McDonald’s is the world’s biggest fast-food restaurant chain, and we created an automated supply chain solution strengthened by blockchain technology for the company.

  • The supply chain solution allows various stakeholders to monitor the delivery of items in real time.
  • With multiple players involved, the application ensures every process in an order delivery is executed flawlessly.
  • The application has different interfaces for different user ends powered by instant notifications that let them know the latest updates.
  • The platform is scalable to adjust user demands even with multiple API integrations for payments and location services.

Enigma Art – A Unique NFT Marketplace for Art and Music Enthusiasts

Enigma Art is an NFT marketplace dedicated to art and music creators and enthusiasts from Globant, a renowned multinational IT services provider.

  • The platform thrives on its ability to connect creators and fans virtually, irrespective of geographical location and other restrictions.
  • The NFT marketplace allows creators to gain more income as no intermediaries are involved in all phases of trading.
  • The application also enables users to create music remixes and earn royalties for music streaming through fractional ownership provisions.
  • Its flexible nature allows creators to create and sell NFTs related to merchandise and concert tickets.

Spot Trade – A Fascinating NFT Marketplace for All Creatives

Spot Trade is an NFT marketplace that connects creators across niches with their ardent fans. The platform is run by its community, adding to its decentralized nature.

  • We tapped into the Polygon network to create an NFT marketplace focusing on music and art with new-age features.
  • The platform enables users to create NFTs, view/stream them, and sell them to others.
  • Its powerful smart contracts facilitate complex processes involved in trading artworks and music.
  • The marketplace also has an integrated wallet facility that lets users access it seamlessly.

HUMXN – The Advanced Metaverse NFT Gaming Marketplace

HUMXN is a metaverse-based NFT gaming marketplace that enables people to create virtual avatars and use them in gaming environments.

  • The marketplace works on Polygon and Ethereum, making it safe, seamless, and scalable.
  • The platform lets users sell individual avatar characteristics and virtual environments in the form of NFTs, enabling the creation of novel avatars.
  • The NFT trading platform also serves as a gateway to its own metaverse game supplemented with vibrant visual themes.
  • NFTs bought from the application can be upgraded by players as they progress through various stages of the game.

AME Chain – A Blockchain Powered by Advanced Computing Technology

AME Chain is a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem based on advanced quantum computing technology. It provides numerous apps, including wallets, NFTs, NFT marketplaces, and NFT gaming applications.

  • We created a plethora of applications powered by novel blockchain technology that users can tap into the AME Chain ecosystem.
  • These feature-laden applications offer exclusive user experiences with easy accessibility and superfast transactions.
  • The ecosystem works as an equivalent for Web2-native super apps, letting users access any app within it at any time.
  • We ensured the ecosystem was scalable to make it functional even during high user traffic levels.

PBMC – All-in-One Crypto Ecosystem for the Masses

HUMXN is a metaverse-based NFT gaming marketplace that enables people to create virtual avatars and use them in gaming environments.

  • We created an Ethereum-based solution covering all these needs that enhanced the ecosystem’s robustness and security while ensuring a huge reach.
  • The crypto wallet from PBMC has a multi-signature (MultiSig) feature that reinforces transaction security for users.
  • The ecosystem’s native coin comes with feasible tokenomics and an informative whitepaper crafted by our experts.
  • PBMC also has a comprehensive admin panel aiding administrators with crucial statistical information about in-app transactions.

Greencity ICO Dashboard – Blockchain-powered Green Initiative

Greencity ICO Dashboard is an ICO dashboard supporting eco-conservation projects across the African continent backed by blockchain technology.

  • We built an ICO dashboard on the Ethereum blockchain for the project to support green initiatives in a decentralized manner.
  • The application consists of token staking and vesting features that let investors conduct various decentralized economic operations.
  • The Greencity dashboard is also compatible with multiple platforms – web browsers and mobile devices, offering better accessibility.
  • The app connected environment restoration initiatives with supportive investors and industries through a user-friendly dashboard.

ESX Exchange

ESX Exchange is a unique cryptocurrency exchange coupled with a built-in wallet app that offers one-of-a-kind features for crypto enthusiasts.

  • In addition to conventional crypto financial functions, the exchange platform offers a six-tier staking mechanism that greatly benefits short-term and long-term investors.
  • The built-in crypto wallet offers three-layered security that protects user funds from all sorts of threats to the fullest.
  • With the ability to work on multiple blockchains, the exchange attracts more users than its competitors.
  • In spite of focusing on security to the fullest, the ESX Exchange is easy to use for people with all levels of technical knowledge.

Carrot Factory

Carrot Factory is an NFT marketplace focused on the culinary niche, connecting culinary lovers, restaurants, and creators.

  • The NFT marketplace lets users create and trade NFTs based on various assets like artworks, memberships, metaverse assets, and collectibles based on food.
  • Creators and restaurants can forge meaningful partnerships with culinary enthusiasts through the platform through NFTs.
  • The scope for the application is immense, given that it is built on Ethereum, a blockchain with communities interested in almost every niche.
  • With a diverse user base, we built the platform to function on both web browsers and mobile devices.

Li & Fung

Li & Fung is a global supply chain management company managing various offline and online commerce stores. We built a blockchain-based supply chain solution to make their business operations efficient and smooth.

  • The Ethereum-based solution comprising multiple elements allows the seamless management of order delivery for outlets managed by Li & Fung.
  • The comprehensive supply chain software was filled with nearly 40 features across three different interfaces to ensure optimal business operations.
  • Smart contracts were extensively used to monitor the large-scale database in a decentralized manner.
  • Stores can easily manage stock inventory, orders and transactions, and deliveries on the go using our powerful supply chain management solution.

Champagne Wives Club

Champagne Wives Club is an NFT marketplace with a built-in launchpad aiming to create an inspiring environment for successful women through wine-themed NFTs.

  • The application taps into the Ethereum blockchain to achieve its noble vision of fostering an inclusive environment for women from all walks of life.
  • The marketplace also sells wine-themed NFTs that reflect the client’s background, which serves as membership passes to the Champagne Wives Club.
  • NFTs representing the project have both virtual and real-world utilities, encouraging users to be part of a strong community where members mutually support each other.
  • As a move promoting NFT adoption, the platform comes with a multi-payment gateway that allows people to purchase NFTs using cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Moti Coin

Moti Coin is an ICO project that comes with tokens loaded with novel utilities, such as access to virtual study materials via an NFT marketplace platform.

  • The ICO dashboard has an integrated wallet facility that allows users to hold and transact crypto coins without hassles at all times.
  • The platform also offers a staking provision that allows users to contribute to the ecosystem’s liquidity in turn for exciting rewards.
  • Both the platform and tokens are Ethereum-native, making it easier for the client to access the wider target market in the long run.
  • The ICO tokens have numerous benefits, including being a medium of exchange in the client’s future NFT marketplace devoted to unique study materials.


Trustlink is a decentralized crypto exchange platform that lets users trade from numerous cryptocurrency pairs without any intermediaries through intuitive interfaces.

  • The Ethereum-based decentralized exchange provides high-level security and an exhaustive list of features to captivate users.
  • The application permits users to conduct withdrawals and deposits on the go using state-of-the-art technological provisions.
  • The exchange has multiple utilities apart from conventional crypto trading to enable users to multiply their holdings through various financial operations.
  • The DEX comes with an in-built user verification portal and chatting provisions to enhance platform integrity and community engagement.


Zircap is a controlled crypto exchange platform with its own native token that allows people to trade numerous crypto tokens seamlessly and safely.

  • The crypto exchange comes with a native token that offers exclusive benefits for users inside its ecosystem.
  • The platform has a wide array of security implementations, including a multi-signature (MultiSig) wallet that enhances user experience.
  • The application is compatible with both web and mobile devices, which enhances accessibility for users.
  • The cryptocurrency exchange is based on the Ethereum network as a way to appeal to a vast community of crypto-savvy individuals.
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