Introducing A Fundraiser For Your DEX Platform

The New era of digital assets experiencing its rife with the significance of blockchain technology. Its distributed ledger system offers robust security for digital assets and manages the anonymity of asset holders. This prominent feature in digital assets fascinates investors to digitize and manage their digital assets. The huge attraction of investors towards the platform empowered the blockchain industries by triggering the innovators and entrepreneurs to dive into the development of a Decentralized exchange platform(DEX). The blockchain ecosystem offers a fundraising opportunity (IDO) for contributing to the empowerment of blockchain with Decentralized Exchange.

What is an IDO(Initial DEX offering)?

IDO (Initial DEX offering) - An IDO is a token for launching a project through a decentralised liquidity exchange. IDO tokens are the representation of assets in the decentralised exchange. The assets can be in any form like cryptocurrency, Music albums, video or any other documents. Initial DEX offering (IDO) assists you to make better decisions over the digital assets with a business tool that engages communities towards your products and services.


The key point of IDO is Fundraising. Multiple options are available for a company to raise funds for the development of a company. Traditional fundraising is followed by banks and venture capitals which is a tedious process.

The evolution of blockchain and its success in cryptocurrencies facilitates multiple business development opportunities. Many companies made use of blockchain to raise funds through token sales. A company would enable the creation of crypto tokens and issue them to the general public in exchange for other tokens or major cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

There are different methods to make token sales for fundraising, namely Initial Coin Offering or ICO, Security token offering or STO, Initial Exchange offering or IEO, and the latest method – Initial Dex Offering or IDO.

The projects issuing initial DEX offerings receive funds from the investors in the same way as traditional startups that receive funds from the venture capital. In IDO, the investors will never own any shares or equity in the project.

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Comparison chart of IDOs, IEOs,STOs and ICOs

Initial DEX offering(IDO) Initial Exchange Offering(IEO) Security Token Offering(STO) Initial Coin Offering
Decentralised exchange Centralised environment Decentralized Environment Decentralised
Representation of Digital Assets Direct Exchange Representation of physical Assets Globally sold
No exchange fee Includes Exchange Fee Profit-sharing No intermediaries
Efficient Listing Expensive listing Buy-Back Rights Liquidity premium

Benefits of Initial DEX offering

Immediate liquidity

The key factor of a token is its liquidity. If a token could not provide immediate liquidity, it can be disastrous for the token value. The liquidity pool offers liquidity at every price level without slippage. The project initially requires some value for the tokens to acquire liquidity to enable swapping tokens in the liquidity pool.

Immediate trading

Investors start trading the token from the moment of launching the project. Early buyers of the tokens may have the possibility to sell their tokens for higher value during IDO. The price starts moving from the moment the first investor buys a token.

Lower costs

If a project’s token uses a liquidity exchange, It only costs a few euros of gas fee for deploying a new smart contract. This smart contract takes control of the assets token and liquidity pool.

Fair fundraising methodology

The IDO facilitates immediate token development and liquidity, unlike traditional fundraising methods. The private investors buy a large number of tokens for a reduced price. The value of tokens will increase when the token goes for public sale.

Initial Liquidity offering

Initial Liquidity offerings have emerged as the most popular option for the launch of new tokens. It is a new financial strategy in which you stake your capital in return for a profit .In traditional exchange, the project developers may need to wait a long time to release their token. In the ILO process, liquidity contributors receive the new token in exchange for the liquidity to contribute the pool for AMM. A ready market will be available for your token to pay the price for your token. To pay this price, the AMM has to be backed by the liquidity pool. The liquidity contribution is made using stable coins that have highly stable values. Simply, you become a third-party funder to cover the project launch’s legal costs. ILO is an attractive option for the feature of releasing the token in the readily available market.

Steps to launch your Initial Dex Offering

Build your strategy

Innovate your product with a strategic approach to benefit users and improvise your Decentralized exchange platform

Craft your white paper

Explain your idea to the investors to get attracted to fund your project.

Launch your IDO

Launch your IDO token for an immediate fundraising opportunity.

Build your token value

Build your token value by offering utility services to make use of your token in the market.

Issue governance tokens

Issue governance tokens to benefit users with authority to contribute and develop your platform

Start serving

Start to serve your services with the imminent features of blockchain technology and raise your token value.

IDO Marketing services

Marketing is an irresistible service to bring market visibility to your business. It's easy to raise funds for a company with prominent track records. But for startups, it is a nightmare and a very time-consuming process to convince the investors and build trust with your idea.

The blockchain App Factory plays a significant role in developing and marketing tech startups with a strategic approach to build trust among the investors and venture capitals to invest in your project.

Our approach to launching your IDO

Whitepaper Drafting

Detailed and comprehensive whitepaper services to introduce your new project in the crypto market.

Roadmap & Strategy

Strategic time-based roadmaps to visualise the trajectory of the product and to help secure stakeholders.


Well-planned marketing solutions meticulously designed to acquire better market visibility

Coin Development

Trusted and proven one-stop solutions for secure, customised token development services.

Blockchain Integration

Standardize, automate and secure platforms across various industries with customised Blockchain integration.


We provide dedicated support from our experienced experts to ensure a successful product launch.

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