Challenges the Client Wished to Address

  • When physical movement was restricted due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, creators like artists and musicians suffered a lot due to the inability to exhibit their talent to their fans.

  • Although Web2 portals offered help, these platforms were rife with intermediaries that charged so much that creators were only given negligible incentives for their works.

  • Digital content from Web2 mediums was not adequate for creators to connect and collaborate better with their fans.

Project Requirements

We brought the idea of building an NFT marketplace serving the client’s purpose on the Ethereum network, the blockchain with the largest and most diverse community.

The niche NFT marketplace allows people to create, collect, and sell NFT-based assets. We also integrated “Mixer,” a portal for users to create their own remixes of their favorite artists, and “Fractional,” a feature that offers fans benefits from their favorite artists’ NFTs.

The platform also comes with intriguing and intuitive user interfaces with multilingual capabilities to offer one-of-a-kind experiences for all users.

What Did We Do?

Our experienced team of blockchain application developers built the NFT marketplace on Ethereum using the appropriate programming languages for various ends. We also included powerful smart contracts that eliminated the necessity of intermediaries between artists and fans. We also ensured the marketplace’s quality is well preserved by allowing new creators only based on invitations by artists existing on the platform. Additionally, we made the NFT marketplace flexible so that it can support NFTs representing various assets like concert tickets and merchandise.

The Outcome

The resultant platform, Enigma Art, has emerged especially popular among Latin American creators as hundreds of individuals exhibited their creative works. The application’s special provisions for user-generated remix music and royalty-based ownership have been applauded by creators and fans alike due to the degree of connection they offer. We also made it possible for people interested in accessing the platform only to use their wallets to enter it without any other restrictions.

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