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Data availability has been a pressing issue in the existing blockchain ecosystem for quite a while, as ensuring it for all nodes drastically reduces a blockchain’s throughput. With services from our data availability layer development company, you can improve your network’s throughput by using a special layer on or off the main chain to store data.

Our DAL development services help you enhance your network’s scalability by manifolds without conducting major changes to your existing infrastructure, thereby enabling your venture function seamlessly. Connect with our experts today to build a DAL development solution that aids in increasing your blockchain’s efficiency and throughput!

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Data Availability Layers and the Market’s Irresistible Need for Them

As the global blockchain space witnesses immense growth, the need for more efficient infrastructure solutions increases. Although the existing technology offers immaculate user efficiency, issues associated with data availability across each network node exist. While light nodes can address the problem, they do not use data from the entire blockchain, opening the chances for malicious transactions to exist on-chain.

Data availability layers (DALs) come as a solution that focuses on providing an avenue for decentralized storage and consensus of transaction data. The concept has picked steam quickly due to its potential role in increasing the transaction throughput of layer-2 rollups while preserving Web3 ethos completely.

Why is Data Availability Layer Development Important?

Data availability layer development has become the buzzword in today’s blockchain infrastructure space as enthusiasts look for ways to maximize the potential of this technology. These protocols eliminate the problem associated with malicious transactions getting verified on-chain by lighter nodes. With our expertise, you can now be part of this game-changing moment for blockchains!

Creating a DAL solution can be a good opportunity for a business to find its groove in the infrastructural aspect of the crypto market. Providing leeways for projects to process and store transaction data seamlessly becomes easy with such a solution built by our seasoned professionals.

  • Enhanced Scalability

  • Cost Reduction

  • Censorship Resistance

  • High-end Flexibility

  • Improved User Experience

  • Expanding Use Cases

Primary Benefits of DAL Development Solutions

Enterprise-grade DAL development solutions we build come with pioneering benefits that elevate decentralization for projects running on them. With a solution providing unparalleled data availability provisions for blockchain-based ventures, you can easily become a leading business in the evolving space.

Offloading Data Storage

DAL solutions hold data off-chain, reducing congestion, freeing up space for processing transactions, and improving scalability.

Rollup Support

Data availability layers support rollups-based layer-2 networks that benefit massively from these solutions’ storage capabilities.

Modular Architecture

Data availability layer solutions can be efficiently integrated within various blockchains and dApps, easing development campaigns.

Decoupled Consensus

These solutions handle data availability and consensus separately, enhancing the overall security and robustness of the system.

Reduced Costs

Operating data availability layers for storage is cheaper than utilizing the mainnet, encouraging prospects for new businesses.

Faster Confirmation Times

With decentralized DAL solutions promoting efficiency for on-chain transactions, confirmation times tend to become lower for users.

Planning to Launch Premium DAL Solutions for Scalability??

Our Premium Data Availability Layer Development Services for Businesses

Enter the blockchain infrastructure domain in style with a plethora of data availability development services we provide for aspiring businesses like yours. What more do you need when you have access to the best team in professionalism and technological prowess?

DAL Development Consultation

Consult with our seasoned professionals to frame the basics (both technical and economical) of your new DAL development venture.

Data Availability Layer Integration

Integrate a data availability layer in your existing Web3 business solution to enhance its functional efficiency and security.

Custom DAL Development

Launch a customized DAL development solution per your business needs, exploring a new sub-domain in the bustling blockchain space.

Smart Contract Development

Create smart contracts pertaining to your data availability layer’s operational requirements to ensure optimal user experiences.

DAL Performance Testing

Battle-test the data availability layer with various cases to find and resolve possible issues in speed and functional reliability.

DAL Security Audits

Audit your custom DAL solution’s code to identify and fix vulnerabilities to ensure it offers maximum security for apps using it.

We Unleash DAL Development Solutions Similar to Popular Ones in the World

Suppose you’re planning to create a DAL development solution oozing with unforeseen efficiency levels. In that case, it is best to leverage the models of existing applications in order to garner equivalent success in the competitive blockchain business space.


Provides a general-consensus data availability layer for businesses using an exclusive consensus mechanism.


Taps into light client sampling processes to promote efficiency and scalability for business applications.

Near Protocol

Provides high transaction throughput at low processing and storage costs for diverse Web3-native businesses.

Our Comprehensive Data Availability Layer Development Process

Experience the best-in-class process to develop your new data availability layer (DAL) based on any layer-1 blockchain. Our processes emphasize providing seamless solutions that preserve Web3 ethos while increasing its efficiency by notches.

Define Goals and RequirementsDefine the goals of your DAL development project and technical requirements to facilitate the project.

Choose Architecture and Consensus Choose the architecture and consensus mechanisms that will make up your new data availability layer.

Launch and MaintenanceLaunch the DAL development solution for public use and maintain it regularly to ensure it works as intended.

Design Storage and Retrieval PathwaysDesign mechanisms to quickly and efficiently store and retrieve data in your data availability solution.

Implement Core FunctionalitiesBuild the block consensus protocols, data operation modules, and light client support for your DAL solution.

Testing and Security AuditsConduct comprehensive testing and security audits for your data availability layer to find and fix defects.

Why Opt for Our Data Availability Layer Development Company?

At Blockchain App Factory, we have followed the best practices to become a top-rated data availability layer development company in the world. Our developers can build and launch DAL solutions that offer superior performance in terms of decentralized data storage and consensus, aiding you in becoming a Web3 infrastructure giant. From initial stages to post-launch maintenance, our comprehensive excellence in the blockchain industry assists us in taking care of your novel data availability solution with ease. Get in touch with one of our professionals today to start building your new data availability layer solution!


A data availability layer (DAL) is an exclusive blockchain solution that aids in storing transaction data and consensus in a decentralized manner. It aims to remove the hassles associated with traditional methods of data storage in blockchains.

Building a DAL development solution is a worthwhile business option in the current blockchain industry, given that the requirement for stronger decentralized infrastructure provisions is skyrocketing in today’s evolving blockchain market.
Some benefits of data availability layer development include rollup support, offloaded data storage, faster confirmation, lower expenses, modular architecture, and decentralized consensus that combine to enhance efficiency for layer-2 networks.
Some famous DAL solutions in the current blockchain ecosystem include Celestia, Avail, and Near Protocol. Each of these approaches the data availability problem differently, making it essential to understand the differences before opting for one.

Blockchain App Factory is the best data availability layer development company that offers world-class solutions for businesses and enterprises aspiring to take advantage of the booming infrastructure revolution in the decentralized economy.

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