Get a Smooth Transition from Web 2.0 Games to Web 3.0 Games

Staying on the same page of technological evolution is one of the proven strategies for entrepreneurs to taste the essence of success. With the evolution of web 2.0 to web 3.0, gamepreneurs have the bright chance to capitalize on this trend. Web3 games create a phenomenal opportunity for gamers to really own the assets. Players can buy, sell, trade, and hold the game collectibles (tokenized into NFTs) from a marketplace and will be able to verify their ownership with the help of blockchain. On the flip side, play-to-earn is an emerging gaming model that allows players to earn real money through playing the game. The rewards will be mostly in the form of cryptocurrency. Players can use these cryptos to either purchase in-game assets or cash them out for profits. Your Game and Life need progress - Web 2.0 Game to Web 3.0 Game Development is the solution!

Why to Integrate NFTs in your Traditional Game?

Adopt the Modern Trend

Players in regular games do not get anything in return for their valuable time and money spent in the game. While web3 games, aka P2E NFT games, open a door to potential revenues for both players and platform owners.

Potential Market

The reports of DappRadar show that the blockchain gaming industry grew up to 2000% in the past year, and there was nearly $2.5 billion USD spent in investments for the blockchain gaming space in Q1 2022. Using this market opportunity is the smartest decision for gampreneurs like you.

Bestow an Immersive Experience

Web3 games are well-known for their immersive and engaging experiences. The use of augmented reality and virtual reality will provide players with an out-of-the-world gaming experience.

Be a Trendsetter

Web3 games are burgeoning in the crypto realm, and very few take advantage of this trend. Switching over from web2 game to web3 game will make a market leader in this space.

How Will Your Web3 Game Look Like?

Tokenize In-Game Assets

All the in-game assets in your game, such as characters, accessories, weapons, cars, etc., will be tokenized into non-fungible tokens to provide immutable ownership rights for its holders.

Rewarding Game Mechanics

Our adept crew of game and blockchain experts will create intuitive and lucrative game mechanics. This allows players and you (platform owners) to get mutually benefited.

Smart Contract Integration

Smart contracts are crucial in the web 3.0 games. Some of the processes in the games can be automated through smart contracts.

Native Token

The game will have a utility token, which can be used as in-game currency by players. They can use native tokens to purchase game assets and avail other services in the game.

Built-In Marketplace

We help you launch your own NFT marketplace featuring the gaming collectibles in your game. Players can trade their favorite NFTs in this marketplace.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The game will provide a high degree of payment flexibility to support both fiat and cryptocurrency to allow players to procure the assets.

Business Perks of Creating P2E NFT Game

Attract Venture Capitals

Investors show great interest in the blockchain gaming sector, and they wish to be a part of this massive bandwagon. Seize their attention with your web3 game!

Lucrative Model

The play-to-earn NFT games is one of the profitable business models that generate revenue from token sales, marketplace fees, and the sale of NFTs, etc.

Robust Community

Launching your own web 3.0 game will help you build your own gaming community with gamers all across the globe.

Collaboration with Brands

Creating a robust gaming community would help you easily collaborate with real-world brands, and players can avail their coupons/offers.

Web2 Vs. Web3 - A Comparision

Web 2.0 Games Web 3.0 Games
No Revenue-Generating Opportunities Revenue-Generating Opportunities
Developers are the Ultimate Masters Players are the Ultimate Masters
Non-Transparent Nature Transparent Nature
Prone-to-Hack Security Protocols Uncompromised Security Protocols
Older Version of the Gaming Industry Future of the Gaming Industry

Game genres you can transform from Web2 to Web3

Card Games

User Perks in Web 3.0 Game

Earning Made Easy

All the efforts of money and time spent in winning or completing the tasks in the game will be rewarded with real-time cryptocurrencies for players.


The gaming collectibles being NFTs will make the player proud of owning the rarest assets. Owning 1/1 NFT means they are the only owner in the world for that particular NFT.

AR/VR Experience

P2E NFT games will bestow the players with an immersive game experience when compared to conventional games.

Interoperable NFTs

Players can teleport their NFTs to their desired blockchain network without any complications as they have cross-chain abilities.


Having your own NFT marketplace in the game will enable gamers to quickly buy, sell, and trade in-game assets.

Renting Ability

Some of the NFTs in the game can be designed with renting ability, and it acts as a decent revenue source for the lenders (players).

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