Challenges the Client Wished to Address

  • While many cryptocurrency exchanges offered staking modules with incentives, there were not enough tiers to facilitate seamless staking in the long run.

  • Some projects tried placing longer staking periods, which resulted in lukewarm responses from the investor community, as people did not want to lock their holdings for too long.

  • Most in-built exchange wallets do not offer extensive security, leading to breaches and hacking attempts that lead users to lose their crypto holdings.

Project Requirements

We proposed to develop a feature-rich crypto exchange with an integrated wallet that addresses all challenges the client wants to resolve.

The platform comes with all facets involved in a cryptocurrency exchange alongside a six-tier staking mechanism, which is huge compared to others.

The integrated wallet is reinforced with three layers of security that make even the toughest digital breaches impossible.

What Did We Do?

We created a cryptocurrency exchange platform with an integrated wallet running on various blockchain nodes, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. We loaded the application with features such as order books, trading markets, and other trading operations. As a specialty, we integrated a six-tiered staking module that rewards investors for staking cryptos according to the volume they invest. The wallet was also strengthened with a three-layer security architecture that facilitates transactions safely within a friendly interface. Our developers also created mobile versions of the application for better accessibility and market reach.

Technological Stacks Employed

Token Standard


Blockchain Network



Ruby on Rails




Storage Platform


Wallet Integration

Wallet Connect

The Outcome

The resultant Carrot Factory NFT marketplace has been a commercial success as it received praise from target audiences. The platform now functions as a connection to various stakeholders involved in the food and restaurant industry through digital tokens representing many valuable assets. We continue supporting the marketplace with periodic upgrades to keep it up to trends and user traffic.

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