Challenges the Client Wished to Address

  • Although the NFT market recognized the music industry has a high potential when integrated with NFTs, only a handful of platforms actually went on with the idea.

  • The existing platforms, though, mostly were not easy to use for music enthusiasts and music creators new to NFTs. They also did not provide accessibility to Web2 music streaming applications that could offer seamless listening experiences.

  • Also, music creators were unable to have their own license and authorization over their works due to previous agreements with streaming labels and platforms.

Project Requirements

We came up with the idea of a music NFT marketplace based on the Polygon network with several new-gen features that outclass competitors.

The marketplace platform allows users to mint NFTs backing music numbers, stream them online, and trade them.

It also includes integrated access to the YouTube music library and a provision for users to create curated playlists of their favorite music NFTs.

What Did We Do?

Our expert developers built the NFT marketplace on Polygon using the best coding practices with an emphasis on user experience and music integration. We ensured to include all facets any NFT marketplace has to offer, like storefronts, product pages, information about music creators, and integrated wallets, apart from the special features that make the application go a notch higher. We also created smart contracts that will mint NFTs with licensing and authorization rights for music creators without external interventions.

Technological Stacks Employed

Token Standard
  • Polygon

  • Polygon

  • AWS

  • ROR

  • Solidity

Storage Platform
  • MySQL

  • Pinata

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Bootstrap

  • Jquery

  • JavaScript

The Outcome

The resultant platform gained rave reviews from music enthusiasts and creators alike due to its use of NFTs powered by seamless user experience and easy accessibility to various YouTube music libraries. We continue to upgrade the application to offer unmatched experiences to the global music community.

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