Metaverse Platform Development For Social Interaction

The metaverse has captivated corporations and general users alike with its ultra-futuristic, dreamy features and profit channels. Although metaverse technology is in its infancy, to say the least, new use cases pop up often that could be revolutionary. A metaverse platform for social interaction has been the latest innovation from the desks of Web3 business researchers, which could completely change the basics of interactions.

Such a platform for 3D socializing using metaverse technology can create new opportunities for businesses across industries. For ventures running these platforms, the remuneration options are endless, although one needs to mind the factor of decentralization to stay true to the Web3 principle. We, Blockchain App Factory, excel in innovating such new-age Web3 business platforms with expert teams in consulting, design, development, testing, and support.

Why Should You Build a Metaverse Platform for Social Interaction?

A metaverse platform for social interaction can be a viable business model for the future for many reasons. Firstly, it will be easy to pull in users to build a community without a fuss, as it touches on the basic aspect of humankind – interactions. Also, with social feed scrolling becoming the favorite pastime for most people, exposing them to 3D feeds will only power the business offering such exposure. As a Web3 entrepreneur, such virtual 3D social platforms can be a niche domain that could change our way of living in the near future. Also, early entrants and adopters have benefited more from Web3 business models in the past, and it is projected that these platforms will follow suit. Our experts have framed a powerful development process to realize such unique applications for our client ventures.

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Imminent Features of Our Virtual Social Application

Profile SpacesProfile spaces in metaverse social platforms are useful for users (individuals and businesses) to build their social networking profiles.

Avatars Avatars will represent users inside the virtual social application that can be backed by non-fungible tokens to preserve their uniqueness.

NFT Wallet It will help users hold and transact cryptocurrencies and NFT items inside the virtual social environment using blockchain networks’ power.

Event Spaces3D event spaces in such applications help individual users and ventures host their events live in the digital medium within a few moments.

Gaming SpacesGaming portals in these platforms assist users in interacting with each other effectively through immersive games based on the P2E model.

Shopping Spaces Shopping spaces here will function similarly to E-commerce NFT marketplaces powered with VR and AR technology for a better user experience.

Advertising Spaces Spaces for promotions inside these platforms help businesses advertise themselves to the users without intruding on their privacy by any means.

Benefits of a Metaverse Social Interaction Platform: Business End

For a business, a metaverse social interaction platform can offer an easy way to gain popular recognition by reaching the Web3 community.

The platform’s owner can utilize it to build an entire metaverse world with support from other Web3 ventures and individual users with time.

A social interaction metaverse can be ideal for a startup to establish brand partnerships with established Web3 firms having common targets.

Such a platform can also enable its owning firm to work remotely and conserve energy with the power of decentralized blockchain networks.

Benefits of a Virtual 3D Social Networking Application: User End

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Profiting Streams in an Immersive Virtual Social Platform

General User Fees An immersive virtual social platform can levy one-time user fees for signing into the platform that can let them register their profile.

Business User Fees For external Web3 businesses, special fees can be applied to offer additional functionalities inside their venture’s 3D profile spaces.

Advertising Fees Charges can be levied for promoting other Web3 businesses on common immersive spaces inside the metaverse social media application.

Event Space Rent Rent can be charged for hosting events in the virtual social platform based on the target audience and the possible number of participants.

Technical Stacks We Use to Launch 3D Social Networking Platforms

BNB Chain

Why Work With Blockchain App Factory to Run a 3D Social Network Venture?

Blockchain App Factory is a pioneer in the Web3 business community due to its excellence in innovative novel applications for clients. Our experts work hard to realize client demands for applications that tend to be functionality-centric. Contact us now using the form below to begin drafting the action plan to develop a brand-new metaverse platform for social interaction.

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