zkSync2.0 Integration in NFT Platform: An Overview

As a name that has been garnering in recent times, zkSync 2.0 is a Layer-2 solution built upon the Ethereum network by MatterLabs. The solution has been evolving day by day, with a roadmap defined concisely by its developers. It is based on zero knowledge (ZK) rollups that group transactions into batches off-chain before executing them on-chain at once, thereby incurring low gas costs.

zkSync 2.0 integration in NFT platforms can be ideal for ventures expanding their operation into the Web3 space, particularly those with substantial real-world presence. Also, since this network is built upon Ethereum, businesses have access to the broadest user base in the Web3 realm. Our experts’ nature to learn and upgrade has helped us to offer zkSync 2.0 integration services for NFT applications.

Why Should You Integrate zkSync 2.0 into Your NFT Venture?

Integrating zkSync 2.0 into your NFT business can be handy as the platform can gain significantly by using such an advanced blockchain solution. Its ability to work seamlessly with all EVM-compatible networks allows it to be a viable option for businesses to attract audiences.

Additionally, its reliance on the math-based zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs compared to the game theory-based optimistic rollups boosts the security levels of ventures using zkSync 2.0. Also, its usage of price oracles from Chainlink, a popular decentralized oracle network built on Ethereum, ensures accuracy for NFT applications, along with DeFi and P2E gaming ventures.

Scope to Create NFT Marketplaces and dApps on zkSync 2.0

Indeed, NFT marketplaces and dApps can be natively created and launched on the zkSync 2.0 network, just like on any other blockchain. The solution’s scalable nature offering increased throughput and batch processing, along with EVM-compatible networks’ robustness, enables ventures to function by satisfying all elements of the blockchain trilemma.

The network’s growing nature also aids new-gen enterprises to get a place in a manner in the popular, albeit congested, Ethereum blockchain. dApp and NFT marketplace ventures can earn valuable exposure to the broadest community without having to fight difficult business battles.

Move Your NFT Venture to zkSync 2.0 to Sync with the Latest NFT Trends Smoothly!

Ingenious Elements of the zkSync 2.0 Network

Transactions Transactions in zkSync 2.0 are grouped into batches and verified on-chain in a single transaction using the decentralized zero-knowledge roll-up mechanism.

Blocks Blocks in the zkSync 2.0 network are essentially transaction entries that are grouped in their order of creation into Ethereum L1 blocks called batches.

System ContractsThe L2 solution uses system contracts that offer exclusive access and purposes to users, ensuring that only a single payment is made when these are called.

Account AbstractionAccounts in the zkSync 2.0 network can initiate transactions and execute pre-defined logic within a single protocol without depending on external units.

Ergs Ergs is the “gas” of the zkSync 2.0 solution that varies according to the changes undergone by L1 networks, though minimal due to the usage of zkEVM.

InteroperabilityExecution of code can be performed seamlessly between L1 and L2 solutions using censorship-resistant priority queues even if the operator is unavailable.

Advantages Motivating Businesses to Delve into zkSync 2.0

High-end Security

NFT businesses can obtain mainnet-level security even while using zkSync 2.0, as its security element is borrowed from the Ethereum network.

Increased Throughput

Since the zkSync 2.0 network executes transactions away from Ethereum’s main network, NFT ventures can enjoy increased transaction speeds.

EVM-based Smart Contracts

NFT businesses can easily utilize permissionless EVM-compatible smart contracts to enable transactions without losing valuable presence.

Web3 API

The layer-2 solution’s application programming interfaces are in accordance with Web3 principles, hence preserving the decentralized ecosystem.

Low Gas Costs

Using zkSync 2.0 solution reduces gas fees to a larger extent than Ethereum due to its processing of NFT and crypto transactions as batches.

NFT Venture Models that can Benefit from Integrating zkSync 2.0

Extend Your Threshold in the Web3 Realm by Integrating Your Venture in zkSync 2.0!

Blockchain App Factory: The Best zkSync 2.0 Integration Services Provider

Blockchain App Factory has been one of the best when it comes to Web3 development and integration services. Our expertise in zkSync 2.0 integration in NFT platforms has become our recent arsenal, owing to the promise offered by the solution. Enabling your NFT business to work on such an efficient layer-2 solution always does more good, as the Ethereum mainnet is still prone to congestion. Chat with our experts now to plan your platform integration campaign!

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zkSync stores data on-chain, while zkSync 2.0 provides an option to use Validium, an off-chain solution for data storage, increasing throughput at minimal fees.
zkSync 2.0 is beneficial for Web3 ventures opting for asset storage on-chain or off-chain based on their business requirements through zkRollups and Validium.
zkSync 2.0 integration in the NFT platform offers ventures with increased transaction speeds, batch processing, and lower gas while using Ethereum’s security.
Yes, zkSync 2.0 is now on the mainnet, and projects can list themselves to be part of a futuristic Layer-2 solution of the robust Ethereum blockchain.
Yes, it is possible to integrate NFT marketplaces and dApps compatible with EVM into the zkSync 2.0 network to gain added advantages for underlying ventures.
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