make use of the network’s robustness for better reliability.

Compared to creating assets on alternative blockchains, SRC-20 token creation on Bitcoin ensures higher credibility among collectors due to its longevity.

Exciting Features of Creating SRC-20 Tokens

SRC-20 token creation offers businesses a new range of possibilities owing to its usage of the STAMPS protocol. Not only that, it offers numerous features that ventures can use to captivate the market.

  • On-Chain Presence

    SRC-20 tokens are present on the Bitcoin blockchain forever and cannot be modified or pruned due to their use of unspendable transaction output.

  • High-level Security

    SRC-20 token development solutions live on the Bitcoin network, making them highly safe from any possible manipulation from external malicious actors.

  • Key Burn

    A mandatory requirement for SRC-20 token creation, KeyBurn aids in ensuring unspendable outputs do not get spent, erasing assets stored as a result.

  • Unique Naming

    SRC-20 development presents a unique naming convention that allows one to use emojis in a sophisticated way in the ticker for an SRC-20 token.

Premium Advantages SRC-20 Token Development Offer

As a leading SRC-20 token creation services provider, we know how these tokens can be a hotseller. They offer pioneering advantages that ventures can use focus to promote themselves.

Early-entrant Opportunity

The SRC-20 token space is still evolving as a business model, making it a haven for experimental entrepreneurs to build their ventures focusing on the future.

Potential for Increased ROI

These Bitcoin-native digital assets offer increased returns on investment with time, as the space is growing rapidly, and collectors await such items.

Evolving Industry

Since SRC-20 token development is nascent, commercial presence is low, making it the ideal opportunity for a business to establish itself in the long run.

Unique Backend

SRC-20 tokens are built using the STAMPS protocol that ensures digital assets stored as token entries cannot be pruned by storing them directly on Bitcoin.

Plan Your New Bitcoin-based Venture with Our Seasoned SRC-20 Token Development Team!

How Do We Develop SRC-20 Tokens for Business?

The process behind SRC-20 token development is complex, and you never need to worry as our professionals can help. Our developers perform the strenuous process of creating these tokens using the latest technological stacks for maximum efficiency.

Project Assessment

  • Firstly, we assess your SRC-20 token development project’s feasibility on the Bitcoin blockchain based on your ideas and form a draft to get forward.


  • We research for necessary market information and craft your business’s end-to-end operational model focused on selling SRC-20-based digital assets.


  • Now, we develop SRC-20 tokens using the STAMPS protocol that ensure the permanent presence of digital assets they represent on the Bitcoin blockchain.


  • Lastly, we deploy these tokens onto Bitcoin and offer necessary assistance post-launch through our business growth and marketing arms.

Create an SRC-20 Token Venture Based on Popular Businesses

As the SRC-20 token standard gains momentum on Bitcoin, it will be a good idea to utilize it for your new project. Partner with our development team to launch SRC-20 tokens inspired by the working model of an existing venture.







SRC-20 Token Development Services We Provide

As a professional SRC-20 token development services provider, we cater to diverse requests our clients make. Utilizing our exemplary services, SRC-20 token development projects can top the market trending charts.

SRC-20 Token Consultation Our consultancy services for SRC-20 token development projects include offering insights into various aspects of creating these tokens as a business venture.

SRC-20 Token Idea Generation Aiding new ventures to have a solid idea of their business is a huge part of our SRC-20 token development services, where we create their campaign plans.

SRC-20 Token Development Our expertise working with the Bitcoin network assists us in developing SRC-20 tokens for new businesses with the highest quality and a variety of features.

SRC-20 Token Minting We also offer minting services for projects to actually register their SRC-20 tokens on Bitcoin by deploying a predetermined number of tokens for selling.

Blockchain App Factory: The One-stop Destination for SRC-20 Token Creation

At Blockchain App Factory, we constantly work to bring the best for our clients. Our SRC-20 token development services follow the same, despite being a new addition to our excellence. By emerging as a prominent SRC-20 token development company within a short time, we have shown the world our capabilities. If you are an entrepreneur interested in exploring uncharted territories in the crypto space, our SRC-20 token creation services might be a great start. Talk to our experts today to have a preview of how your venture will pan out.


An SRC-20 token is created using the STAMPS protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain. These tokens are stored directly on the blockchain unspendable transaction outputs (UTXO), ensuring they cannot be pruned or modified by actions by an external member.
SRC-20 tokens have the following features:
  • Permanent Storage On-chain
  • Non-pruneable
  • New Way to Represent Digital Assets on Bitcoin
  • High Levels of Security
Note the standard is still evolving, and new features might be added in the near future.
SRC-20 token development offers the following benefits to businesses:
  • Early-bird Advantage
  • Chance of Higher ROI
  • Lower Business Saturation
  • Opportunities for Partnerships and Collaborations
With new features, more benefits will be on offer.
Blockchain App Factory is the best SRC-20 token development company due to its industry experience of 10+ Years. The company provides unparalleled services for ventures to create SRC-20 tokens from end to end at economical costs.
The SRC-20 token standard is based on the STAMPS protocol and is used to store digital assets on the Bitcoin network. On the other hand, the BRC-20 token standard is based on the Ordinals protocol and is used to store fungible tokens on Bitcoin.
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