Challenges the Client Wished to Address

  • While many controlled crypto exchanges functioned successfully, only a few had their own native tokens that could supplement users with some value.

  • With changing times, this type of exchange sees lesser user adoption due to the fact they list limited cryptocurrencies for trading while maintaining a centralized business model.

  • Security in controlled exchange applications has been an issue for a long time owing to its centralized nature.

Project Requirements

We came up with the plan of creating a controlled cryptocurrency exchange and native tokens.

Both the crypto exchange and native token were based on the Ethereum network for better security and community reach.

The Zircap token was loaded with utilities and extensive security aided by a multi-signature (MultiSig) wallet.

We also created both web and mobile versions for the exchange to make it accessible to the wider population.

What Did We Do?

Our team for developing cryptocurrency exchanges went into action once the project was commissioned to them. They created the application’s frameworks from scratch to ensure all functionalities were implemented. Smart contracts were extensively used to look after all processes in the crypto exchange. The Zircap tokens were created to be supported inside the exchange as rewards and transaction payment medium to create a wider market appeal.

Technological Stacks Employed






Mobile Application

Kotlin (Android)

Swift (iOS)


Ruby on Rails

Storage Platform


The Outcome

The crypto exchange and the coin created as a result were received well by the target community due to its exclusive features and advanced security measures. With a native token full of utility, the Zircap exchange became a market favorite. We continue offering periodic support to the platform to enhance its performance.

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