PinkSale: An Introduction

PinkSale is a decentralized launchpad platform that offers support for multiple blockchains. Users can create tokens and sell them through launchpads without needing to have coding knowledge. The platform also is rich with novel features that make users go in awe, apart from its extended multi-chain support. Automated listing, locking tokens in liquidity pools, and adding vesting periods are some of the prominent features of the PinkSale launchpad. The platform can run on the Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche, KuCoin, Cronos, and Fantom blockchains. Its native token is denoted by $PINKSALE.

Our PinkSale Like Launchpad

Our PinkSale Like launchpad is based on such a featureful platform, with the mission of exposing startups to such an option. The platform model is relatively new, meaning it will provide venture owners with much-needed lead before competition becomes intense. To create a launchpad like PinkSale, our experts have performed dedicated research to craft a ready-to-launch version with the utmost fluidity, customizability, and security. Our solution can be modified to fit your business requirements and launched in a short time for public use. All this becomes possible while spending comparatively lesser costs than development from scratch.

Why Should You Create a Launchpad Like PinkSale?

As an aspiring Web3 entrepreneur, you might have crossed various business models. But, a PinkSale Like launchpad is so novel that beginning a business based on the model would only enhance your profits and reputation. Create a launchpad like PinkSale soon to get on the decentralized finance (DeFi) movement that is all set to shape tomorrow’s economic worlds.

Exemplary Features of Our PinkSale Like Launchpad Solution


Users can create their project tokens within a few clicks and launch them on prominent DEXs and CEXs using our PinkSale Like launchpad based on multiple chains.


Our launchpad solution like PinkSale also offers users an option to create their own launchpads with numerous features to conduct token sales without coding.

Presale Vesting

The solution allows projects to lock tokens for teams and presales to avoid rug pulls and stabilize the token price, respectively, safeguarding investors as a result.

Fair Launch

The feature allocates a fixed price for a project’s tokens after the token sale event. This avoids the possibility of pump-and-dump actions by malicious actors.

Dutch Auction

Dutch auction in a PinkSale Like launchpad is based on descending bidding for a project’s tokens. This benefits businesses more, according to reports from experts.


In a launchpad like PinkSale, subscriptions provide a proportion of tokens based on the crypto committed by an investor versus the total committed crypto amount.

Private Sale

The solution allows projects to sell tokens to selected investors. The feature allows projects to provide benefits to investors gained through community contests.


Tokens can be airdropped in our PinkSale Like launchpad through giveaways to a project’s community members in a secure and decentralized manner for promotions.


The anti-bot feature blacklists all sniper bots on exchange listing. This enables genuine price graphs to be created and various limits for trading to be set.


It allows projects to lock and unlock tokens to ensure sufficient liquidity exists at any given time. The process is very easy as it takes only a few clicks.


The option is used to send tokens to multiple wallet addresses at the same time. There are also options to conduct transactions for unlimited times or one time.


The platform has a stringent KYC protocol powered by the community and smart contracts that ensures that only genuine projects are exposed to its investors.


The PinkSale Like launchpad allows projects to get into its trending charts based on calculations based on performance and other key metrics of their tokens.

Native Token

The platform can have native tokens for transactions which provides uniqueness for the venture. These tokens can also be useful for reaching potential users.

Advantages that a Launchpad Like PinkSale Offers to Businesses

Community Participation

A launchpad like PinkSale offers businesses the opportunity to utilize its community for various processes inside the platform to remain truly decentralized.


Since a PinkSale Like launchpad is decentralized, creating partnerships with exchanges will become easier. This enables tokens to be listed in major exchanges.

Fundraising Options

A multitude of fundraising options in the solution will only enhance the venture’s performance as it allows projects to launch tokens in their own launchpads.

Multi-chain Support

Not only is multi-chain support useful for users but also businesses, as they can have their eyes set on a wider user base present in major networks.

Benefits for Users from Our PinkSale Like Launchpad Platform


Since a launchpad like PinkSale does not require coding knowledge, users can create tokens, launchpads, and sale events for projects within a few clicks.

Exchange Support

If a crypto project decides to sell its tokens externally, the solution can assist you in listing tokens on various centralized and decentralized exchange platforms.

General Support

Projects in a PinkSale Like launchpad can easily get technical and marketing support from the platform’s certified community members to raise high funds.

Genuine Users

As the platform has a strict KYC protocol, it can be assured that users and projects will be true, eliminating fears of malicious intent from investors’ minds.

Elite Club

Members of this qualification criteria-based group can benefit by having access to exclusive project token sales (private and presales) and cashback.

Remunerative Streams for Ventures Using the Platform

Token Minting Fees

For minting various kinds of project tokens (Standard, Liquidity Generator, Baby, and Buyback Baby).

Launchpad Fees

For creating launchpads for token sales. A proportion of sales is levied in addition to a base fee.

Fair Launch Fees

For setting up a fair launch on the PinkSale Like launchpad. A fee is charged similarly to the launchpad.

Private Sales Fees

For setting up a private token sale on the launchpad like PinkSale. The fee mechanism is the same as earlier.

Airdrop Fees

For conducting airdrops using the solution’s ecosystem. Fees are levied similar to earlier cases.

Anti-bot Fees

For employing solutions that blacklist sniper bots in centralized and decentralized exchange listings.

Native Token Sales

Profits can be yielded through making the platform worthy to invest in. This can be done by launching legitimate projects to the community after strict vetting.

Blockchain App Factory’s Technical Stacks

BNB Chain

Why Choose Us to Develop A Launchpad Like PinkSale?

Blockchain App Factory has been a major player in Web3 application development for a long time. Our experience of over 7 years has enabled our 500+ employees to innovate over 200 novel Web3 projects. The PinkSale Like launchpad solution from our experts is a new addition to our ever-expanding capabilities, as we tend to keep up with the trends.

  • Adept Blockchain Developers
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If you want to create a launchpad like PinkSale, schedule a meeting with one of our experts today to get started with a novel Web3 business.

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