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Initial Game Offerings - next generation of NFT gaming with the efficiency to make the ecosystem more reliable. The gaming platform is known for the prediction & implementation of technological advancements. Most of the advancements we foresee today are already drafted and shown in the game ecosystem. The future of technology will be completely based on the imagination and the creativity of the people. Here the change begins when it starts exploring all the possibilities. The launchpads are the key players that help in making the system function in complete flow. Our IGO launchpads will help the users to build a space where they can completely utilize to show the real potential of their gaming ideas or projects.

Gaming Platform and Offerings

IGO - Initial Game Offering

IGO is a concept of listing the NFT gaming platforms from the very well-known top-tiered gaming industry, marketplace, etc. This makes the IGO projects more noticeable and makes the investors buy or sell assets in the IGO. This way, a hefty amount of funds can be raised than the typical market trading. IGO is an advanced concept of the crypto space that has the potential to elevate the level of NFT gaming to a greater space. Initial game Offering is a greater method that eventually aids many game-based new ideas and projects, getting the exposure they in the crypto-verse. Many excellent ideas go unnoticed by lacking the money to afford them.

Initial Game Offering


Launchpads are very well known for aiding a new idea to sprout deeply in the earlier stage. Most of the legendary services and products of the crypto verses are began with launchpads which helped them to grow as the more influential power of the market. Literally, the Launchpad acts as a nucleus to the projects with new scope to make the crypto space a better place. Launchpads host the offerings or projects on their platform and make them available to people around the world. Anyone from the world with the internet can invest in the project launched by the launchpad.

Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpad

Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpads are the newest trend in the cryptocurrency world, and the idea is similar to Initial Coin Offering (ICO). IGO Launchpads are now getting more search histories as people started realizing the ability of the NFT based gaming industry. As said above, it is clear that the Initial Game Offering platform acts as a space for selling and buying NFT gaming assets, particularly in-game assets. To handle this process with ease, the launchpads become one of the perfect things to use. Realizing this IGO launchpad development is getting started firing up. People’s smart way of making things makes them own a Launchpad service instead of launching one. Our IGO Launchpad Development is one of the finest processes in the crypto service as we prioritize the people over the technology.

IGO Launchpad Development

Our Initial Game Offering Launchpad development predominantly involves the best professionals of the crypto era to put together the carvings of the legends. We are well aware of the Launchpad’s potentials and how it can make a huge difference in the life of the people who launch. So we are much concerned about sculpting every element of the IGO launchpad.

We develop launchpad for blockchain games that includes integration of all the mandate elements that help in making the user experience a greater one in the crypto space like wallets, search tools, a platform to manage the storage immutable, and finally, the security protocol that stands a high durable fort in mitigating and suppressing the threats & adversary’s attacks. Our development team concentrates equally on the responsiveness of the platform that makes the launchpad easier & smoother to use, and as far as the user interface, we have the best front-end development team to handle them pretty easily.

IGO Launchpad Development

Features of our IGO launchpad


ON-The-Flow trading

With our NFT game launchpad, never worry about transactions time or to wait for the cooling period to get over to make the next transaction. The users of our launchpad can directly go for instant trading without any restrictions


Instant Liquidity

NFTs handled in our launchpads will have an immediate effect, and the liquidity will be instant. Since the platforms work with more reputed and well-known platforms to carry out the assets, liquidity is not at all a problem.



Our development team takes care of the energy consumption and makes it stay optimized. This helps us to make our platform more efficient and feasible for everyone out there in the crypto space who wishes to make their own market.


Multi-Chain Support

Chains are now started emerging as barriers to their interoperable space. Considering this, we made our IGO platform more concerned with interoperability. As a result, our Crypto gaming launchpads can be deployed in most of the well familiar blockchains of the market.


Cross-chain compliance

The IGO launchpad we offer will also work along with the most well-known blockchain networks. With this, the assets of the different blockchains can be brought into the IGO platform very easily. The interoperability widens the ground for market growth.



Though web 3.0 works in a very to save the privacy of the user, it becomes important to know the customer to prevent any kind of Money laundering or scams in this giant space. KYC support we integrated into our IGO launchpad will help in guarding privacy & preventing scams.



Our NFT gaming launchpad is completely decentralized, which helps us to win the trust of the people by being transparent and keeping our source open in the public forum. Every function of our launchpad is completely open for people to verify.

Future of IGO & IGO launchpads

Here, things are getting started with the IGO and NFT gaming platforms, and we play the role of providing a platform to initiate them. But IGO will tend to grow more vigorously than any other platform. The gaming industry, as a foreseer of technology, has a very long way to move forward. From Meta universe to in-game attribute tokenization, there is still a huge room for improvement in the crypto space.

NFT gaming platforms will be dropped based on the IGO in the mere future to support the asset where it can be utilized for playing. And we tend to continue the innovative development troop that powers the technology with the people’s contribution.

Future of IGO

Blockchain App Factory - Choose us to stay in heights

We have been one of the influential development firms that tend to produce products that have an innovative curve to make this crypto world easier. Blockchain gaming launchpad is just another instance that we believe can make a huge difference in the crypto era. We believe in making a difference by making excellent builds at a very affordable range. This is why we can directly make positive and negative signs on decision-making to stay a pioneer.

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